Why do you wake up early at 3 or 4 in the morning? Doctor: These two parts of the body may be “blocked”

Introduction: Insomnia can be regarded as a very serious “loneliness” behavior. I linger in the dark.

Especially sleep well, but always wake up at three or four in the morning, and wake up After coming here, it is also difficult to fall asleep again. The insomniac suffers from tossing and turning in bed, which can be said to be extremely painful.

According to relevant data Statistics show that about 1/3 of each person’s life is spent in sleep. From this, we can also see the importance of sleep for physical health, but people who can’t sleep all the time are really good. Sad!

Nowadays, the pace of life is accelerating, everyone’s life is busy, and life pressure and work The pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and the original rest time is likely to be broken by other things, which will also cause inexplicable insomnia problems.


How can I tell if I have insomnia?

If symptoms such as trouble staying asleep or falling asleep are frequent and interfere with normal daytime activities, this In this case, it can be said to be insomnia.

The so-called insomnia is actually sleep initiation and maintenance disorders, resulting in unsatisfactory sleep quality.

A problem with individual needs that affects daytime social functioning. Difficulty falling asleep is a manifestation of sleep initiation disorder.

If the sleep is light and there are many dreams, this is due to poor sleep quality and the performance of insomnia will easily lead to inattention and Forgetfulness and other problems, which will seriously affect the study and work during the day.


What harm will happen to the body of people who often have trouble sleeping?

Accelerate the aging of the body

Long-term lack of sleep will easily lead to brain nerve dysfunction, and at the same time, various organs of the body will suffer from excessive functional decline and consumption due to the lack of proper rest.

Under the influence of this kind of problem, there will be a premature aging problem on the appearance of the body, skin and face, and it will be easy to Accelerate the aging phenomenon of the body.

Damage to the liver

When you lie down and rest, the blood flow into the liver will increase relatively, which will help the self-repair of liver cells and help improve the detoxification and detoxification function of the liver.

If you often do not sleep well, the liver will not get enough rest time for a long time, and the blood flow to the liver will be relatively insufficient, which will damage the liver and make it easy to Induces liver disease.

Cause body obesity

< span>Long-term lack of sleep will easily stimulate the body to secrete a large amount of ghrelin, increasing people’s hunger, which will also make people take in more calories unconsciously, resulting in body fat.

Destroy brain cognitive function

Patients with insomnia often have memory loss and forgetful things.


Why do you wake up early at 3 or 4 in the morning? Doctor: These 2 parts of the body may be “blocked”

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the body’s viscera and 12 hours are Correspondingly, in the corresponding period of time, the qi and blood of the viscera are the most vigorous and functional state.

If the viscera in the body are abnormal, it will easily lead to problems such as inexplicable wakefulness and difficulty in falling asleep.

【The first place: the liver meridian is blocked】

The liver is a very large detoxification, metabolism and synthesis organ in our body, and the function of the liver is also particularly powerful.

In fact, when people are sleeping, the liver also needs to maintain a certain working state. This is to remove harmful substances in the body in a timely manner for disassembly and cleaning.

When the liver fire is in a relatively strong state, it will cause everyone to wake up at 1:00~3:00 in the morning, because this time period It is a period of time when qi and blood flow through the liver meridian.

Exuberant liver fire will easily disturb the state of Qi and blood in the body, and people will be accompanied by dizziness, dry eyes, chest tightness, and irritability when they wake up and other issues.

【Second place: The lung meridian is “blocked” ]

Exuberant lung fire will also make it easy for people to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night and find it difficult to fall asleep. Then it will enter the “home field” of the lungs. Generally, 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning is a time period for the lungs to rest.

Lung fire is exuberant, and it will also be manifested in hair and skin. First of all, the skin must be dull, and the pores look too The rough state gives people the feeling that the mental state is not very good.

The hair is delicate yellow, as if there is malnutrition, this is because the lungs are respiratory organs, so the lung fire is still strong It will be easily reflected in breathing.

The nose is often prone to uncomfortable problems. Obviously there was no rhinitis problem before, but now there are symptoms of rhinitis.


How to treat the liver meridian blockage?

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, if the liver governs emotions, if the liver meridian is blocked, it will always be manifested in the emotional aspect , There will be problems with bad mood, such as irritability, irritability, depression and so on.

When conditioning, you can first adjust your mentality. You can dredge the liver meridian by listening to music or doing exercises, which can be very OKRegulating mentality can also help dredge the liver meridian.

Massage or scraping can also be used to dredge the liver. The acupoints often selected are Tanzhong, Taichong, and liver acupoints, etc. .

When necessary, you can take some Chinese patent medicines that soothe the liver and relieve depression, such as Xiaoyao Pills, Bupleurum Shugan Powder, etc. After that, guide to take the medicine.


How to treat lung meridian blockage?

If the lung meridian is blocked, you can use massage or Paida to adjust accordingly.

The lung meridian starts from the mid-abdomen, that is, under the xiphoid process, passes through the diaphragm upward to the chest cavity, and then goes to the axilla Down to the forearm, this is a walking line.

Whether it is massage or Paida, everyone needs to find this meridian for Paida or massage. The slapping method is mainly to start from the shoulders and underarms and follow the lungs, and slap along the meridian route to the Shaoshang point of the thumb.

In addition, you should also know how to eat lightly in terms of diet. You can often eat some foods that nourish the lungs and relieve internal heat, such as pears, white fungus, Fungus, bitter gourd, strawberry, etc.


When should I seek medical attention for insomnia?

When your insomnia problem affects your life, and after self-regulation, there is still no way to alleviate it, you must Seek medical examination as soon as possible;

When insomnia is accompanied by symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and fatigue, seek medical examination immediately.


How to improve sleep disorders? Stick to 3 things, sleep problems may be improved

Drink some hot water before going to bed, soak your feet, Take a bath

If you want to improve sleep disorders and get a good night’s sleep, you can drink some hot water before going to bed , It can also be adjusted by taking a bath or soaking your feet.

As the body temperature rises, it helps to dilate blood vessels, which can better dissipate heat and cool down, and can also help relax muscles, so that people can sleep better.

Avoid playing with mobile phones

< span>Many people have the habit of playing with their mobile phones before going to bed, but if you want to improve sleep disorders, you should stop playing with your mobile phone before going to bed.

This is because the blue light emitted by mobile phones can easily affect people sleep state.

Build a “bedtime ritual” for the brain

Cultivate good sleep habits, you can Create a “bedtime ritual” for our brain.

Such as listening to soothing music, reading, stretching, etc. before going to bed, for a long time It will be easy to form a conditioned reflex, allowing our brain to enter a natural relaxation state of sleep in advance.

Conclusion: In general Speaking, sleep is very important for everyone. If you have insomnia, you should improve it as soon as possible, so as to better help us regulate our bodies and take care of our health.