Sufficient sleep = 8 hours, don’t be fooled easily, how long should a reasonable sleep time be?

If you ask someone casually, how much sleep is enough sleep every day, most of the answers you give are 8 hours, enough sleep for 8 hours a day Theories have almost penetrated into everyone’s hearts. In their opinion, they must sleep for 8 hours a day. Once less, it means lack of sleep.

Is 8 hours really a hard standard? Why is it that some people sleep for 6 hours and are energetic, but some people sleep for more than 8 hours and sleep for at least 9 hours every day, but they are not in a good state.

How much sleep is reasonable every day?

8 hours of sleep is out of date, The sleep rhythm of modern people has changed, not to mentiondifferent ages, sleepdemandThere will also bethere are differences, it cannot be generalized, 8 hours itself is not an iron rule, so don’t be too persistent Sleep for 8 hours.

Forpeople with regular sleep schedule, getting enough sleep every day7 hours, alsoreasonable. Moreover, we need to understand one thing, that is, good sleep does not depend on the length of sleep, but on sleep quality.

Sleeping for a long time does not necessarily mean that the quality of sleep is good, and people who sleep for a short time does not mean that the quality of sleep is not high , Good or bad sleep depends not only on the duration of sleep, but also on the quality of sleep.

Of course, too short and too long sleep time may have adverse effects on health. In many studies, it has been found span>People who sleep too long and too short,mortality risk< span>relative comparisonhigh.

The possibility of suffering from some diseases will also increase, and it may also increase the risk of obesity, mainly due to poor sleep, which affects the body’s metabolism and hormone secretion.

Studies show that adultssleep 6- 8 hours is more reasonable, but less than 5 hours and more than 9 hours will have relatively more adverse effects on health.

I also need to remind you that for children and the elderly, the sleep time will also increase and decrease. Children are in the development period, and the daily sleep time is basically more than 10 hours. For the elderly, it is not bad to be able to reach 7 hours. 6 hours or so.

So, why do some people sleep for a long time and their condition is still relatively poor?

1. Poor sleep quality

Some people may go to bed early and close their eyes, but they do not really enter deep sleep, that is to say, they do not really fall asleep.

May also wake up at night, wake up Sleep is relatively shallow, and it is easy to be disturbed, and you will wake up at night, so you need to repeat Waking up and falling asleep again, in this case, it is difficult to ensure good sleep quality. In this state, how can the mental state be good.

2. Illness< /span>

When the kidneys are severely damaged,kidney functionIt will be affected. In this case, it may make people feel sleepy, weak, and lack of energy.

People who suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses may have poor sleep quality and be easily troubled by bad emotions. It may lead to poor state after sleeping for a long time.

3. Sleeping posture

The wrong sleeping posture will also make people’s state worse. If you persist in the wrong sleeping posture for a long time, you will sleep more and more tired It will affect the state of the individual.

always used tosleeping curled up, or likesleeping on your stomach, these wrong sleeping positions may affect your sleep and make your body tired , the next day, human The condition will be worse.

If you insist on going to bed at 22 o’clock every day, isn’t it considered staying up late?

The situation of modern people staying up late is relatively serious, and staying up late for a long time has a lot of impact on the body, not only affecting the skin , will also increase the burden on the heart and increase the risk of sudden death.

Not only that, people who often stay up late may also face a crisis of obesity, which is harmful to cardiovascular health It is also unfavorable, all in all, staying up late for a long time will not cause great damage to the whole body.

However, few people are aware of the dangers of staying up late. , How much time to sleep is not called staying up late.

Someone saidGo to bed before 22:00 It’s not like staying up all night, is it? Does it mean that going to bed after 22 o’clock is considered staying up late, to be honest with you, it is not counted like this.

Forpeople with regular sleep schedule, even It is reasonable to go to bed after 23 o’clock, everyone’s sleep schedule is different, compared to what time to go to bed to count as staying up late, it is better to say this.

everydaysleep timeall Irregular People do not have their own biological clock, either go to bed very late for a few days, or go to bed very early suddenly, always changing, not at all Sleep regularly, and go to bed very late every day. For this kind of people, can be regarded as staying up late, and the harm to the body is also bigger.

If you belong to this group, I hope you can correct it in time, don’t always ignore it, the quality of sleep is too low, it is easy to damage the body’s immunity force, which may increase the risk ofdisease risk.

For sleep, I still hope that everyone can pay more attention to it. Don’t think it’s a trivial matter. If you don’t sleep well, your body is easy to suffer, and it’s easier caught by disease. Do you sleep regularly every day? Have you ever paid attention to whether your sleeping position is reasonable?