Diabetes “don’t eat list” is here, pork liver ranks third, most people like to eat the first two

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease, which is not unfamiliar to many people, and it can be regarded as a “sweet killer”. Diabetes has become the third major disease threatening human health, and it is actually not as far away as we imagined.

More patients were diagnosed with diabetes during physical examination, but had no choice but to take some drugs for a long time to control The development of the disease, which is a long-term chronic process, can lead to various complications.

However, due to the occurrence of complications, it is often silent in the early stage, and many people do not pay enough attention to diabetes and are unaware The harm that diabetes brings to oneself, so we should have a comprehensive understanding.

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What are the criteria for clinical diagnosis of diabetes?

Medical staff will judge where the diabetes is based on the patient’s blood sugar fluctuation range and disease characteristics stage? However, the evaluation basis mainly comes from the blood sugar concentration in the body.

Adult blood glucose monitoring is mainly based on: fasting blood glucose, postprandial blood glucose, and postprandial glucose tolerance. According to the recent period of time, the patient’s diet, urine properties, drinking water and urination ratio refer to whether diabetes exists.

Also exclude a variety of Influenced by factors, medical accidents caused by inaccurate data measurement, especially during the first measurement process, the test data does not represent the real data. If you want to further confirm whether there is diabetes, you need to go to the hospital for regular testing and measurement according to the patient’s own blood sugar fluctuation range. This allows the attending physician to make a detailed judgment.


Diabetes “don’t eat list” is here, pork liver ranks third, most people like to eat the first two kinds

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< span>The pickled food tastes delicious and can increase appetite. Many people like it, but there are some preservatives, preservatives, sodium ions, artificial colors, etc. in these foods, which affect the detoxification of the liver and kidneys, and the acid in the body Alkaline balance and hormone metabolism are disturbed, disrupting the blood sugar regulation mechanism, so diabetic patients should try not to touch it.

4. Sugar

Excessive intake of sugar in the body leads to elevated blood sugar, affects blood sugar control, and also It will lead to abnormal insulin secretion and increase the metabolic burden of the body, so diabetic patients should try not to touch white sugar and foods with relatively high sugar content, especially cakes and honey that affect blood sugar.

3. Pork liver

Many people like to eat pork liver, because it is rich in vitamins, which is helpful for the synthesis of human neurotransmitters and neurons, improving memory and thinking ability, women Eating pork liver often can prevent anemia. Diabetics often eat pork liver, but it is easy to cause low density in the body, excessive lipoprotein and fat content, and lead to abnormal blood sugar over time.

2. Spicy food

Diabetes patients are prone to dry mouth, so they should drink plenty of water and avoid spicy food. Although it has an appetizing effect, it will aggravate the symptoms of the mouth, so avoid intake that affects blood sugar in the body.

1. Instant noodles

Many people are lazy and prefer to eat instant noodles, but The nutrition of instant noodles is relatively simple, and at the same time, it will increase the value of body fat, calories, cholesterol, and triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins, and it is easier to cause a large amount of trans fatty acids in the body, so don’t treat instant noodles as a staple food, so as not to affect blood sugar.


Knowledge extension-diabetics can try corn silk tea

Many people like to eat corn, which is a kind of coarse grain that can meet the nutritional needs of the body, but corn Do not throw away corn silk. Studies have found that corn silk is rich in saponins, bitter glycosides, flavonoids, organic acids and other substances, which can diuresis, reduce swelling, clear liver and gallbladder.

At the same time, it can also lower blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, etc., and from the perspective of Chinese medicine, Corn silk is mild in nature and taste, and most diabetics are suitable for drinking. You only need to dry the clean corn silk and make tea, which is simple and convenient.