The female star after the bone cutting, although the face is perfect, but the sequelae are obvious

I have to say that the stars in the entertainment circle are all handsome men and beautiful women, and they are also the existences that lead the domestic aesthetics. Everyone has flaws, but stars seem to be perfect and naturally beautiful. But it is precisely because of this kind of personality that celebrities have high requirements for appearance, for fear that there will be problems on the face and be infinitely magnified by the lens.

The plastic surgery institution is a place they often go to, but the relevant revelations are Very few, I have to say the power of public relations. They will know how to cover up and erase the traces of plastic surgery, and then they will go on camera and participate in the show after repairing it. Once they come and go, the audience will really believe that the star is indeed the chosen one.

However, some people have poor acting skills. Although they don’t admit that they had plastic surgery, the changes before and after are so obvious that it is difficult to turn a blind eye. Especially those stars who have undergone bone reduction surgery, their faces have changed from square to pointed, and they actually said that they had 4 teeth extracted. However, experts say that tooth extraction is impossible to change the shape of the face, please be more serious next time you lie.

1. Shang Wenjie

Shang Wenjie made her debut as a super girl and is also a talented musician. She won the championship with her strength and entered the entertainment industry. He is More representative singers. But the audience was surprised to find that every time Shang Wenjie appeared on the screen, her face would change drastically. It is reported that because of the bone cutting surgery, the neutral atmosphere of the year was covered up, replaced by a feminine and sexy beauty, and she is even more charming after the plastic surgery.

However, the sequelae of bone cutting surgery are more obvious. Shang Wenjie’s face was almost in a state of collapse. The skin sags severely, and the chin is particularly sharp, but there is a lot of flesh stored under the mandible. This is the performance of the bone not hanging on the skin, which usually occurs in bone reduction surgery, and the older the age, the more obvious it is.

Second, Yang Mi

As we all know, Yang Mi is a child star who has been in the showbiz since he was very young. And its changes are also very representative. When he first debuted, his columella was very long, his mandible was extremely wide, and he had a completely square face. Some people even said that he was a tender cow. It is reported that he later underwent bone reduction surgery to change from a square face to an oval face. He also modified the columella and shortened it appropriately to highlight the three-dimensionality of the facial features. However, Yang Mi claimed that the thin face was due to pulling out 4 teeth. Of course, everyone knows the truth.

After the successful bone cutting operation, Yang Mi relied on his own strength And appearance, in entertainmentAchieved a top position in the circle. At the peak of his popularity, he opened his own media company and cultivated a large number of stars. However, the whole person looks weird with age, especially the skin is too loose and looks very old. A lot of skin and flesh are accumulated in the lower jaw. If you look closely, you can find multiple layers of the jaw.

Third, Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi is also a popular female star in recent years, and is even called by the Japanese a beauty that is rare in 4,000 years. However, his personality is relatively perfect, even if he is on a variety show, he will get up early and put on makeup without makeup, creating a 360-degree beauty with no dead ends. However, it is not purely natural, and it has undergone a lot of adjustments in the later stage to have the current appearance. When she first debuted, Ju Jingyi had a generous face, and her facial features were severely sunken, not as delicate as they are now. Later, after a series of adjustments, the three-dimensionality of the eyes and nose was highlighted, and the square face was shaved into a pointed chin.

But there are big problems with this one-size-fits-all operation. As Ju Jingyi continues to become popular, he has also undergone many surgeries, and the scars of the knife are obvious. Every time I see his pictures, they have been refined. In fact, there are many flaws, especially when the lens is magnified.

Fourth, Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing starred in the young Bao Qingtian in 2001 and officially entered the entertainment industry. When he was young, he had a cute face, so he didn’t have a wide range of roles. Finally, after cutting the bones, the round face was changed into a pointed chin, and the quality elongated the flow of the jaw, so that it has such a three-dimensional state. After Li Bingbing’s bone cutting, his career has developed to a certain extent, and he even entered the international market. It looks very beautiful and beautiful. However, the sequelae gradually became prominent, such as severe sagging of the face, especially in the state of no refinement, and the skin condition was extremely poor. Not at all like my peers.