I have been coughing all the time, but lung CT can’t find the problem. Be alert to these diseases, some can be cured without spending money

Cough for more than 8 weeks is called chronic cough. Some chronic coughs are accompanied by sputum, some are dry coughs, some are daytime coughs, and some are nighttime coughs. Chronic coughs The patients are very painful, some will cough into chest pains, or even fractured ribs, some will faint from coughing, and some will be incontinent. Cable shadow or lung nodule, what are the problems that can cause such a situation?

1. Antihypertensive drugs, this situation is not common, there is an ACEI antihypertensive drug, the name often has the word Puli, such as captopril or enamel Puli, some people will have a stubborn dry cough after taking this kind of medicine, and the cough can be cured without spending money.

2. Cough variant asthma, which is a type of asthma that only coughs without wheezing. It is mainly dry cough at night. If it is not diagnosed, it is useless to take any cough medicine. It must be checked. After a clear diagnosis, follow the asthma treatment to improve.

3. Chronic pharyngitis, which is a common and often overlooked disease. Many people feel that their cough is very special, and it is definitely not caused by diseases such as chronic pharyngitis. In fact, the symptoms of chronic pharyngitis They are different. Generally speaking, the foreign body sensation in the throat is the main reason, and the cough cannot be swallowed. Some chronic pharyngitis has a reason behind it, which is related to the following diseases.

4. Gastroesophageal reflux, this disease is a gastrointestinal disease, but it can cause lung disease. It is mainly caused by the acid in the stomach flowing up through the esophagus to corrode the throat and even the trachea. , can cause corrosive pharyngitis and bronchitis, and even lead to pulmonary fibrosis.

5. Upper airway syndrome, which is caused by the secretion of rhinitis and sinusitis flowing down the back wall of the pharynx to stimulate the throat or trachea. These secretions contain some inflammatory and stimulating ingredients, Wherever there is inflammation, it will cause a constant cough.