light the lamp of hope

Manuscript source: Department of Psychology and Behavior of Children and Adolescents of the Third Hospital of Tianshui City

Only after experiencing hell-like tempering can one practice the ability to create heaven Power; only bloody fingers can make the world’s last sound. ——Tagore

The loneliness and despair of patients with depression often come from the misunderstanding or contempt of the outside world. The outside world doesn’t understand that you are really sick, and the disease is very complicated, resulting in a lot of cynicism, which will make the already dark life of depression patients worse. To fight against depression, what patients need is not the principles of the people around them, but support and encouragement. To put it simply, it is understanding and care.

Some of what depression actively expresses is a bit of a paradox because of its poor expressiveness. In fact, this understanding is somewhat one-sided. Depressed people may think more than sane people.

Some veteran physicians in traditional subjects have always questioned: Is mental illness really a disease? Or, is it just some hypocrisy at all? Depression, the most common and most terrifying psychological disorder, stretches out its sharp and powerful fingers in the night, and pinches the insomniacs in the city. Countless patients with depression have significantly decreased comprehension, memory, and concentration, and it seems that a big rock has been forcibly stuffed into their minds.

Our patients are like this, but they are no different from normal people, we often organize activities, they will make a lot of noise when they play games, of course we will stop They, sometimes they will play tricks, they are no different from ordinary people, but there are some things in their hearts that cannot be said, and a backlog of emotions needs to be released slowly. We occasionally talk to them, and they also take the initiative to talk to us about their unhappiness. In fact, they don’t want to do this, but they have too many things in their minds, and they gradually pile up to form their current situation. Speak out the backlog of things in their hearts and let them go, and they will heal. Ordinary people think this may be easy, but it is difficult for them, because they will think about a lot, and they will not easily trust a person. Only when they get along for a long time For a long time, I was moved by this person before I confide in him. Like our patients, they often come to us to chat and play. Gradually, they have trust in us and confide his unhappiness to us bit by bit. We will also slowly solve some things for her within our capacity. We will also tell them some truths, for example, there is such a sentence: “Faith is a stone, which sparks a spark; faith is a fire, which lights up the lamp of hope; You go to the dawn.” They may cry or be silent when they hear it. In fact, we don’t know what they are thinking, but we know that they come here to cure their diseases, and they don’t want to torture themselves, don’t want to That’s how I ended my life.

Here, I would like to say to patients suffering from the same disease, “When the sun is just right, While the breeze is quiet, while the flowers are not in full bloom, while you are still young, you can still walk a long, long way, and you can still express your deep, deep thoughts, while the world is not so crowded, while the plane is not yet Take off, while your hands can still hug each other, go forward bravely!” (Contributed by Wang Xiaojuan)