Why do I always have diarrhea after drinking alcohol? What problem is it implying? Early knowledge and early benefit

Introduction:Drinking is not only a hobby of our people, it has fans all over the world. It can be said that wine has penetrated into the big family of mankind.

Different people who drink alcohol have different behaviors after drinking. fall.

But even this cannot stop people’s enthusiasm for wine, and some people have diarrhea when they drink. This also makes them feel very strange. It is normal for them to vomit when they are drunk. Why do they have diarrhea after drinking?

Why do I always have diarrhea after drinking alcohol? What problem is it implying? Early knowledge and early benefits

Reason one: gastrointestinal diseases

Such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis, etc., the gastrointestinal function is worse than normal people. In daily life, if it is due to the adverse stimulation caused by alcohol, it may cause diarrhea.

Especially alcohol is very irritating to the stomach and intestines. If the patient drinks too much alcohol, it will not only lead to the deterioration of the condition, but also cause diarrhea.

Reason 2: Unreasonable food mix

Another possible situation is improper diet. The food on people’s table is more and more abundant. The food like food stalls and barbecue are cheap and affordable. It is inevitable to drink some wine or beer to eat these foods.

But once there are some mistakes in the food, it will easily lead to diarrhea. People can’t help but wonder whether the diarrhea is caused by drinking, so pay attention to the combination of food before eating.

Reason 4: Decreased liver function

Drinking It is easy to have diarrhea after drinking, and it may be that a large amount of alcohol is acquired during the drinking process and damages the liver. The occurrence of alcoholic liver, fatty liver or cirrhosis in some people is related to excessive drinking, and the function of important organs in the body is damaged, and adverse reactions will also occur.

Diarrhea is related to liver disease, and the liver itself can promote bile excretion. Excessive intake of alcohol can damage the liver, affect the body’s bile secretion process, reduce digestion ability, and may cause diarrhea after drinking.

Five reasons:Alcohol allergy

For many people with allergies, due to their own allergies to alcohol, drinking a lot of alcohol Symptoms of an alcohol allergy then appear.

Diarrhea may also be involved at this time, so in this case, it is necessary to stop drinking in time to avoid irreversible damage to the body.

3.Diet conditioning

If you have diarrhea after drinking alcohol, you should also pay more attention to the maintenance of your diet. Eat more nutritious porridge, which is easy to digest and protects the gastric mucosa.

To prevent residual alcohol from further endangering people’s health, that would be bad, and you must never drink alcohol during drug treatment , otherwise the damage will be greater.

4.Reasonable hydration

Although diarrhea is a very common condition, if the diarrhea is severe, dehydration is easy to occur, and may even threaten life safety.

So you should pay attention to reasonable hydration in your life, but it is not recommended to drink plain water directly. A lot of electrolytes are lost during diarrhea, and drinking only water may further reduce the electrolyte concentration, so it is generally recommended to use oral rehydration salts.

If you have these symptoms after drinking, it is recommended to quit drinking early

1.Stomach pain after drinking/strong>

Stomach pain after drinking alcohol is mostly caused by alcohol irritating the gastric mucosa. Alcohol will begin to penetrate into the stomach wall along with the gastrointestinal motility. At this time, alcohol will damage the gastric mucosa and make people feel a little uncomfortable.

This phenomenon is especially obvious if you drink high-strength alcohol. If you feel stomach upset after drinking, you can drink some porridge or hot milk to relieve the pain.

2.Painful complexion

As a result of long-term drinking, alcohol damages the cells of the liver, which then creates scar tissue to repair itself. This type of scar tissue means that the liver is no longer able to dispose of toxins and metabolic waste in a timely manner.

Including bilirubin, bilirubin entering the blood will lead to dull complexion. If you find that your face is yellow and dark in normal times, it means that your liver has been damaged, so please quit drinking as soon as possible.

3.Drinking alcohol

Many people will experience a decrease in alcohol intake after drinking, and the alcohol intake suddenly drops. It should be noted that abnormal liver function may occur, which may also cause diseases.

At this time, it is best to quit drinking as soon as possible. If it is serious, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and don’t wait for the disease to be entangled in your body.

4.Headache and dizziness after drinking

After alcohol enters the body It breaks down and stimulates the organs and tissues in the body as the blood circulates. In a short period of time, the blood vessels in the brain will dilate, the blood pressure in the brain will increase, and the blood flow will increase.

Therefore, headaches and dizziness will occur. If you have a headache and dizziness after drinking, you must pay attention. Do not cause vascular disease due to excessive drinking, it is recommended to stop drinking at this time.

Extension: Pay attention to 3 points before drinking, or it can reduce the damage

1.Drink some milk and sugar water when drinking

Sugar can promote the metabolism of the liver and accelerate the metabolism of alcohol by the liver. Therefore, it is also beneficial for people who drink to drink sugar water.

In addition, some people will experience hypoglycemia after drinking alcohol, so drinking some sugar water is also good. Li Mingsong suggested that drinking more soup and water can dilute alcohol and promote excretion.

2.Choose low-alcohol wine

In many cases, you don’t want to drink alcohol, but you have to drink alcohol. In this case, you’d better choose to drink low-alcohol alcohol.

Because low-alcohol alcohol may cause less damage to the liver than high-alcohol alcohol. Moreover, low-alcohol alcohol is not easy to make people drunk so quickly, it will be better to drink as little as possible.

3.Do not drink mixed wine

If the two wines are mixed together, our body can absorb alcohol faster and reach a certain saturation, which will damage our liver more quickly.

It will further cause serious damage to the liver, affect liver function, and even cause alcohol poisoning in severe cases, so drinking in this way is not recommended.