Why is it recommended to sleep with your feet exposed? Insomnia turns out to be a blockage in the body, how can it be improved?

It’s cold, and I have to get under the bed at night when I sleep, and the left and right rolls will show my head, so that I will be warm soon, but when I sleep in a daze, I felt very hot on my body, so I couldn’t help but lift up the quilt to let the air in. At this time, I need to put my feet outside to dry for a while to cool down, and then put them back when the body is not so hot.

Why is it recommended to sleep with feet exposed?

One, to prevent the temperature of the bed from being too high to fall asleep, and to help dissipate heat< /p>

When you sleep in winter, you will cover yourself with a thick quilt, which will often lead to overheating of the body temperature, and overheating will affect falling asleep. At this time, we must find a way to quickly reduce the core temperature and cool the skin Is quick and swift, especially at the extremities.

So, when you feel overheated, you can stretch your feet out for a few minutes, and you can feel the temperature of your whole body cool down, and your brain will start to feel sleepy up. Of course, it’s winter now. Stretching out your bare feet will not only cool you down, but also get you cold. People with chilblains are even more uncomfortable. In order to coordinate this feeling, you can wear socks on your feet, which can quickly heat up in the bed, and put them outside Sometimes it won’t let your feet get cold.

Secondly, the feet are highly mobile and not easy to get sick

Compared to arms and stomach In other parts, the feet have higher mobility, and they can be retracted at any time when they feel cold.

This method is for people with insomnia, try it when you can’t sleep at night. For insomnia sufferers, when they hear that a method can improve their sleep, it is like grasping at straws and eagerly hoping that their current situation can be improved. Insomnia is really difficult. In fact, in addition to finding a solution, we also need to find the reason behind it, which may be related to the disease in the body.

Insomnia at night, it may be that the body is “blocked in two places, and two places are empty”

Liver meridian and gallbladder meridian blocked

Emotions often lose control, often quarrel with others, always feel unhappy during the day , Even sleeping at night is affected, most likely because the liver meridian is not running smoothly, and it dominates the release of emotions. If there is no place to release emotions, you will not be able to sleep with peace of mind, and you will have headaches, tinnitus, chest tightness, and nightmares.

At the same time, the excretion of the gallbladder meridian will also be affected, and the body seems to have qi rushing around, not only eating badly, but also tossing and turning when sleeping , will also feel bitter in the mouth, and the amount of drinking water will increase significantly.

If these two veins are blocked, a person will still feel dry eyes and a lot of eye mucus when working during the day, and he will feel heavy when he speaks. Tone, always anxious because of insomnia itself. At this time, it is necessary to clear the liver and gallbladder, nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

Spleen, stomach and kidney qi are deficient

Modern people often spoil their spleen and stomach due to dietary problems and overeating. Once the spleen and stomach function deteriorates, sleep will also deteriorate. For example, there seems to be food flowing out when sleeping, and the stomach growls when I lie down, and the peritoneum still feels pulled. In addition, kidney qi deficiency can also have such effects, which are mainly related to aging, which is why sleep disorders mostly occur in middle-aged and elderly people.

Insufficient sleep is harmful

The healthy sleep time is 7-8 hours, but Chinese people Only 6.5 hoursIt looks likeThe gap is not big, but the number of people is large, reaching more than 300 million, and even teenage children do not get enough sleep. Among them, the middle-aged and elderly people are more serious. The older they are, the harder it is to sleep well.

In the dead of night, everyone is asleep, only I am still insomnia, thinking that I will continue to work and study the next day, and I have to face the insomnia As a result, the mood became more and more anxious. Because of insomnia, there may be dangers and accidents during the day, and it will also bring various health problems.

A study in “The Lancet” shows that patients with insomnia are more likely to suffer from endocrine, vision, joint and other diseases, and are at risk of mental illness 12.6 times that of ordinary people. The National Institute of Mental Health in the United States found that 40% of patients with sleep problems had varying degrees of mental illness.

Long-term insomnia, is there any way to improve it?

Using multiple methods to treat sleep problems

First of all, patients need to understand that long-term insomnia is also a disease. Regular treatment may be not only related to psychology, but may also be related to pain and neurology. It is necessary to find out the potential diseases of the body. , Targeted solutions can improve the problem of stubborn insomnia.

Some patients can’t fall asleep, which may be caused by neuropathy in the brain. If you only look at the problem from the perspective of insomnia, there is no way to adjust the sleep rhythm . Some may have chronic joint pain, so the joint problem must be solved first.

Use white noise to help you fall asleep

Some patients can always hear strange sounds after lying down. They don’t know where they come from, and they can’t eliminate them. It may be that the sound heard during the day stimulates the brain, or there may be inflammation inside the ear. At this time, white noise should be used.

It can cover the humming in the ears, and it can also reduce the panic caused by sudden noise, shorten the time to fall asleep, and reduce the midway sleep. The number of times you wake up. You can use your mobile phone to place white noise below 50 decibels for 20-30 minutes at a time, which may make you fall asleep.

Let pets sleep in the room

With pets sleeping with the bedside, the patient You will feel very at ease and have an effect on improving sleep. If you also have a pet at home, try this method.

The way to relieve insomnia, in the end, is actually to find the cause, cure the disease, and adjust the mind. If it is not caused by the disease, then the environment or Body modification, such as playing white noise, fragrance, dimming the lights, wearing socks, etc. In short, regular treatment is necessary, and you should not buy medicines, including vitamins, melatonin, etc., and you should accept the guidance of a doctor.