Willing to be a beam of light to illuminate the bright starry sky of children——Department of Pediatric Psychology and Behavior of Tianshui Third People’s Hospital escorts the mental health of children and adolescents

Source of manuscript: Pediatric Psychology and Behavior Department of the Third Hospital of Tianshui City

According to the latest survey data, the overall prevalence of mental disorders among children and adolescents in my country 17.5%. Among them, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder accounts for 6.4%, anxiety disorder accounts for 4.7%, oppositional defiant disorder accounts for 3.6%, and major depressive disorder accounts for 2.0%. The mental health of children and adolescents in my country is facing severe challenges.

The Pediatric Psychology and Behavior Department of the Third People’s Hospital of Tianshui City was established in 2019 with beds 35, with 28 medical staff, including 1 chief physician and 3 deputy chief physicians. The department adopts a humanized treatment model for children and adolescents with a combination of wards and families and cooperation between doctors and parents, aiming at behavioral problems, learning difficulties, emotional disorders, developmental disorders, mental disorders, school bullying, Diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, counseling and early intervention of various levels of mental and psychological disorders such as parent-child relationship and peer relationship.

In the past three years since its establishment, the department has admitted and treated more than 1,200 inpatients from various provinces and cities in Northwest China. There are more than 14,000 outpatients, and it has been recognized by the majority of parents of children and widely praised by all walks of life. The department team adopts a management mechanism combining medical, teaching, psychological, and rehabilitation talents, introduces advanced assessment methods at home and abroad, and assists children and adolescents in psychological counseling, psychotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, and electronic biofeedback on the basis of drug treatment. Treatment, non-convulsive electroshock therapy and traditional Chinese medicine treatment. For each child, an individualized precise treatment plan is formulated to promote the comprehensive recovery of the child’s social function.

Through three years of unremitting efforts, the diagnosis and treatment ability of the medical team of the Department The professional nursing ability and scientific research ability have been continuously improved. Among them, the physician team was awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Physician Team” by Tianshui City Health Committee, and the nursing unit was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Nursing Unit”. Commendation Award. A number of scientific research projects completed by the director of the department have won provincial and municipal science and technology progress awards, and have published more than 10 professional papers in national core journals.

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the establishment of the department, Tianshui Third People’s Hospital The Department of Adolescent Psychology and Behavior will carry out public welfare activities such as large-scale free clinics for children and adolescents with mental illnesses, learning difficulties, school bullying, parent-child relationships, and peer relationships, lectures on popular science knowledge about disease prevention, on-site Q&A, and multidisciplinary case discussions (MDT) , to make the greatest efforts to jointly improve the mental health of children and adolescents.

Children’s Psychology in Tianshui Third People’s HospitalThe Behavior Department will continue to uphold the service concept of “gathering professional strength to promote children’s mental health”, and through cooperation with families, schools, and the society, we will help children and adolescents master mental health knowledge, improve their ability to adjust psychologically, get out of the psychological haze, and embrace a bright life!

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