Is the quality of the tea sold for more than ten yuan per catty on the street really reliable? The old tea drinker tells the truth

In recent years, with the prosperity and development of the tea market, people have more and more ways to buy tea while tea varieties are increasing. Tea shops, supermarkets or online shopping are all very convenient ways to buy tea.

At the same time, there is another way of selling tea in the market that has existed for a long time, probably many people have seen it before, that is selling it directly on the street, and the price of tea sold in this way is often relatively low, most of which cost more than ten yuan per catty, and there are quite a few people who buy it.

< span>However, many people have great doubts about this kind of tea, “Is the quality reliable? Can you really drink it?” In order to understand this problem, the author specially consulted with Veteran tea drinkers with decades of experience in tea drinking have finally learned some “truths”, and today I will give you a popular science.

Actually, the tea sold in this form is drinkable, but before buying, you should carefully understand the relevant information of the tea. First of all, in terms of the source, The most reliable way to buy this kind of tea is to buy it directly from the tea grower. The price of tea in the hands of tea farmers is relatively lower because of the lack of packaging, publicity and other links, so it is relatively reliable.

< span>Just because you can drink does not mean you support drinking. Because there is no guarantee for such tea, Both safety and quality can only be known from the people who buy the tea, and the authenticity and accuracy cannot be confirmed. It does not have a lot of information that tea should have, including shelf life, place of growth, production time, tea grade, etc.

Therefore, it is best not to choose these unguaranteed teas for drinking tea. Teas with more transparent information are more reliable. The following two teas are very good. The information is transparent and can be checked, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is not high. They are very good choices for ration tea. If you are interested, you can take a look.

1, Xianwu Fengming

< span>Xianwu Fengming tea is produced in the famous tea-producing region in China – the land of Bashu. This is the earliest tea plantation area in China. It has a very superior natural environment and has bred many high-quality teas.This tea It is a tea known as a rising star in the local tea circle.The quality is recognized by the country, and it is a “geographical indication product”.

It not only has excellent quality, but also affordable The price is less than 100 yuan, making it the “King of Cost-effectiveness” in the mouth of old local tea customers. This kind of tea belongs to the well-packaged quality tea, with clear production place and standard No., tea grade, etc., very trustworthy.

The tea tree of this tea grows in an alpine ecological tea garden with an altitude of 1,000 meters. The environment with a large temperature difference between day and night makes the growth cycle of the tea tree longer, and the organic matter can have enough time to accumulate in the tea. .

The continuous synthesis of aromatic substances in it. So this tea is rich in nutrients, and the dry tea has an overflowing aroma.

Not only that, the processing of this tea is also very fine, using national “intangible cultural heritage” techniques, which further improves the quality of this tea.

Quality features:

The shape of the tea is tight and slender, and the color is black Brown in color, shiny in appearance, with obvious golden hairs on the tea body, very beautiful. The tea fragrance is rich and elegant, and lasts for a long time. After brewing, the color of the tea soup is orange-red, clean and bright. The taste is mellow and fresh, the taste is soft, and the sweet aftertaste makes people feel more comfortable.

2. Double Dragon Silver Needle

This tea It is a green tea variety produced in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. It has not been created for a long time, but its excellent characteristics of both shape and color make it one of the famous teas in Zhejiang Province and is deeply loved by the local people .

The picking process of this tea is very fine. The craftsmanship is somewhat modeled after Longjing, so this makes this tea of ​​exceptional quality.

< p>Quality features:

The shape of this tea is straight and beautiful, and the rope is tight Knots, slender like needles, emerald green in color, with dense white hairs on the outside. The tea soup is tender and fragrant, rich and fresh. The color of the tea soup is yellow-green, bright and clear. The taste is mellow and sweet, the taste is silky and long, and the aftertaste is long.