War epidemic diary: I was the deputy captain of the commando in the closed area

My name is Zheng Jie, and I am a therapist in the Rehabilitation Department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University. I just celebrated my 29th birthday, and the menacing Guangzhou epidemic made me “run three” This year started extraordinary-on the evening of November 15th, I participated in the nucleic acid sampling “commando team” formed by the hospital and went to the closed area of ​​Haizhu to perform nucleic acid sampling tasks. I was the deputy captain of this “commando team”.

In the face of the epidemic, I am a “veteran”: I did not hesitate to enter the closed area to undertake a large number of nucleic acid samples when the epidemic in Baiyun District was severe During the year, he also performed nucleic acid sampling tasks in various districts of Guangzhou many times. Young and energetic, I am the “young force” of the hospital. When I learned that the hospital is urgently forming a “commando team” to go deep into the closed area of ​​Haizhu, I signed up without saying a word. Almost at the same time, I left to go home and pack up. luggage.

The team of 79 members was quickly assembled that night, and it was already late at night when we set off, and my “comrades” and I were all dressed in red The color of the team uniform is like a torch in the dark night, and I am also one of them. “We are united, and we will be able to ‘burn’ this spreading epidemic!” I thought silently.

I have participated in support many times, and I have accumulated a lot of front-line combat experience, so this time I will be the deputy captain of the commando. “Captain” is not only a title for me, but also a heavy responsibility. Going deep into the front line, I faced the eagerly awaited eyes of the people in the epidemic area, and returned to the “base”. trust) trust.

“Fully armed”, we are fighting on the front line together

Return every day Before the light is on, we have to get ready to go, put on airtight protective clothing, carry sampling tubes, and carry disinfection supplies, and go deep into the closed area to carry out nucleic acid sampling of high-risk groups. In the narrow alleys of the villages in the city, we measured step by step with our feet, and in the dense buildings, we took samples one by one. The most nervous thing was when I received the task of “chasing the sun”, which was a race against the virus. Once notified, whether we are eating or sleeping, the “Chasing Yang” team will immediately turn into “Kuafu” and arrive at the first time to conduct single-tube detection for the mixed mining abnormal personnel, so as to block the spread of the epidemic in time .

At night, after the exhausted team members went to bed, as the vice-captain, I began to arrange the next day’s work plan and inventory supplies and assignments. “This one is for the first group. They will have a heavy task tomorrow.” “A few team members are feeling unwell, so they should pay attention tomorrow.” It is already early in the morning to finish the work sorting and material arrangement, although they rest for three or four hours It is normal, but being able to fight on the front line with everyone every day is the greatest encouragement to me. I know that I am not fighting alone. We shoulder the responsibility of curbing the spread of the epidemic in the closed area. Behind us are countless supporters I have never forgotten the strong belief that haunted my heart the night I set off: we are a bonfire made of torches, and we want to light up the dark night shrouded in the epidemic.

Before going to bed, I saw the concern sent by my colleague on WeChat during the day, and I typed a reply: “Let’s hurry up, the epidemic may be over. End early, everyone will unite as one, fight the epidemic as soon as possible!” I fell asleep soon after replying, and I have to get up early tomorrow to continue sampling…