Do your children have these “moles” on their bodies, or symbols of “good luck”?

We often hear old people say: moles represent good luck. same meaning.

For most people, some moles are born on the face and body, and moles are also good There are bad things, if the mole grows in these places, it is very likely to be rich and honored, and you will live comfortably in this life, with a bright future.

Why do people get moles?

【Innate genetic factors】

The moles on most people’s bodies are related to heredity. If both parents have more pigmented moles, the chances of their children having moles are very high .

Due to the development of the ectoderm during embryonic development (the ectoderm mainly develops into the epidermis and nerves system) or developmental abnormalities that lead to moles on a person after birth.

【 Light]

Ultraviolet radiation is the main factor that causes melanin deposition and skin darkening, and it is also An important factor in the formation of moles. The formation of most moles is a reaction to sun exposure. Moles are like a sun umbrella, which can protect the melanocytes in the skin from damage, and may migrate to the epidermis, causing facial appearance Moles, and the number of moles may increase.

【Endocrine disorders】

Due to irregular work and rest, often staying up late, or due to menstruation, pregnancy, etc., it is easy to cause endocrine disorders after the rise of estrogen levels, and endocrine disorders It is easy to indirectly affect the metabolism of melanin in the body, and even cause a large amount of melanin to accumulate in skin cells, making it easier to grow moles.

Kids There are these moles on the body, which is a symbol of “good luck”. See how many of your children have

——there are eyebrows Moles

People with moles on their eyebrows are destined to enjoy a good life, and prosperity and wealth are indispensable! Because from the perspective of physiognomy, moles on a person’s body should be hidden rather than exposed, and moles in the eyebrows are also called “beads hidden in the eyebrows” and “either rich or expensive”.

It is known as “Left wealth and right longevity”, the moles growing in this place are real lucky moles, If there is a man, the business will prosper and the career will be successful. If there is a woman, it will be prosperous and attract money.

——palm mole

The mole in the palm, the treasure in the heart, can get both wealth and prosperity, and the career is prosperous. I have received help from many people, and there are noble people to help me when I am in trouble.

A person with a mole on the palm of his hand has a strong ability to control, and must obey himself in everything, and is too independent , it is more practical in the early stage of starting a business, and it belongs to the mole of early wealth.

——Mole on the sole of the foot

There is a mole on the sole of the foot. Authoritative, relaxed and relaxed in doing things, extraordinary achievements, highly respected, and the mole grows near the toes, the Lord is lonely in the early years, but enjoys the glory in the middle and old age.

Its owner was born rich and noble, with rich ancestral property, blessed by his parents, sufficient food and clothing, and can rely on his own intelligence, hard work Work hard, earn a lot of money, a house full of gold and jade, moles on the soles of the feet hide wealth, women are very good at making money, and especially good at managing property.


Such a mole is very auspicious, such a person can be said to turn bad luck into good luck, Xiang, such a person is born with good living conditions, and naturally has no worries about food and clothing in life.

The central mole on the top of the head, the person with this mole has an incomparable beauty since birth If you encounter difficulties, you will have noble people to help you through the difficulties in time, or you will have no worries about food and clothing after you are born.

——There is a mole on the earlobe< /p>

People with moles on their earlobes generally achieve a lot of outstanding achievements in middle age. They are very capable people. With the increase of their age, their blessings are getting more and more. In their later years, they are healthy and their children are filial and sensible. People with this kind of mole have always performed well in the workplace. It must be an achievement.


In physiognomy, if a person has auspicious moles on the waist, it is often There will be a saying of “wealthy money”. In most cases, such people are born with the ability to do things and have their own opinions.