Winter is the best match with it. Serve it directly without frying or stewing. It is delicious and delicious. It is so delicious every time.

Winter is the best match for it. It is served directly on the table without frying or stewing. It is delicious and delicious, and it is full every time!

The cold air is coming again. On cold days, what is the warmest thing to eat is the hot pot we often eat. The hot pot in each place is different and tastes different. Regardless of the taste of hot pot, it does not need to be fried or stewed, and it can be served directly on the table. The best thing about eating hot pot at home is that it is authentic, all kinds of ingredients are guaranteed to be the freshest, and the seasoning is also chosen by ourselves, which is affordable and delicious.

When I eat hot pot at home, I usually buy fresh lamb. You can eat whatever you have. With the recent spread of the epidemic, people are quarantined at home and cannot go out, so they can eat whatever they have at home. I hope this long-lasting epidemic war will end as soon as possible, and we can return to a normal life.

There are only my husband and I at home, and the child has grown up , studying abroad, the life of the old couple is relatively simple, and the food is not light, and hot pot is usually slightly spicy. Today’s hot pot, in addition to the newly bought mutton, also has cabbage, sweet potato vermicelli, etc. that are available in winter.

Winter is the most suitable season to eat mutton, winter is cold, mutton Not only is it nutritious, but it can also keep out the cold and invigorate the yang. Eating hot pot is more popular. Just slice the mutton you bought, it doesn’t need to be too thin, the mutton tastes better after rinsing. Many of our local hot pots are made by cutting mutton into pieces.

This plate of shrimp balls, fish tofu, ham sausage and thousand Leaf tofu is bought and packed in bags. When we buy this kind of thing, we try not to buy three-no products, or bulk products, you know.

We prepare all the ingredients and we can directly Open the boil, add butter hot pot base ingredients to Zhenmi Sheng Hot Pot, add boiling water, put all the ingredients in, cook and then dip the ingredients and start eating. This hot pot can be lifted up and down, and the temperature can be adjusted to five levels. It is very good to eat hot pot.

Husband and wife eating hot pot is simple but also has a sense of ritual. It is really refreshing to have a glass of beer and a bite of hot pot. Life, no matter when it is, don’t forget the fun and meaning of life, let Life is fun.

After eating hot pot, have a cup of tea , Come to a plate of fruit, very enjoyable. Meals are simple, but life is also fun. Eating is actually the most interesting thing in our life, what do you think?

Feng’er’s words:

We can make our own dipping sauce for hot pot: put sesame sauce in water, add light soy sauce, Mix vinegar, fermented bean curd, and chive flowers, then add coriander and diced green onion and mix well. This is the best dipping sauce. If you eat spicy hot pot, sesame oil dish is the best choice.

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