The romance of winter is not only the first snow, but also the red lucky fruit eaten on Christmas Eve

Winter romance is not only the first snow, but also the red lucky fruit eaten on Christmas Eve

The most romantic thing in winter is to watch the first snow with the one you love, but sometimes the arrival of the first snow does not Signs, if you want to prepare for a sense of ritual, you will always be caught off guard. However, Christmas Eve, the warmest festival in winter, will not be like this. It is once a year, and every year is that day. If you can receive a very special gift on this day, it is also a kind of romance. Everyone always eats apples on this day, so you can’t go wrong with giving apples. Among all the apples, perhaps the red lucky fruit is the most special kind.

im=”60>0 p>The appearance is already very good-looking, and the taste is very rich. It tastes sweet and sour, with a crisp taste and a lot of juice, but compared with ordinary apples, the taste is more complex. But the most special thing is its own meaning, that is, “sincere and true feelings”, that is to say, the red lucky fruit symbolizes true love. Such a romantic meaning cannot be seen in other apples. Perhaps this is because the attractive red color of the red lucky fruit is very similar to love, or it may be because when you cut the red lucky fruit lengthwise, you will see a red heart shape. In short, there is no variety that can represent romance. Red lucky fruit.

Eating apples on Christmas Eve is mainly to wish for peace, reunion, health and success in the coming year. If there is a kind of apple with richer meaning, it will definitely be more popular on this day. This is the case with the red lucky fruit. On the basis of these traditional good meanings, it adds a romantic atmosphere. If Christmas Eve comes earlier than the first snow, giving your sweetheart a red lucky fruit will pave the way for romance. If the first snow arrives earlier than Christmas Eve, sending red lucky fruit on Christmas Eve will strengthen the relationship between the two parties. After all, this is an apple that symbolizes sincerity, and the other party can understand what it is to give it on Christmas Eve.

During Christmas Eve this year, the red lucky fruit will be released in a gift box. There are four fruits in a box, which just symbolize the four seasons of the year. Giving the red lucky fruit to the other party is also the gift that you will always be by your side in the coming year Rest assured, two people who love each other will always be together, and we must believe that love is stronger than gold. Now that we have spent winter together, we will welcome spring together. This Christmas Eve, let’s feel the romantic atmosphere together.