“Setaria” is a treasure. Boiling water for drinking can solve the following problems and increase knowledge

When it comes to foxtail, maybe those friends who have lived in the countryside should know it better. Foxtail is a common weed in the field. Setaria is a toy for many children. They will pick high-risk bins and weave them into various beautiful patterns.

However, foxtail has made many farmers feel very distressed, because the excessive growth of foxtail will affect the harvest of crops .

” Setaria” is a treasure. Boiling water and drinking it can solve the following problems and increase knowledge

  • Clearing heat and reducing fire

In hot summer, the weather conditions are relatively special, some people don’t particularly care about Pay attention to the health of the body, and it is easy to get angry.

For those who are very easy to get angry, you can use an appropriate amount of foxtail to boil water, which will help To clear heat and reduce fire, reduce the burden on the body.

  • < span>clear liver and improve eyesight

Chinese medicine believes that liver improves eyesight, so eyes The condition of the eyes can reflect the problem of the liver, and people will pay more attention to the condition of the eyes in daily life.

If there is a problem with the liver and eyes, it must be adjusted and controlled in time, and you can also consider drinking more Setaria water may be able to reduce liver fire, lower liver and improve eyesight.

  • Replenishing qi and stomach

Whether the stomach is healthy may directly It is related to people’s health. Problems with stomach function will cause harmful substances from the outside to enter the body, which will seriously affect the normal functions of the body in the long run.

For those who have poor stomach function, use wolfberry tea to boil water to drink. It can play the role of invigorating Qi and stomach, and reduce the burden on the stomach.

  • < span>Removing dampness and reducing swelling

Setaria has the effect of removing dampness and reducing swelling , If the moisture in the body is too heavy, it will be accompanied by edema, which will also affect the normal function of the body.

Appropriate use of foxtail to boil water in daily life can help expel moisture from the body. Reducing the burden on the body and recovering are good for good health. I hopeI hope you don’t resist too much.

  • < span>Detoxification and diuresis

Drinking high-temperature grass soaked water properly can promote the body The metabolic waste and garbage toxins in it are smoothly excreted from the body, which can also play a detoxification and diuretic effect to a certain extent.

So those who have metabolic disorders may wish to boil water with foxtail in moderation, which may help relieve the body burden.

In summary, although It is said that drinking water with less taste can bring certain benefits to oneself, but some people have some wrong practices.

What happens if you drink too much boiled foxtail?

For example, some people drink a lot of water every day after hearing the benefits of boiled foxtail. You must know that even the best things have two sides.

So although drinking water boiled with foxtail can bring certain benefits to the body, if you drink too much, it will also It will cause a certain burden on the body.

For example, for febrile diseases It can lead to irritability, thirst, etc., leading to the aggravation of related symptoms. In addition, it can also cause burning and tingling when urinating, frequent urination and urgency.

So I hope that when you use high-temperature grass to inject water in your daily life, you must control the amount you drink. Don’t rush for success, otherwise it will easily cause harm to the body.

Who is not suitable for drinking water boiled with foxtail?

1. People with allergies

Although it is said that boiling water with foxtail grass can bring certain benefits to the body, it is a kind of salt layer after all, so people don’t have a special understanding of the ingredients in it. , If you drink it blindly, you may be exposed to your own allergens, resulting in allergies.

So this kind of people must not drink foxtail soaked in water. Severe allergic reactions can easily lead to continuous increase in physical burden. The consequences are also very dangerous.

< strong>2. People who are easy to get angry

We said earlier that for those For people suffering from febrile diseases, if they often drink foxtail soaked in water, it is likely to cause related symptoms, and the consequences of further development are also very dangerous.

Because the foxtail itself has a certain amount of hot substances, it is easy to get angry if you drink it frequently. Those who are easy to get angry should stay away as much as possible. I hope you take it to heart.

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