Walking posture reveals disease? There are 4 manifestations when walking, pay more attention and check in time

I guess not many people care about walking posture, as long as it is comfortable to walk, even though others have said that their walking posture is not very good-looking, they don’t care. Always feel comfortable.

Everyone has their own habits when walking. However, if there are some sudden changes in walking posture, you should still take it to heart. If you can investigate the cause in time, it may be more beneficial to your health, so as not to miss the reminder given by the disease.

What kind of walking posture may be a sign of disease?

Shaking steps

Walking involuntarily will always shake,Balance ability is relatively poor, it seems that there is a possibility of falling at any time , this kind of walking posture should be paid attention to in time, it may be a manifestation of cerebellar atrophy.

The cerebellum has the function of controlling the balance of the body, but walking can’t always balance the body well, and it always gives people a feeling of fallingfallingfeeling, wobbly walking situation, it may be the exposure of cerebellar disease.

sore walking

< span>I haven’t walked much, but I feel soreness in my legs. This phenomenon occurs frequently. It is not recommended to ignore it. It may be a bone disease. The common problem isOsteoarthritis, older people are more prone to it, and bone degeneration is likely to cause osteoarthritis.

In addition to osteoarthritis, you also need to be carefullower extremity arterial stenosisWhen this happens, it may also be accompanied by other manifestations, such as leg cramps or numbness, there may also be fatigue, and it needs to be distinguished in time. Leg soreness caused by arterial stenosis in the lower extremities will have some pain after rest ease.

Small steps

< span>In the past, ladies from rich and noble families paid more attention to walking manners, and they bound their feet to train their walking manners. In order to maintain the demeanor of shy ladies from noble families, their walking steps were relatively small, which seemed to be small steps.

It is relatively rare in modern life. They all walk in large strides. Walking without restraint will make people more comfortable and walk more easily. If you suddenly find that your walking pace has changed, from big strides to small steps.

The steps taken are no longer easy, just likepenguinsSimilarly, for sharp direction, it cannot be done easily and freely, and it still needs attention, and there may be Parkinson’s.

Scissors step

In the process of walking, the two legs cannot be separated easily, and they will always touch each other unconsciously when walking, and it is easy to rub against each other, the two legs will always show a X shape during walking, which is crossed.

When normal people walk, their legs are parallel and naturally step forward. If they always walk forward with scissors steps, Then there may be some disease in the brain, or there may be a problem with the spinal cord.

If you already have three highs , after this kind of walking posture, you can’t take it lightly, it may be a signal of cerebrovascular disease, if you can check it in time , may save lives.

So, what is the difference between a fast walker and a slow walker?

When it comes to walking speed, many people are more concerned about it. There is a saying that people who walk faster live longer. Especially for some elderly people, if they can still walk like flying, it means that their physical condition is not bad.

Mainly manifested inStrong bones, no bones Disease, on the other hand, heart and lung function are also not bad, heart and brain vesselsThere is no problem, and more importantly, the motor function is also very good.

Studies have shown that 10 years before death , the body will have some early warning, and the decline of motor function is an important early warning signal, and one of them is saidWalking pace is associated with decreased motor function.

When you find that your walking speed has decreased significantly, this may be a sign of aging, and it may also be span>A signal of disease, if you can pay attention to it early, it may bring benefits to the body.

However, we also need to be reminded that not all people have changes in walking speed when they get older, which is related to disease and aging. It is related to one’s own walking habits. If you just want to judge a person’s health from a person’s walking speed, it may seem It is not so reliable, but if abnormalities are found, the cause can be checked in time, which is not harmful to health.

Would the cognitive ability of people who walk more be better?

In Tokyo Health and Longevity Medical Center Research Institute< In a study conducted by /strong>, researchers found that people with long strides were less cognitive decline Compared with people with small steps, the degeneration situation is relatively optimistic, and the risk of cognitive degeneration is relatively low.

Mainly during striding, the nerves between the brain and the feet are stimulated< /span>, can helpexercise the activity of the brain, and strengthen the brain function, not only that, the big stride Walking is also beneficial for the exercise of leg muscles.

However, it is also necessary to pay attention, for people who are used to walking in small steps,There is no need to deliberately adjust the pace< span>, suddenlyChanging your walking habits can cause unnecessary damage.

Only relying on this study, there is no more evidence to prove it, you still need to keep a skeptical attitude, if you want to be healthy, keep a constant speed Walking is also good for health.

About the change in walking posture, whether it is a hidden disease, you need to cooperate with relevant inspections, don’t panic too much, first understand the reason clearly, and then you can be better. It is beneficial to adjust the problem without adding too much psychological burden to yourself, but it is not conducive to health.