What is the most painful disease in the world? Pain ranks among the top 4 diseases, and those who have experienced it are considered tough

I always experience illness or surgery in my life. Different diseases bring different pain to the human body. From a medical point of view, pain There are also many levels.

It is a common chronic disease for ordinary people, but the pain it brings to the human body can also be If it is tolerated, it will not have a great impact on normal life and work, but if you cannot protect yourself from these diseases, the pain will often increase.

For some diseases with relatively high pain levels, they will intensify over time and endanger human life and health, so Let’s start by looking at what doctors refer to as a pain scale.

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Pain classification, let’s learn together

From a medical point of view, pain is considered to be another important vital sign besides body temperature, respiration, blood pressure and pulse, and the four vital signs. The resulting pain and the body’s pain response to noxious stimuli can be divided into 12 levels of pain. Severe pain will lead to shock and eventually death.

Pain Grading;

0 degree is painless

0 degree to 3 degree is mild Pain

4 degrees will usually affect your sleep, and when it reaches 6 degrees, it is already moderate pain .

I can’t sleep at 7 degrees, and it has reached severe pain

10 degrees is severe pain


12 degrees are more similar to unbearable pain in childbirth headache.


What is the most painful disease in the world? The top 4 pain diseases, experienced as a tough guy

Trigeminal neuralgia

Many people lose hope in life because of the torment of diseases. These diseases are developing Pain is the main manifestation, and trigeminal neuropathy is the most stubborn and painful part of the nervous system.

During the course of the disease, Patients will have electric shock-like knife-cutting pain, which is mostly concentrated on the face. The onset has a certain pattern.


Gout is mainly related to the abnormal metabolism of the body and the continuous synthesis of uric acid. Do not pay attention to exercise, diet, drink less water, and drink alcohol. These conditions will aggravate acute gout ‘s arrival

The body constantly produces urate, and the excretion rate is slow, gradually losing balance. These urate , the crystallization will cause damage to the joints, and the joint pain will be unbearable only when local inflammation occurs, especially at night.

Cancer pain

If you want to say that the pain is extreme, it should be In the early stage of cancer, most of the signals are not obvious. With the development of the disease, there are more and more cancer cells, and the speed of development is accelerated. Symptoms such as abdominal pain and chest pain are common.

Most of them cannot be effectively controlled and can only be controlled by taking Pain medicine can be used to relieve pain, so you must seek help from a doctor at critical times to keep your body relaxed.

Herpes zoster

There is a pain called herpes zoster, which The situation is different from ordinary chickenpox. People with weak resistance should pay more attention to prevention, especially the elderly, AIDS patients, chronic illnesses, children, etc.


Infection virus can be latent in human neurons, when resistance These viruses will also invade the skin and nerves of the human body. Even after the illness is cured, there will still be neuropathic pain, which is unbearable for many patients.


Popular science knowledge——Pain in vaginal or cesarean section during childbirth?

Women choose different delivery methods, and the difference in pain is also different. The pain is similar to the pain of caesarean section, which also makes many women give birth, which is called stepping into the gate of hell, but in the long run, the pain of caesarean section lasts longer.

Women who choose vaginal delivery, The pain will be stronger within 10 hours of childbirth, and the doctor and midwife will help him deliver the fetus out of the body. As long as he pays attention to the postpartum time environment, temperature, his own pain and discomfort will disappear.

But after the caesarean section, the anesthetic dissipates, and the pain will be reduced by 50%. The pain suffered by the wound healing has a long-term tendency, and in severe cases, it also affects normal physiological activities.