It may be several coughs of lung cancer, some of which are advanced once they appear

Coughing has been coughed by everyone, but you may not have noticed that coughing has various manifestations, some like clearing the throat, some coughing violently, and some throat Coughing out a broken sound, some cough like a chicken, and some cough with a metallic sound, different coughs have different diseases, some sound like lung cancer, such as the following, once they appear, they must be Check it out at the hospital.

1. Irritant dry cough with metallic sound. The irritant is that inhaling a pungent smell will cause a severe dry cough, but nothing can be coughed up. The metallic sound is caused by tumor blockage or compression of the trachea. It is caused by the acceleration of airflow through the trachea.

2. Persistent cough with phlegm and blood. There is no lung disease before, but suddenly persistent cough with blood in the sputum occurs. Be careful in this situation. Sometimes lung cancer is such a manifestation.

3. Severe and persistent cough, feeling that there is something in the lungs, how can I cough and cough, this is often the tumor growing into the trachea, making people feel that there is a foreign body in the trachea Performance.

It is worth noting that the symptoms of lung cancer are not special, and even the cough caused by a cold is no different. However, if the above cough occurs, the suspicion of lung cancer is very high, and you must go to the hospital for an examination. , Do a chest CT can identify.