Lung is not good, how can we judge it? To nourish the lungs in winter, eat more 3 whites and avoid 2 reds

People are able to breathe, and the lungs contribute the most. Therefore, when there is a problem with the lungs, breathing will also be hindered, and some problems are prone to occur, and breathing difficulties may occur. There will be a phenomenon that you cannot breathe, and some people even need to rely on a ventilator to support them.

In recent years, the incidence of lung diseases is also on the rise, among which, the high incidence and mortality of lung cancer are relatively high , and let more people pay attention to lung health. Some people say that the biggest enemy of lung damage is tobacco. lungs.

How did the lungs break down step by step?

Frequent exposure to pollutants

The pollutants to be mentioned here come from many places, and smoke is only one of them. However, what needs to be emphasized issmog, it may be tobacco released, or it may be smokereleased.

These two types of smog are also easy to come into close contact with in daily life. If there are people around you who smoke constantly, or you have the habit of smoking for a long time, you will be frequently exposed to smog, and your lungs will absorb it. hazardous substances will also be more.

In terms of oil fume, it stands to reason that with a range hood, the amount of oil fume inhaled should be reduced a lot, but some people have the habit of saving In order topower saving, you may turn off the range hood frequently, and cannot absorb all the fumes, resulting in more fumes inhaled into the lungs , causing damage to the lungs.

In addition to lampblack and tobacco, we also need to pay attentionPollutants in the atmosphere, as well as some pollutants produced in construction sites and factories, if the human body inhales too much, it may induce lung disease.

Virus infection

Lung damage, the virus is also a factor that cannot be ignored. After the lungs are invaded by the virus, it is easy to form some damage, which will gradually reduce the lung function. If the damage is serious, it may appear Symptoms of respiratory failure.

For example, we are facing a virus now, which isNew Crown, and we have been fighting against it for almost 3 years, although Compared with the beginning, it has been greatly controlled, but after all, it has not found a way to completely solve it.

After infection with the new coronavirus, pulmonary fibrous tissue The damage is more serious, and it will also affect breathing. Severely ill patients will have severe difficulty breathing, which will also causeLung infection, and other infections.

Not just the new crown virus, but alsoInfluenza virus, are relatively aggressive viruses, as long as they are infected, they are relatively harmful, and if they cannot be prevented, they may cause relatively large damage to the lungs.

If the lungs are not good, how will the body behave?

Hand-finger abnormality

When there is a problem with the lungs, the hands will have abnormal performance, which is a common problem.The color of fingernails May beBlack and prone to finger pain Phenomenon.

In the case of insufficient blood oxygen, the fingers will also appearedema and stiffness, Another point worth noting is that the fingers become strange, fingernails are deformed, the fingers are also deformed, there will be obvious ProtrusionPhenomenon, the curvature of the nail will change, which is often referred to in medicineClubbing span>.

Breathing—chest pain, dyspnea

The lungs govern breathing, and when the lungs are severely damaged, the function of the lungs may be affected, especially when the body position changes while sleeping, and abnormal signs are more likely to appear.

May appear at nightFrequent coughing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing And other phenomena, the frequency of such signs is relatively high, you should pay more attention to it, it may be that there are some diseases in the lungs, and a detailed examination of the lungs is required in time.

Nose—runny nose, dry nasal cavity

The lungs are also connected to the nasal cavity. If there is a problem with the lungs, it may affect the nasal cavity, and the nasal cavity is prone to dryness, or the nasal cavity is cold. The possible problems areGet angry easily,Nosebleed.

May also catch cold,Runny noseThere may also be< span>Rhinitis, keep sneezing, if these problems occur frequently, It is necessary to check the lungs in time.

To nourish the lungs in winter, eat 3 more whites, avoid 2 reds, the lungs may thank you.

【3 White】

Tremella:Winter is dry, eat more tremella appropriately, it is good for nourishing the lungs and denoising, it can help improve cough problems, protect the lungs, reduce If the lungs are injured, it will be more beneficial. You can eat more white fungus and red dates soup appropriately.

Radish:It is said that eating radish in winter and ginger in summer still makes sense Yes, winter is not only the season to eat radishes, but eating more radishes does have some benefits for the lungs. It can help clear the lungs and relieve internal heat, and can also help nourish the lungs.

Lily: Eating more lily properly can also help nourish the lungs and Supplement the body with other beneficial substances, and lily is also easier to enter the lungs, and it can also nourish and protect the lungs.

【2 Red】

Spicy food:Many people in modern times don’t like spicy food, especially in winter, they love to eat hot pot, and hot pot will be more delicious if it is spicy.

It tastes very refreshing, but it is easy to get angry. If it causesexuberant lung fire, it will be harmful to the lungs In order to avoid serious damage to the lungs, it is recommended to eat less spicy food.

Raw marinated seafood:< /span>On the one hand, the coldness of seafood is relatively high. After entering winter, try to eat as little as possible. On the other hand, raw marinated seafood cannot fully kill the seafood in seafood Parasites and bacteria, after lung infection, it may cause relatively large damage to the lungs, which is not conducive to lung health.

No matter how old you are, protecting the health of your lungs is equivalent to maintaining your lifespan. You must know that after the lungs stop working, life is almost over. For the lungs The Ministry still hopes to take more care.