Will “quick chicken and duck” really hurt the body?

Cancer has biological characteristics such as abnormal cell differentiation and proliferation, uncontrolled growth, invasion and metastasis, and its occurrence is a complex process with multiple factors and multiple steps , which is divided into three processes: carcinogenesis, cancer promotion, and evolution, which are closely related to smoking, infection, occupational exposure, environmental pollution, unreasonable diet, and genetic factors.

According to the different parts and properties of the tumor, the clinical manifestations and signs of the patients were comprehensively analyzed, combined with the experimental Laboratory examination and imaging, cytopathological examination can usually make a definite diagnosis.

In addition to clarifying whether there is a malignant tumor , should also further understand its scope and degree in order to formulate a treatment plan and assess the prognosis. However, there is still a lack of ideal and specific early diagnosis methods, especially for early diagnosis of deep tumors.


Will “quick chicken and duck” really harm the body?

The occurrence of cancer itself is related to many factors. Some people think that the incidence of cancer in China is getting higher and higher, and every year The high rate of cancer mortality is closely related to frequent unhealthy diets.

According to the survey, the annual consumption of chicken and duck in my country is showing an increasing trend, because chicken and duck are very delicious meat Food and very affordable prices.

In recent years, most of the chickens and ducks sold in the market are instant chickens and ducks. Although quick-cooked chickens and ducks are much cheaper than farm-raised ones, many consumers are afraid to eat them with confidence, fearing that long-term consumption will increase the risk of physical illness.

Many people think that fast-growing chickens and ducks grow fast because they have taken hormones and various chemical substances. It is believed that instant chickens and ducks are deformed, most of them have 4 wings and 6 legs, and some rumors are even scarier than this.

Everyone will have a deeper purpose for instant chicken and duck. In order to make it easier for everyone to understand, we introduce why the fast-growing chickens and ducks grow so fast.

“Quick Chicken” is recessive white feather broiler chicken It is also a representative breed of “fast and large” broiler chickens used in the modern chicken industry. This type of broiler grows rapidly and has large meat pieces.

The reason why this broiler chicken has these excellent traits is entirely due to decades of careful breeding and modern feeding methods. Hormone ripening has nothing to do with it.

Scientific breeding: White feather chickens are bred from White Rock (or White Windot). The rapid growth of white feather chickens is mainly due to the continuous optimization and improvement of chicken breeds.

From the 1970s From the beginning of 2012, the growth cycle of 2kg broiler chickens has been shortened from 63 days in 1976 to only 33 days in 2007.

In fact, until 2012, breeder breeding is still a high-tech industry. China tooIt was not until the 1990s that large-scale introduction of white-feathered chicken breeders began that chicken production had a leap.

White feather chickens have different nutritional needs at different growth and development stages from chick to slaughter. It is different from the traditional method of raising a handful of rice to the bottom.

Modern breeding methods will scientifically The characteristics and nutritional requirements of the growth stage, the ratio of corn, flour, wheat, soybean meal, oil, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other raw materials, to provide a feed formula suitable for each stage, so as to provide healthy and rapid growth for white feather chickens Prerequisites.

The operation of the breeding enterprise is also in line with the routine, that is, according to the needs, the broiler chickens are given “nutrition”, “long bone” and “long bone” in three stages Meat” with three different feeds.

In modern large-scale farms, the chicken house where white feather chickens grow is actually a fully enclosed environment that can automatically control temperature, humidity, and negative pressure , which provides a stable and suitable environment for the growth of chickens.

There is no motivation to use hormones in broiler chickens: hormones will increase mortality, The effect of promoting growth was not obvious. Adding hormones to broiler feed can be said to be thankless.

According to Zhang Hongfu, Director of the Animal Feeding and Standardization Research Office of the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences: “The cost of hormones is not only high, but also the technical requirements are complicated. , and according to many experimental data, the addition of hormones has no effect on promoting chicken growth, and it will also increase the risk of heart disease, ascites and other diseases in broilers, and increase mortality.”


The biggest advantage of eating chicken is that it can provide us with protein, which is necessary for our brain development and muscle development of.

Secondly, the content of vitamins and minerals in chicken is also very high. Although it is not as good as fresh vegetables, fruits and animal offal, it still cannot be ignored.

Chicken contains more oleic acid and linseed oil Acid, which can reduce LDL cholesterol, which is bad for human health, is a good thing anyway.

In general, eating chicken regularly can warm the middle and replenish qi, nourish the essence and marrow, invigorate deficiency and intelligence, improve weak constitution and treat menstruation Disorders, dizziness, palpitations, frequent urination, etc. all have certain curative effects. At the same time, it can also help improve the detoxification function of the liver, enhance physical fitness, and help prevent colds and scurvy.

【Quick Duck】

A quick-growing duck refers to a duck that matures quickly through abnormal spawning methods. Generally, it is only fed with feed and “nutritional medicine”. If the meat is paralyzed after more than 10 days, it will be paralyzed by adding medicine to the feed to prevent diseases.

When the ducks are out of the market, the down has not yet grown into instant ducks, and they are sent directly to the roast duck restaurant. Many ducks grow too fast for more than 10 days, because the meat grows too fast, and the bones are not If you can’t stand up, you will be paralyzed. When ducks grow to 28 days old, they usually bid farewell to the nursery stage. They are basically mature and can be sold on the market.

There is such a jingle in raising meat ducks: 7 days a session, 7 days a hair removal, 7 days a increment. The first 15 days of duckling growth is the first stage. It needs to be fed with very fine No. 1 feed, and the price is relatively high, all of which are above 1.8 yuan/catties.

Ducks can continue to be fed for more than a week when they grow to 28 days , because the speed of meat growth during this period is amazing, which can quickly increase the profit margin of farmers.

However, if you blindly feed ducks with hormone-containing feed, it may lead to an increase in the disease rate of ducks, and it will also increase the number of ducks The mortality rate will bring certain economic losses to farmers.

So most farmers will choose to raise ducks normally. Even if the price is a little more expensive, most consumers still recognize it. Into the body is also more conducive to health.

In summary, whether it is a quick chicken or a quick duck, They are all safe to eat, because they adopt formal breeding, so it is commonly known as the growth rate of chickens and ducks is very fast, but they are not injected with hormones or fed with hormone feed as everyone imagined.

According to the dietary guidelines of our country, it is recommended that an adult should eat 120~150 grams of meat every day. The amount of meat can be described as an astronomical figure, and it is impossible to meet the demand only by farming chickens and ducks, so instant chickens and ducks have become one of the choices of the public.

The growth rate of fast-growing chickens and ducks is very fast, and the price is relatively ideal. Small profits but quick turnover still allows many people to see profit margins.

1. Duck meat is sweet in nature and cold in taste. The Lung, Stomach and Kidney meridians have the functions of nourishing, nourishing the stomach, nourishing the kidney, reducing edema, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, eliminating consumptive hot bone steaming, reducing edema, and relieving febrile dysentery. People with heat in the body are suitable for eating duck meat, and it is more beneficial for people with weak constitution, loss of appetite, fever, dry stool and edema.

2. Duck fat is the healthiest. Duck meat is rich in B vitamins and vitamin E, and its fatty acids are mainly unsaturated fatty acids and low-carbon saturated fatty acids, which are easy to digest. The fat in duck meat is different from other animal oils. The ratio of various fatty acids is close to the ideal value, and it has the effect of lowering cholesterol, which is especially suitable for people suffering from atherosclerosis.

3. Duck meat is also good for the heart. 100 grams of duck meat contains about 300 mg of potassium. Potassium is related to heart rhythm, and high potassium can resist sodium. Eating too much salt and high sodium is the cause of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is very healthy to eat more duck meat instead of other meat dishes in daily life.

4. The fatty acids in duck meat have a low melting point and are easy to digest. Containing more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meats, it can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and various inflammations, and can also resist aging. Duck meat is rich in niacin, which is two important coenzymes in the human body.It is one of the components of the heart disease, which has a protective effect on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction.

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【Teach you how to buy chickens and ducks? 】

“Look at” the knife edge at the slaughter

< p data-track="46">If it is slaughtered live chickens and ducks, because the chickens and ducks are struggling, the knife edge will not be very flat, and blood infiltration will occur due to the beating of the heart. If the knife edge is a smooth curve, and there is no blood infiltrating the chicken or duck, it means that the knife was made after the chicken or duck died of illness.

“Second look” eyeball

The eyes are full and bright, which is an important sign of fresh chicken and duck, and the eyes of fresh chicken and duck are also bright Fully open or half open. If the chicken and duck meat has been stored for a long time or has deteriorated, the eyes of the white-striped chicken and duck will be sunken, and if the chicken and duck died of illness, the eyes will be very cloudy.

“Three Looks” chicken feet and duck webs

Fresh white-striped chicken feet are not bent, while duck webs are elastic, and can bounce back quickly when pressed with fingers, with a plump and shiny surface. The scales on the surface of stale chicken feet look black and dull, while the duck webs that have been placed for a long time shrink and become inelastic, and it is difficult to return to their original shape after being pressed with your fingers.

“Four Looks” chicken skin and duck skin

Because of different varieties, the color of chicken skin is also different. For example, the skin of Sanhuang chicken is very yellow. It’s white, off-white, and a little pale pink. The chicken that is not fresh has yellow skin, is still sticky to the touch, and the chicken skin is wrinkled, which is caused by oxidation and microbial growth caused by long storage time. The fat on the duck meat is light yellow. If it is not fresh, the yellow color of the duck fat will become lighter, and the meat will be sticky.

“Five Looks” Chicken Butt and Duck Butt

The buttocks of fresh white striped chickens and ducks look very clean, while the buttocks of dead chickens and ducks are a little green.

“Six Looks” certificate

The best and most effective way to identify white-striped chickens and ducks is to check whether there is an animal quarantine certificate issued by the animal inspection department or Marked with the quarantine mark.

“A smell” is a smell

You can get close to chickens and ducks to smell if there is any smell, pungent smell, etc. other than the fishy smell.