Recently masturbation is more bad mood, about once every 1 to 3 days

Please go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. Masturbation and sexual indulgence are the main causes of chronic prostate disease.

If you masturbate once a week or ten days, it will not cause chronic prostate disease, but if you masturbate once every 1 to 3 days, there will be another day 2 times, already masturbation plus indulgence, so you may have suffered from chronic prostate disease.

The prostate is a soft and elastic Gland, the whole gland is covered with capillaries and nerve nodules.
The male urethra and ejaculatory duct pass through the base of the gland one after the other, and the ejaculatory duct enters the urethra inside the prostate, and the urethra runs through the gland and exits from the tip of the prostate.
So the prostate controls urination and ejaculation in men, and is the valve for urination and ejaculation in men.
The abundant capillaries and nerve nodules in a healthy prostate allow this valve to open and close tightly.
As a male sex endocrine gland, the prostaglandins secreted by the prostate are rich in 5α-reductase, which can convert testosterone into a more physiologically active dihydrotestosterone and maintain normal tissues and organs throughout the body Physiological function.
The protective membrane of the prostate has two functions:
1. It acts as a barrier and protection;
2. Controls urination and ejaculation through the contraction and relaxation of the protective membrane.
The abundant nerves in the prostate tissue have three functions
1. Sensation and conduction stimulation;
2. Control the contraction and relaxation of the protective membrane and blood vessels;
3. Regulate the gland fluid secretion.
The blood vessels in the prostate tissue have two functions
1. Supply oxygen and nutrients to the tissue, remove metabolic waste, and maintain normal metabolism;
2. The contraction and relaxation of blood vessels can regulate the erection of the penis.

So the prostate has the following functions:
1. Control the “gate” of urination and ejaculation;
2. Maintain normal function;
3. Maintain normal reproductive function;
4. Complete urination and ejaculation,
5. The male hormone converter converts testosterone into physiologically active dihydrotestosterone and maintains the normal physiological functions of tissues and organs throughout the body.

Normal sexual function includes normal erectile function, and normal erectile function must have enough dihydrotestosterone to maintain.
The main functions of dihydrotestosterone on men are: maintaining spermatogenesis; stimulating the development of reproductive organs, promoting the appearance of male secondary sexual characteristics and maintaining their normal shape; maintaining normal sexual desire; promoting protein synthesis, especially It is the synthesis of protein in muscles and reproductive organs; at the same time, it can also promote bone growth, calcium and phosphorus deposition, and red blood cell production.
Dihydrotestosterone has a certain effect on men’s digestion, blood respiration, cardiovascular system, and nervous system. Insufficient dihydrotestosterone secretion will cause men’s sub-health problems.
When dihydrotestosterone cannot meet the needs of the human body, the erectile function will be damaged first.
The lack of dihydrotestosterone is due to the rigid and sclerotic lesions of the glands, and the hormone conversion function of the lesions is impaired.
So it is recommended that you go to a tertiary hospital for an examination as soon as possible, just do a B-ultrasound of the prostate. If there is a lesion in the gland, it can be reflected in the B-ultrasound checklist.

If it is diagnosed as chronic prostate disease, it should be treated seriously.
The sclerosing lesions are the thorns on the glands, and the lesions will be carefully disintegrated to improve the health of the glands and restore the function of the glands to normal.
A dead sclerotic lesion that is not treated carefully can harden and grow over time, causing more problems and making treatment more difficult.