Why is cerebral infarction becoming more and more “rampant”? Advice: Eat these 6 foods as little as possible

There are still many nutrients in the blood. If these nutrients settle down, they will form arterial plaques, and when they fall off, they will form thrombus and travel in the blood vessels .

The blood vessels in the brain are relatively dense. If a thrombus blocks the blood vessels in the brain, it will lead to acute cerebral insufficiency Blood, or even a sudden cerebral infarction, if the brain ischemia, you will feel numb limbs, unable to speak and other symptoms.

After a cerebral infarction, if not treated in time, life may be lost in a short period of time , so many people are afraid of the occurrence of cerebral infarction, because the onset time of this disease cannot be judged, and once it occurs, it is very dangerous.

Why is cerebral infarction more and more “rampant”?

There are more and more people suffering from cerebral infarction nowadays, which is mainly related to many factors, such as chronic diseases, smoking and drinking, diet, Genes, irregular living habits, mental stress, etc.

Only by regular physical examination, early detection and early treatment can the occurrence of cerebral infarction be avoided, super early Thrombolysis is the first choice for the treatment of cerebral infarction, intravenous thrombolysis and vascular thrombolysis within 6 hours after cerebral infarction.

Go to the hospital within three hours after onset, if there is no contraindication for thrombolysis, you can use thrombolytic drugs Carotid artery thrombolysis, arterial thrombolysis can be extended for 6 hours.

Dissolved Blood vessels can be reopened after embolism treatment, which can reduce patients’ complications and sequelae. If the time limit for thrombolysis is exceeded, anti-platelet aggregation treatment, anticoagulant treatment, etc., should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and rehabilitation treatment.

Advice: Eat as little of these 6 foods as possible

Greasy, meaty food

After entering winter, people exercise less, and it is difficult to fully consume the calories in food. If you like to eat greasy and meaty food at this time, then too much calories will continue to accumulate in the body, causing obesity. , It is also easy to raise blood lipids, and even induce cerebral infarction.

Foods high in salt

Often eating high-salt foods can lead to high blood pressure. Part of the occurrence of cerebral infarction is related to the viscosity of blood vessels. When the blood pressure in the body rises, It will cause abnormal contraction of blood vessels and increase the risk of cerebral infarction.

Alcohol and Alcohol Products

Alcohol is a dangerous food for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular , because alcohol can cause damage to the inner wall of blood vessels, increase the risk of plaque in blood vessels, and even induce atherosclerosis. For patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia, regular alcohol intake will increase the risk of cerebral infarction.

High purine food

High uric acid is one of the diseases that contemporary people need to be alert to, and it is also one of the high-risk factors for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so the intake of high-purine foods should be controlled in life , especially in patients with gout and hyperuricemia.

High sugar food

Eating high-sugar foods often will lead to a large amount of sugar intake in the body, which will not only increase blood vessel It can also induce risks such as obesity and diabetes, so the intake of ingredients should be controlled at ordinary times, especially for patients with coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

cake, burger

Trans fatty acids are bad fatty acids that the human body can hardly consume , This substance is contained in cakes and burgers. Excessive intake of trans fatty acids will increase the content of bad cholesterol and increase atherosclerosis. Therefore, reducing the intake of trans fatty acids can help reduce damage to blood vessels and prevent the occurrence of cerebral infarction.

To prevent cerebral infarction, do these 2 things frequently in life

Keep regular exercise

Exercise can help regulate blood pressure, improve blood circulation, improve blood vessel elasticity, enhance the contraction ability of blood vessels, and promote the metabolism of garbage and fat in blood vessels.

Jogging, brisk walking, swing sports, yoga, Tai Chi, and cycling are all very good sports , When exercising, you should decide according to your physical condition, and don’t over-exercise.

Keep eating Medicine

Patients with high blood pressure should control their blood pressure reasonably, insist on taking medicine, and ensure their health Life and diet, blood pressure is stabilized, blood vessels will remain in good condition, and the chance of cerebral infarction will also be reduced.

Not only must you insist on taking the medicine, but you should also not blindly increase or decrease the dosage, and take the medicine reasonably according to the doctor’s advice. If you need to adjust, you must first consult your doctor and make adjustments under the guidance of your doctor.