The only one in Weifang! This study is listed as “the most beautiful” in the province

Recently, Nanhu Academy, located in Wangfu Street, Qingzhou City, stood out in the 2022 Shandong Province “Most Beautiful City Study Room” selection activity held by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and was successfully awarded the honorary title of “Most Beautiful City Study Room”. This is Weifang It is the only city study room awarded this year in the city.

Nanhu College. Source: Weifang Cultural Tourism Release

In recent years, in order to build an urban-rural integrated public cultural service system, Qingzhou City has comprehensively strengthened the construction of the library’s main branch library system, taking the opportunity of accelerating the construction of urban and rural study rooms, and promoting the development of the whole people Reading is the starting point, and the measures of cultural benefits, culture for the people, and cultural convenience for the people are continuously implemented, and the construction of urban and rural study rooms has achieved remarkable results.