Why do many plastic surgery faces look “ugly”? Is the beauty of science and technology really difficult to be accepted by everyone?

Before plastic surgery was popular, people had a soft spot for double eyelids, pointed chin, high nose, plump apple muscles and forehead. The reason for this is that the beauty of plastic surgery is rare and unique, so it is highly sought after by people. But with plastic surgery, the wind blows deeper and deeper, and ordinary people begin to see the beauty benefits of plastic surgery, and one after another, they begin to undergo surgical transformation on their faces.

The popular wind blows European and American styles, Korean style and Japanese style, and people’s aesthetics are becoming more and more homogeneous, and they begin to be in a certain Phases develop in one direction. In the end, everyone did not discover their own oriental beauty.

I have to say that the appearance of people is basically the same now, just Like an assembly line product processed in a factory, I have to say that the current technology painting is actually reflected on the face. The really good-looking ones will have their own recognition and characteristics, making people look more comfortable, rather than particularly prominent.

Imagine that the perfect facial features need to be matched with the perfect face shape, but it is precisely because it is not so perfect that the public , everyone has their own characteristics, if everyone pursues the popularity of aesthetics, what’s the use of looking like a ghost?

Plastic surgery is not terrible, what is terrible is that everyone is passionate about aesthetics Lose yourself here. Narrow down all aesthetics into one scope. If you have a square face, and melon-seed face happens to be popular, you endured the pain and underwent bone grinding surgery. But within a few years, the high-end square face became popular again. Is it possible to install prostheses to act as bones?

The reason why everyone hates this kind of face is that in the pursuit of extreme aesthetics, more and more people are taking risks and sacrificing lose health. Even pursuing the beauty that is not suitable for their own characteristics.

What’s more, they hold photos of celebrities , thinking of going to a beauty salon to copy one and become the second Fan Bingbing and Angelababy. Do you think it is possible? Even with the same pair of eyes and one mouth, it would be very strange to install it on someone else. Every day there are countless people who want to become Fan Bingbing, but they cannot be Fan Bingbing after all, because their temperament and overall state are placed there, which is uncoordinated.

A woman broke the news on the Internet, claiming that she spent hundreds of thousands, emptied her savings, and borrowed all the credit cards. I want to be Zhao Liying. It was transformed into a round face, the roots were padded, the nose was narrowed, and the forehead and temples were properly filled. It can be said that every detail was adjusted according to Zhao Liying.

During the entire plastic surgery period, he met four or five fanatical fans like him. They did basically the same projects, and occasionally even studied differently makeup style. So many people want to become Zhao Liying, but they are still not Zhao Liying. Then you can only live in imitation.

A girl named Zhou Chuna on the Internet, from He started to get into plastic surgery at the age of 13, and now he is 18 years old. It is reported that he spent more than 4 million yuan on his face in 5 years, which is equivalent to the money of a sports car. All the moving parts of my body were moved, breast augmentation was done, and the heel bone was injected.

The face is covered with hyaluronic acid, the eyes are as big as ping pong balls, and the lips are pouty. A nose has been repaired seven or eight times, and the face is full of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It is said that due to long-term plastic surgery, his memory has declined. When he sleeps, it is difficult to close his eyes, and he needs to be repaired continuously in the later stage.

A doctor said that no one dared to do Zhou Chuna’s restoration plan Then, because his face is riddled with holes and is as fragile as a sponge.

How many girls are obsessed with online red faces and facelifts because of wrong aesthetics, and want to gain some opportunities by becoming beautiful. However, who knows the risks behind plastic surgery? After spending so much money and paying so much heartache, are you really willing to turn into a face that is neither human nor ghost in the end? It’s better to accept who you really are.