Ears frequently itchy, but nothing comes out? Reminder: Or “hint” these 4 questions

Introduction: In our daily life, some people always feel that their ears are very itchy when they are concentrating on doing a certain thing. It feels very itchy when touched.

If you use your hands to pick out your ears, but nothing comes out in the end, and at this time your ears The itching of the skin has not been well resolved.

Need a reminder here Everyone, try not to pick your ears in daily life, avoiding damage to the ear canal will easily lead to more serious problems, so you must correct this habit of picking your ears every now and then.

Then there is nothing in the ear, why is there always itching? In fact, this may be a reminder from our body, let’s find out together today.

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What does earwax do?

When it comes to earwax, perhaps we all know that it is produced by the body A metabolite that has no effect on the body and needs to be cleaned up in time.

But in fact, the existence of childhood also plays a very important role in protecting ears. Its role is as follows :

antibacterial, antiviral

Certain components in earwax, such as lysozyme and bacterial immunoglobulin, can inhibit and eliminate bacteria and viruses to a certain extent. It can achieve antibacterial and antiviral effects.

protection Eardrum

There is earwax in the ear, which can avoid sandstone, water stimulation or It destroys our eardrums.

This situation is equivalent to an extra layer of protection for the ears, which can also effectively resist the humid environment, This creates a protective layer of oil in the skin of the ear canal.

Reduce Noise

< p data-track="15">Our eardrums are particularly fragile and are easily damaged by Johnson & Johnson. At this time, earwax can buffer sound waves and help reduce noise.


Why do you feel good when you pick your ears?

In fact, the action of picking the ears has a very important effect, that is, it can damage the ear canal Get a proper massage, which is why we feel so good when we clean our ears.

In addition, there are abundant nerve endings in people’s ears, outside and in the ear canal, and this Secondary nerve endings are particularly sensitive.

When people massage their ears or straighten their ears, these sensory nerves will transmit physiological sensory stimuli Give the brain, it will easily arouse these pleasures.


Your ears frequently itch, but nothing comes out? Reminder: Or “hint” these 4 questions

Bacterial infection

Bacterial infection

Relevant data studies have found that bacterial infection is a kind of ear itching caused by otitis reason.

When bacteria enter people’s ears, it will easily cause inflammation problems, which will easily cause ear The phenomenon of itching, if the symptoms are severe, can easily cause ear pain.

Partial eczema

< p data-track="27">If the ears are always itchy, it is likely to be a problem caused by local eczema.

Many people think that the skin near the pinna or around the ear always feels itchy, and this part There are even some red rashes.

This phenomenon may indicate that eczema belongs to the process of speaking. Actively carry out corresponding measures and treat them early to avoid greater harm to the ears.

Mites Reason

The appearance of mites can also easily cause itching in the ears, our sheets and pillowcases There are always some mites that are invisible to the naked eye growing on the ground.

And these mites will also enter our ears unknowingly, and crawl in the ears, If the eardrum is irritated, it will be prone to constant itching.

Mold infection

< p data-track="34">The problem of mold infection in the external auditory canal is also closely related to my long-term living in a humid environment.

And this phenomenon will always appear in the place where the external auditory canal is close to the eardrum, such as ear canal eczema It is closer to the inner side of the external auditory canal, and this phenomenon will easily cause severe itching in the ears. After inspection, it can be seen that mold plaques have appeared in it.

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Can I pick my ears with my hands?

If the ear is always itchy, many people will first think of picking it out with their hands or a curved earpick. In fact, although this method can only temporarily relieve the ear itching problem, it does not It is recommended that you always do this.

Our hands are the part of the organization that touches the most external affairs, and there will be a lot of skin attached to the surface bacteria or other substances.

If you don’t wash your hands Directly picking out the ears with hands can add to a certain extent the problem of ear canal inflammation, and it will easily damage our ear canal and physical health.

If your nails are relatively long, it is easy to cause the abnormal problem of tympanic membrane perforation, which will directly Damage your own hearing and sensory signals.

If you don’t pay attention to your own strength in the process of peach earwax, then the excess toxin garbage and earwax It will also be easy to push in, which will easily lead to tinnitus.

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How to clean earwax correctly to protect ear health?

External auditory canal irrigation

You can use sodium bicarbonate solution to drop the ear, and after 3~4 days, the earwax can be expanded, and then use a reasonable method Rinse the external ear canal.

Brine cleaning method

In your daily life, you can also use the second phase to clean the earwax in your ears and inject a certain amount of normal saline to achieve anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects .

By dripping 4~5 times a minute, it can effectively remove the residual in the ear canal Earwax and bacteria problems.

Using ear drops

Doctors generally recommend that you choose some ear drops with better safety, such as Baby oil, mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Put the second season into the ear, keep 1~2 drops for 1~2 minutes, 1~2 minutes a day Ear drops before going to bed twice is the best, and earwax will usually be discharged within two weeks.

Here I need to remind everyone that the above three ways of cleaning earwax should be carried out reasonably under the guidance of a doctor , Do not do it indiscriminately.


Reading extension——What’s the matter with the oily ears?

Some people’s ear oil secretion is relatively strong, so it secretes Earwax is oily and sticky, and sometimes it gathers into groups, and sometimes it even flows out of the ear.

So, some people who secrete “oily earwax” always feel oily in their ears, which is different from personal Physical fitness is closely related.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, ears are always itchy, which is also a very common phenomenon in life , If this kind of problem occurs frequently, it should be solved as soon as possible, and if there is an abnormality, it should be checked by a doctor as soon as possible, so as to prevent small problems from developing into big problems.