Why is liver cancer often diagnosed at an advanced stage? There are mainly 2 points! Advise you to stay away from these 4 “bane”

The reason why liver cancer is so terrifying is that, in addition to the high incidence, many famous people have been killed by liver cancer.

And these famous people are in good financial condition, and even if they have cancer, they can make the best use of high-quality medical resources, but they still cannot save their lives.

There is a big reason behind this – when liver cancer is discovered, it is often at an advanced stage.

Liver cancer, why is it starting to target Chinese people?

First, chronic liver disease

Although my country has the highest incidence of liver cancer in the world, more than 90% of liver cancer All patients had a long history of chronic liver disease.

The vast majority of liver cancers are accompanied by different degrees of liver cirrhosis, and the main cause of liver cirrhosis is viral hepatitis such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C, as well as a history of alcoholism or long-term heavy drinking.

Among them, clinical studies have found that 85%-90% of liver cancers are related to hepatitis B, and hepatitis B itself is relatively easy to transform into chronic hepatitis. Liver cirrhosis, which over time develops into liver cancer.

Second, often eat expired, spoiled and moldy food< /p>

If you find that the food is expired, spoiled or moldy, you should discard it in time, especially if the food such as peanuts, wheat, nuts, and corn become moldy, you should avoid eating them.

Because these foods are very easy to breed aflatoxin, which is a first-class carcinogen, its toxicity is 68 times higher than that of arsenic, and it will cause damage to the liver after eating into the human body. The incidence of liver cancer is also greatly increased.

Third, often eat substandard cooking oil

Don’t try to buy oil produced by some small workshops cheaply, so as to avoid these small workshops eating moldy peanuts or corn, rapeseed and making edible oil for sale.

People use this kind of cooking oil for a long time to stir-fry, and it is easy to cause damage to the liver. Especially if the edible oil is found to be moldy and smelly, it should be discarded in time.

Fourth, often eat pickled food

Many people think that marinated food has a stronger taste, which stimulates the taste buds and makes people feel very delicious.

These foods will have a lot of salt added during the pickling process to help the food increase its shelf life.

After a large amount of salt is eaten into the body, nitrosamines will be formed, which will cause damage to the liver, not only easy to cause hepatitis, but also easy to lead to malignant transformation of liver cells, causing liver cancer.

Why is liver cancer often diagnosed at an advanced stage?

There are two main points–

1. Early liver cancer symptoms are not obvious

You should know that a healthy Only 1/4 of the liver is needed for the body to function properly.

Even if the liver becomes cancerous, the liver function is relatively healthy in the early stage, and the human body does not show symptoms such as decreased liver function.

2. Liver cancer is easy to metastasize

The most common metastasis of liver cancer is intrahepatic metastasis. It is possible that cancer cells in the left half of the liver can easily metastasize to the right half of the liver.

At the same time, tumors may also block blood vessels. There is an important blood vessel near the liver called portal vein. If the tumor blocks the portal vein, it is called portal vein tumor thrombus. Therefore, even the most thorough liver transplantation is performed. , but will soon relapse.

What can we do to prevent liver cancer?

The liver is very important to the human body. If the liver is not properly protected and there is a problem with the liver, the body’s metabolism and detoxification, blood production, blood storage, bile production and other functions will be affected. decrease, causing discomfort in the human body.

Especially after suffering from liver cancer, people’s lives will also be greatly threatened.

Finally, I remind everyone that if you want to keep yourself and liver cancer farther away, you should develop a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, avoid smoking and drinking, do not abuse drugs, and do not stay up late.

At the same time, for ordinary people, it is recommended to have a physical examination every year.

If you find that your liver function is declining or you suffer from diseases such as hepatitis and fatty liver, you should strengthen your diet, go to the hospital to review liver disease regularly, and pay attention to your health at any time.

If a highly suspected liver cancer is detected but no diagnosis is possible, the mostIt takes about 3 months to perform an imaging or laboratory test. It is best to go to a high-level hospital in time to do an abdominal ultrasound or tumor marker examination.