“Grandma in the mountains” is 107 years old and hale and hearty: 40 years of smoking and drinking have not been high, and she has been working in the fields


In today’s era, people’s living standards are improving day by day. Big fish, big meat, and fresh seafood are no longer rare things, and it can be said that they have already entered the homes of ordinary people.

While eating well, eating healthy and living long has become the consensus of most people.

Being able to maintain good living habits, quit smoking and drinking, reduce salt and oil, reduce meat and more vegetables, keep your mouth shut and move your legs, has become the “basic” for many people. common sense”.

At the same time, follow the rhythm of nature and “follow the trend”, maintain an optimistic attitude, and be happy every day.

In this way, we may live a long and healthy life with quality.


This grandma is 107 years old this year, and she is still in good spirits, and she still has to do some work within her power every day.

She was born on the Mid-Autumn Festival in 1916. She lives in the deep mountains of Sichuan Province. It can be said that she has never left the valley in her life.

Living with her is her 77-year-old youngest son, Jin Fu. According to him, the elderly have two habits that have persisted for more than 30 years, namely smoking and drinking.

Talking about these two habits, Jin Fu said, “My mother has lived here all her life and has never traveled far. The reason why she smokes and drinks is related to a past event.

The grandmother’s wife died at the age of 75, a sudden disease, people said It’s gone.

This incident hit the old man very hard , At that time, she started to drink secretly, and sometimes, she would take a few sips of her husband’s dry tobacco.

In the current words, what she drinks is not wine, but longing; what she smokes is not pharynx, but loneliness.


Some people may be confused. Smoking and drinking are bad habits. Why can grandma live so long?

Actually, this is a kind of spiritual sustenance or psychological comfort. Many times, emptiness is scarier than smoking and drinking.

Grandma slowly has “alcohol addiction”, For more than 30 years, she has never stopped this habit.

She drinks Regularly, keep drinking twice a day, both in the middle of meals, and don’t drink a lot, about one or two.

One ​​of her frequent words is , No wine to join in, the meal is not delicious.

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She likes to drink high-alcohol, and thinks that low-alcohol is boring.

In In terms of daily life, grandma is relatively regular, going to bed early and getting up early, basically every day.

I raise chickens myself, and I can’t finish the native eggs by myself, so I give them to the children. For her breakfast, she needs to make a bowl of egg flower soup, half a steamed bun, and a few pickles.

She basically kept this kind of breakfast for 40 years.

Later, when she was with the children, she was never picky about food, and she ate whatever she did at home Well, Lelehehe.



The longevity of the grandmother is closely related to the environment in which she lives. There are rolling green hills and lush forests. There is a small stream at the head of the village, which is crystal clear, the air is fresh, and the scenery is very beautiful.

The folk customs here are simple and simple, and there are no walls in every household.

Jin Fu said, “My mother has lived with me for almost 20 years, I found that her regimen basically has the following methods.”

First, the diet is very regular, not picky, she will be happier if she smokes and drinks, and no one persuades her;

Second, Gentle personality, kind-hearted, never loses his temper or gets angry and can tolerate others;

Third, he is hardworking, takes work as his own duty, and never idles his hands and feet all his life .

Jin Fu said that at present, the old lady’s legs and feet are not bad, her ears are not deaf and her eyes are not blurred. In good weather, she goes out for a walk by herself, basks in the sun, and chats with someone for a day.


Jin Fu introduced that the children have all gone to other places, and he is the only one living with his wife and mother.

The people in the mountains depend on growing crops, so they have no problem eating and drinking. All three of them can receive pensions, and my wife also enjoys living allowances for centenarians, which add up to a thousand yuan a month Money, life is very comfortable.

Talking about my mother’s smoking history, Jin Fu said that there used to be a lot of heavy work at home, the food was not good, and she was sleepy and tired. She smoked to refresh herself and relieve herself pressure.

Slowly, it became a habit, and later it became a pastime, as aAn embellishment of life, enough is enough.

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Jin Fu talked about his old lady’s character, he seemed very happy: “My mother has a very good temper, she never gets angry with anyone, She always does things unhurriedly, and never panics when things happen.

She loves to speak well A mantra is, “There is no flaming mountain that cannot be passed! “

At the same time, she also often teaches the children: To behave in the world, you must be generous and tolerant. Happy, happy life.

The tenacity in her bones has been silently passed on to future generations. She is a good hand at home and abroad. She can afford it and let it go.

In her 90s, she still insists on cooking and doing housework every day, never letting herself be idle. She has never been afraid of hardships throughout her life.< /p>


Those who have endured hardship basically have three characteristics: they know how to be content, know how to cherish, and know how to be grateful.

She understands better that today’s good Life is hard-won, contented and happy, smiling every day; because of cherishing, so there is no complaint, quiet and calm; because of gratitude, there is warmth everywhere.

These three The elements work together to form a sunny “good mentality”.

According to Jin Fu, the old lady has always been in good health. There are not many headaches and headaches. I have not had a cold for more than 10 years when I came to my house.

Annual physical examination, the old man’s physical indicators are normal, and there is no “three High” phenomenon.

The old lady has a thought-provoking saying: “To live is to live your mood, be kind to others, and do things with peace of mind, which will bring you a good mood. Happiness is the source of health.”

In terms of food, she is not very particular about food, whole grains and local vegetables are the best food.

Grandma’s home is in the mountains, and this place is no less than a “natural oxygen bar”.