Why do many people resist colonoscopy? Is it embarrassing for a male doctor to perform a colonoscopy on a female patient? Hope everyone knows

Nowadays, with the change of people’s thinking, more and more people begin to pay attention to the health of their bodies, and they will use various methods in their daily life Ways to condition and maintain the body.

When people probably know that they are not feeling well, they will go to the hospital for an examination in time, and the doctor will first understand the patient’s condition Conditions, and then suggest which inspection items they should go for. There are some inspection items in the hospital that make people feel very resistant, such as colonoscopy.

Why do many people resist colonoscopy?

There are actually many reasons why people are very resistant to colonoscopy. First of all, in many people’s cognition, the incidence of colon cancer is not It is not high, so people will unconsciously think that bowel cancer is very far away from them, and there is no need for inspection.

Secondly, colonoscopy is relatively expensive. Some people think it is unnecessary to go to the hospital for physical examination Do such an expensive inspection item.

In addition to the above two In addition to this point, there is also a very critical point that colonoscopy is a very hidden thing.

The parts of the common inspection are very private, and many people also think this is a very embarrassing thing, so I also Very resistant to having a colonoscopy.

Many people may not have a special understanding of the steps of colonoscopy, let’s take a look in detail below .

The process of common examination is as follows

Colonoscopy does not mean going to the hospital for registration. Very tedious preparation steps.

Because the intestine is an organ that stores metabolic waste, and the main method of colonoscopy is to put a The flexible tube of the probe extends into the human intestinal tract through the anus, and observes the health status of the intestinal tract through video and imaging.

If the gut If the metabolic waste in the colon is not cleaned, it will not only affect the effect of the examination, but also make the patient feel very embarrassed, so the doctor will prescribe some drugs to promote defecation before the colonoscopy examination.

In general, these medicines are electrolyte powders, and doctors ask patients to mix them with a lot of water and then drink them regularly. It not only helps to promote bowel movements, but also prevents dehydration caused by water loss.

First of all, the defecation process is very tormented, Not only do you have to drink a lot of water in a short period of time, but you also have to go to the toilet frequently, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.

Secondly, when going to the hospital for an examination, the patient also feels very resistant. We mentioned the inspection site of the intestinal examination earlier, which makes people feel very embarrassed.



Maybe some people will choose to go to sleep for inspection after painless colonoscopy anesthesia, generally not Painful.

But some people may choose ordinary colonoscopy, which will not only make them Continuously feel awkward, and at the same time, there may be pain, flatulence and discomfort during the examination, which is even more resisting.

Although colonoscopy is something that people feel very resistant to, it is also very difficult to check for certain diseases It is necessary, if colonoscopy is not performed, it may also lead to unconsciousness of certain diseases.

Would it be embarrassing for a male doctor to perform a colonoscopy on a female patient? Hope everyone knows

Because in the eyes of many people, colonoscopy itself is a very embarrassing thing, if a female patient undergoes colonoscopy, Then female doctors should be the main examiners, but there are also many male doctors in the gastroenterology department.

So when you go to the hospital for an examination , There are also situations where male doctors examine female patients. Will male doctors feel embarrassed during the examination?

Perhaps when a female patient goes to the hospital for an examination, if a male doctor examines them, they will first feel It is very embarrassing, but most people often choose to bear it silently. After all, the inspection is also for the sake of their own health.

In addition Male doctors generally do not feel embarrassed when examining female patients, because most hospitals are almost overcrowded, and doctors are also very busy, so there is simply not enough time for embarrassment.

Most doctors are professionally qualified, even private organs are nothing more than The pictures they saw in the books or the models they came into contact with in practice, so they didn’t feel particularly strange about this situation.

Can colonoscopy be done for stool bleeding?

Some people find that they have stool bleeding in their daily life, so they consult a doctor, and the doctor advises them to undergo a colonoscopy. Sometimes they will feel very resistant, because in many people’s perception, bleeding in stool means that there is a window in the intestine, so won’t common inspections cause damage to the window?

Generally, stool bleeding itself should undergo colonoscopy, because there are many reasons for stool bleeding Colonoscopy is more able to find the cause of the lesion as soon as possible.

And colonoscopy The inspection probe is very smooth and generally does not cause too much damage to the intestine, and the doctor will be very careful when performing the colonoscopy. If the bleeding is really caused by a wound in the intestine, it will not cause too much damage. big damage.

Therefore, if there is stool bleeding, it is completely possible to perform a colonoscopy. Of course, I hope you can follow According to the doctor’s advice, various examinations and treatments are carried out according to the doctor’s advice.

Although colonoscopy It is a very embarrassing inspection, but I hope you can accept it calmly, after all, your health is the most important thing.