Why do people with high blood pressure need to eat folic acid? Will there be any side effects if I take it for a long time? The doctor made it clear once

Introduction: Almost everyone understands that women need reasonable supplementation of folic acid during pregnancy and the first three months of pregnancy,< span>The main purpose of this is to help prevent fetal malformation,It can effectively protect the health of the fetus and pregnant women.

But in our daily life,Why would someone say Do hypertensive patients also need to take folic acid? Will there be side effects if taking folic acid for a long time? Today, I will take you to understand it once and for all.


First of all, let’s understand H-type hypertension

In fact, H-type hypertension is a medical concept proposed in 2008. The definition given in “Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine”:H-type hypertension is a kind of essential hypertension accompanied by elevated plasma homocysteine.

Next, I will introduce to you is hyperhomocysteinemia:

Homocysteine ​​is a It is mainly involved in the metabolism of methionine and cysteine ​​in the body.

Homocysteine ​​is in people’s body, The normal level should be 5~15umol/L, once the homocysteine ​​level exceeds 10umol/L, it will easily damage the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and in this The state is called hyperhomocysteinemia.

When the body is in a state of high homocysteine ​​and coexists with high blood pressure, The adverse effects of these two factors on the body will present a superimposed and magnified effect.

< span>And related studies have shown that when high blood pressure is accompanied by hyperhomocysteinemia, the risk of cerebral stroke will increase by about 11.8 times.

So hypertensive patients need to regularly monitor the level of homocysteine ​​in plasma, and also Intervene in medication as early as possible to avoid the risk of potential cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, reduce the incidence of stroke, and improve the quality of life of patients.

It is due to the adverse effects of hyperhomocysteinemia, It is necessary to actively intervene in the use of drugs to control the level of homocysteine ​​and reduce the main means of this index, that is, to supplement folic acid reasonably.


Why should high blood pressure take folic acid?

HomocysteineFolic acid is involved in the metabolic process of amino acid. We all know that the metabolism of the body today is a huge and complex whole, which can also be said to be interlocking, a kind of The abnormality of matter will generally produce many chain reactions.

One form of folic acid found in human corpses isMethyltetrahydrofolate, this is a very important intermediate product in the metabolic process of homocysteine.

Without the participation of this intermediate product, homocysteine ​​will be docked in the body, This creates the problem of homocysteinemia.

Excessive homocysteine ​​will not only easily damage blood vessels, but also easily cause Methionine metabolism is abnormal, which brings a series of problems.

< span>And there are related surveys and studies that show that among hypertensive patients in my country,about 1/4 of H-type hypertensive patients.

Another reason is that folic acid deficiency is widespread in our country QuestionBecause of the characteristics of our country’s diet structure and the changing bad eating habits in recent years due to the rise of takeaways, our countrymen generally have Insufficient intake of folic acid.

If a certain amount of folic acid can be supplemented at this time, according to the corresponding principle of biochemical reactions, after More homocysteine ​​will have the opportunity to be metabolized into other substances useful to the body, thereby reducing its corresponding adverse effects on blood vessels.


Can folic acid be taken for a long time?

Whether a class of drugs can be taken for a long time depends on the characteristics of the drug itself and According to the patient’s own situation, when a drug is metabolized slowly in some people’s body,it is easy to cause accumulation, etc., it is generally not recommended to take this kind of drug for a long time.

Although some patients must take drugs for life< span>, such as insulin resistance diabetes and most hypertensive patients need to take corresponding drugs for a long time.

Whether folic acid is suitable for taking or not, doctors generally recommend taking it after a period of time Review and observe the changes in various indicators in the patient’s body.If there are adverse symptoms or some other problems, it is necessary to stop using it reasonably.


Will there be side effects if taking folic acid for a long time? The doctor made it clear at one time

Folic acid is a vitamin-like nutrientIt is a water-soluble vitamin, so folic acid basically has no side effects on the body.

Even in a certain unit of time, eating too much folic acid will not cause damage to the body, can be excreted out of the body with excrement.

Overdose of folic acid is common in clinical work in more developed areas It can be seen that based on epidemiology and population association studies in recent years, it has been shown that, excessive supplementation of folic acid will easily bring about the possibility of certain diseases.

For example, a study was conducted on 368 pregnant women in Canada< span>A study on the detection of umbilical cord blood red blood cell folic acid concentration in the first trimester, second trimester and delivery period.

The final study found that high folic acid status will affect the expression of fetal genotype, thus affecting the body Bring long-term harm, such asHypertension, cardiovascular disease, abnormal glucose metabolism, dyslipidemia, central obesity and a series of diseases.


What is the normal requirement of folic acid?

According to the report of Eco-environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, for normal people, folic acid The demand standard is as follows:

  • 200-400 ug/d for infants and young children;< /span>
  • 400 ug/d for pregnant women;
  • Adult male is 240 ug/d;
  • Adult female is 190 ug/d.


How to supplement folic acid correctly?

Improve your lifestyle

In daily life, we should pay attention to the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, so that we can effectively eat in< strong>Folic acid supplementation in fresh fruits and vegetables.

When eating vegetables, you can choose to stir-fry quickly on high heat or boil in hot water, so that the folic acid content in it can be retained as much as possible.

Oral folic acid

< p data-track="47">For hypertensive patients, many experts recommend testing blood homocysteine ​​levels, for those measurements≥10 mol/L, it is recommended that such patients first control their blood pressure through diet control. For patients whose blood pressure still cannot reach the standard after life adjustments, additional folic acid supplementation is required.

It is recommended that you use a small dose of folic acid, take two tablets a day, and the dosage of each tablet is 0.4 mg, which is That is to say, 0.8 mg of folic acid can be supplemented every day.


How to deal with H-type hypertension?

From a medical point of view From the point of view, high homocysteine ​​and high blood pressure, is called H-type hypertension, not only need Lowering blood pressure levels also requires lowering homocysteine ​​levels.

So such patients need reasonable , and at the same time, adjust your personal eating habits, not only to take antihypertensive drugs, but also to supplement folic acid appropriately every day, at least for a period of time, daily salt intake The amount should not exceed 3~5 grams.

In your daily diet, try to Add some foods containing folic acid, such as black beans, mixed beans, red beans, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, etc.

It can well supplement the body with folic acid,It can also effectively supplement B vitamins and other nutrients.

Conclusion: Everyone has already understood why certain hypertensive patients need to supplement folic acid. The purpose of taking folic acid is to reduce the homocysteine ​​content in the body and avoid cardiovascular damage.