Why do some people have “age spots” all over their faces, while others are clean? The doctor tells the truth

The body will gradually age in the process of aging, accompanied by some obvious signs of aging, many people have age spots on their faces, although it will affect your appearance, but This is also the trace left by the years.

Many people don’t want to have spots on their face, just like coffee spilled on their face, they will look in the mirror twice a day. There are always some people who refuse to accept the old age, why age spots will appear on the face when they are old.

My girlfriends or friends who are the same age as me, their faces are clean and flawless, but my face is covered with spots. why?


What are age spots?

The so-called age spot refers to a common disease caused by the epidermis of human skin with age , usually clinically manifested as patchy skin abnormalities visible to the naked eye, and age spots are affected by individual differences at the same time.

Usually, the age spots on each elderly person are different, even the same Individuals develop age spots differently on different parts of the body. Age spots generally show individual differences in shape, color and even the depth of skin texture.

Clinical The disease of age spots is classified as a skin disease, that is to say, if you want to go to the hospital to consult related age spots, you can choose to go to the dermatology department for diagnosis and treatment. Age spots are also called senile warts, which are considered to be a kind of benign tumor.


Why do some people have “age spots” on their faces, while others are clean? The doctor gave the real answer

Research has found that the causes of age spots cannot be classified uniformly, but The causes of formation can be simply differentiated. From the medical field, age spots are usually divided into 5 categories, and their formation is usually affected by five major factors, including genetic problems, hormone problems, living habits, immune level and age.

It is not difficult to find in real life Many skin diseases are caused by genetics. Age spots are also a kind of skin diseases. Natural genetic factors are also common factors for the formation of age spots. Age spots are also prone to appear at a certain age.

The hormone level in the body is also one of the reasons that affect the formation of age spots. Simply put, it is when a person is young , If there are spots on the body or face, age spots are easy to form when you reach a certain level. Coupled with poor sleep habits, the body cannot get enough rest, and the body functions are affected accordingly, and it is easy to appear. People with weakened immunity are also at risk.

Since it is called age spots, as the name suggests, the incidence rate of the elderly is very high, and the increase in age is also common one of the reasons.

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Can erythromycin ointment remove age spots?

Erythromycin ointment does have certain effects in solving skin problems, one of which is to lighten spots, but It must be understood that erythromycin ointment can only play an auxiliary role in lightening spots. Although age spots are also pigmented spots, the specific situation needs to be analyzed in detail.

There are many factors that cause age spots, some are physiological, some are pathological, which means that erythromycin ointment cannot be used casually to remove age spots, and it needs to be combined with the actual situation Make reasonable judgments and adopt reasonable solutions based on the doctor’s diagnosis.

There is no definite scientific evidence for erythromycin ointment to remove age spots, so the issue of erythromycin ointment to remove age spots needs to be treated rigorously. It is not recommended to use it blindly, because age spots are too If it affects a person’s appearance, you should consult a doctor if you want to remove it, such as laser or other means, and it should be done under professional guidance.