Why is the physical examination at the beginning of the year only a small nodule, and the middle of the year is the advanced stage of lung cancer

I recently wrote about a case. In January, the chest CT showed a tiny nodule in the upper lobe of the right lung. In August, the symptoms of cough and sputum accompanied by hemoptysis occurred. The chest CT showed the symptoms of hemoptysis. The lesion was already 2 cm in size and had bone metastases, and was finally diagnosed as small cell lung cancer.

I encountered another case of online consultation today. A netizen’s family has a similar situation. The patient is the netizen’s father. The patient is usually in good health, but he has a bad hobby: I smoked, and I was a heavy smoker. I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. At the beginning of the year, a cold caused a cough for three consecutive months. I went to the hospital to check the chest CT. The CT showed chronic bronchitis and a 5mm nodule in the left upper lung. Re-examination after 3 months, but because the epidemic did not come to the hospital on time, the cough has always been there, and it has a tendency to gradually worsen. Recently, he coughed up blood, so he went to the hospital for examination.

Checking the chest CT showed that the nodules of 5mm before had grown to 3cm, and there were multiple nodules in both lungs, obviously lung metastases had occurred, and small cell lung cancer was finally diagnosed. Netizens asked him What are the better treatment options for my father? The current treatment of small cell lung cancer has made some progress. In addition to chemotherapy, immunotherapy can also be added, and radiotherapy can also be performed, but the overall survival time has not been revolutionaryly prolonged.

Finally, the netizen said that he also has a nodule, which has not changed for two years. Will he suddenly grow up like his father and lose the chance to cure it? I told him that this is generally not the case. , most nodules do not develop abruptly, especially if they have been stable before.