There is an acupoint, which can be called a knee lubricant. If you have bad knees, you must use it

The knee joint is the largest and most complicated joint in the human body. After people reach middle age, there is a common manifestation. Crackling sound.

This is a typical joint that has been worn out year after year, and the essence and blood that act as a lubricant in it are insufficient. Just like when we were young, we saw the household sewing machines at home, which often need to be oiled, and the chain of the bicycle is the same. Once it is rusted and worn until the lubricating oil is gone, it will make a rattling sound just like our joints.

Today I will share a lubricant that can be called a knee joint, and it is also a switch to turn on the knee joint. It is the Knee Knee Acupuncture Point, you must collect it after reading it.

Knee joint point location: double points, belonging to the liver meridian, parallel to Yinlingquan point, and then 1 inch inward. It is easier to find this acupoint while sitting and bending your legs. If you press this acupoint vigorously, it will be very painful and sore.


Efficacy of knee point:

1. Many people will ask why the knee joint point can be called a knee lubricant. First of all, the knee joint point belongs to the liver meridian. The liver stores blood, and the kidney stores essence. They can be transformed into each other, so the liver governs the tendons, and the kidney governs the bones. After dredging, the tendons and bones are strong, and at the same time there is enough essence and blood for lubrication, the joints will naturally heal. Therefore, we must persist in nourishing and opening the knee joint point, which is the important meaning of the name of the knee joint by the sages of traditional Chinese medicine. So people with bad knees, remember to store them away, and when you are free, you must often stimulate the knee points. (Moxibustion and scraping moxibustion can be used as convenient as possible)

2. Of course, due to modern electronic products, the liver and blood of modern people are severely deficient. For example, the eyes are not good, which is also caused by the typical lack of liver blood. Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the treatment of upper and lower diseases. Stimulating the knee joint point can cure many eye diseases, including myopia, glaucoma, dry eyes and so on. After the knee point is dredged here, the liver blood is sufficient. The biggest magical effect is that it can improve eyesight and nourish the eyes. This is one of the very magical effects of the knee point.

3. The ancients often described the descendants of a family, or have no children under the knees, or have children and grandchildren around the knees, so this implies that the knee point is very related to the conception of offspring. Indeed, in the clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, experienced Old doctors use the knee point to dredge the fallopian tubes.

If you know the knee-joint point, you can directly scrape moxibustion and moxibustion to stimulate and dredge this point. Many people find the knee-joint point, which is very painful, because here The blockage is very serious, so insisting on dredging it can not only prevent young women in advance, but also allow women of childbearing age to achieve the effect of dredging the fallopian tubes.

4. Knee joint acupoint, the effect on the knees should not be underestimated. Chinese medicine calls it the switch to open the knees. Almost all knee problems, including ” Knee joint degenerative disease” or “knee bone spur” refers to the pain in the knee caused by the lack of nutrition in the blood of the knee bone; knee bone spur; knee swelling and pain, as long as you persist in maintaining the knee point, it will be effective. Of course, the combination of points is also very important. Cooperate with Yinlingquan; Yanglingquan; Dubi acupoints together to dredge the effect is good.