Calamine lotion, which costs 3 yuan a bottle, is even recommended by the World Health Organization. What diseases can it treat?

The skin is the first barrier of our body. In daily life, a little carelessness can easily lead to skin allergies and various skin problems, especially in many children. The phenomenon of eczema or small red bumps.

In daily life, there are many medicines for various skin diseases. I don’t know if you have heard of calamine lotion. A very cost-effective medicine, a bottle only costs a few dollars, and the World Health Organization strongly recommends this medicine, because the effect of calamine is really good, and its safety is also guaranteed.


Calamine Lotion Ingredients

Calamine Wash The main components of the agent are zinc oxide, calamine, and glycerin.

Calamine lotion is a very common skin topical drug, the ingredients are very simple, and it generally does not Side effects occur, belonging to a chemical solution.

It is mainly prepared by grinding calamine into powder, adding zinc oxide powder and glycerin , If papules, erythema, and blisters appear on the skin, you can directly apply calamine lotion, especially for children and infants.


What are the special advantages of calamine?

1. When calamine is applied to the skin, the water in the calamine lotion will evaporate and evaporate The heat required comes from the body, so there is a cooling effect on the area where it is applied, resulting in a soothing and anti-itching effect.

2. Calamine is easy to spread and apply evenly, so it is suitable for large areas.

3. Calamine lotion allows a certain amount of secretions and exudates to pass through.

4. Calamine lotion is safe even when used during pregnancy and lactation, and will not cause any adverse effects as a result of.

5. By adding specific ingredients to calamine lotion, can make the lotion more effective in treating different skin diseases .


Calamine lotion, which costs 3 yuan a bottle, is even recommended by the World Health Organization. What diseases can it treat?


Calamine lotion is a kind of medicine for external use, which can achieve a certain anti-inflammatory effect and help improve skin inflammation and sexual lesions. For insect bite dermatitis, traumatic dermatitis can play adjuvant treatment effect, and can also prevent skin infection.


< p data-track="23">Calamine lotion also has anti-allergic effect and can be used to improve allergic skin diseases caused by it,including Allergic allergic urticaria, allergic dermatitis, etc., help relieve allergic symptoms as soon as possible.

Stop itching

Calamine lotion also has an antipruritic effect, which can improve skin itching caused by various reasons, such as allergic skin diseases, prickly heat, fungal infection Wait.

Chicken pox, hand, foot and mouth

If your child has herpetic pharyngitis or hand, foot and mouth, you can also use calamine lotion to relieve itching.

Slight sunburn

If the skin has mild sunburn, burning or redness can also be relieved by using calamine lotion.

Physical sun protection

< p data-track="31">Calamine lotion can also be used as a sunscreen because calamine lotioncontains zinc oxide , but the sun protection effect is weaker than ordinary sunscreen.


What should I pay attention to when using calamine lotion?

1. Calamine lotion is generally only an auxiliary drug, and it cannot replace other first-line drugs in the treatment of diseases, such as the treatment of eczema Topical corticosteroids for dermatitis.

2. The calamine lotion needs to be shaken fully before use. After entering the wet cotton pad, apply the medicine to let the medicine dry on the skin. Avoid getting these medicines in the eyes, mouth, nose and other parts during use. If these parts come into contact with calamine lotion, be sure to rinse with plenty of water.

3. Although calamine lotion is relatively safe, some people have sensitive skin and may experience allergic reactions. If a severe allergic reaction occurs, such as rash, itching, severe dizziness and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

4. The number of times you use calamine lotion is also very particular. Use 3~4 times a day. When the skin is about to heal, reduce the frequency appropriately, otherwise the skin will feel tight.


Calamine lotion also has some disadvantages

1. Has a drying effect on the skin and some people experience discomfort.

2. Calamine lotion will become sandy in wet parts. Some patients and some body parts are intolerable Lotion.

3. The powder ingredients may agglomerate and become viscous after the water evaporates. So general dermatology Doctors instruct patients to remove residual particles before use.

4, pink calamine lotion may not be suitable for daytime use in appearance, especially on exposed skin .

5. Calamine lotion only produces superficial effects, does not penetrate deep into the skin.