I just shaved my beard in the morning, and it grew out the next morning. What does it mean if the beard grows too fast?

We often say that beauty is a woman’s nature. In fact, not only women, but more and more men now pay great attention to their own image. After getting up every morning, washing your face, brushing your teeth and shaving your beard is a must.

Beards are the second most important feature of men, and they need to be taken care of regularly, otherwise they will give people a sloppy feeling. However, some men with different aesthetics will deliberately grow long beards, thinking that this is a symbol of masculinity, indicating good physical fitness.

Some men are usually very confused. They just shaved their beards after getting up in the morning. How come the stubble appeared the next morning? What does it mean that the beard grows too fast? Let’s hear what the doctor has to say.

Will the beard fall off naturally? 】

Doctor: Beards usually do not fall off naturally.

If the beard is thick, you can shave it with a razor, but you need to use it often, because the beard grows faster after shaving.

If you want to achieve the effect of permanent beard removal, you can also consider laser treatment. This method can destroy the hair follicles in the beard and make it lose its regeneration function. There will be no new beard growth, and the effect can be maintained for a long time.

growth rate]

Whether it is hair or beard, or other hairs on the body, there is a certain difference in the growth rate.

Aiming at the beard, it has been found through experiments that the daily beard growth rate is about 0.25 mg, and this rate will decrease with age. From once a day to every few days, the frequency will decrease.

The full beard can generally be removed, and a suitable medical cosmetic method should be chosen. The beard is relatively thick, and laser treatment can be adopted, or freezing point hair removal can be used. These two methods are widely used, and both can achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Choose the appropriate method according to your individual needs.

Laser hair removal mainly uses the principle of selective light and heat. The instantaneously irradiated laser can act on the roots of local hair follicles. After the hair follicles are destroyed, they will not grow again.

Freezing point hair removal reduces the damage to the epidermis on the basis of laser. You should pay attention to a light diet and drink more hot water to promote detoxification from the body.

, It grew out the next morning, what does it mean that the beard grows too fast? Early understanding and early benefit

【Gene Inheritance】

Men’s beard grows too fast, which may be related to genetics. For men with strong beards It is said that it is closely related to the growth rate of his father’s beard.

If the father’s beard grows faster, then his own beard will also grow faster. Don’t worry too much about the beard growth caused by genetic factors. This is a normal phenomenon.

Many men like to play with mobile phones before going to bed at night, which will lead to lack of sleep. Staying up late for a long time will disturb the secretion of androgen in the body and speed up the metabolism.

If men have excess male hormones due to staying up late, the growth rate of beard will be accelerated. People who often stay up late and work overtime will have stubble on their faces the next day.

Beard grows too fast, which is largely related to the drugs you use. Many people may experience some discomfort. People need to take medicine for a long time to treat diseases.< /p>

However, there are many ingredients in the medicine that promote the excessive secretion of male hormones, which leads to excessive beard and hair.

If you take medicine recently, you must pay attention to whether the medicine is It will have side effects on the body, so be sure to consult a doctor. Check the hormone level to prevent excessive use of hormone-like drugs, which will affect the body.

[Exuberant male hormone secretion]

Male If the beard will grow soon after shaving, it is likely to be closely related to the high level of male hormones in the body.

Because after puberty, the male body has hormones that are constantly secreted, and These male hormones can act on the body so that the hair can grow rapidly.

So it is very likely that the beard will grow the next day after shaving. This is determined by the hormone level in the body, and it also shows the secretion of male hormones It is a relatively vigorous state.

The growth of human hair is also affected by influencing factors. If the body takes in enough nutrients in normal times, the body’s nutritional status is better, and the blood circulation of hair follicles is faster. Sufficient nutrition can also promote the growth of beards, and the beards of such people will grow faster.

[Fast shave frequency]

In daily life, most men pay great attention to their own image, shave almost every day, even Shave several times a day.

If the frequency of shaving is relatively fast in normal times, the frequency of stimulating the roots of the beard increases, which will stimulate the beard to grow faster and faster.

One: I can’t shave in the morning

I am eager to shave in the morning, but before the afternoon, the stubble has returned grow out. Don’t worry, introduce the shaving tips to you and your family now.

Advisable and avoidable shaving time After a night of rest, the reproductive function is strong and the beard grows fast. Shave as soon as you wake up, and the beard grows back in no time.

After 20 minutes to half an hour of consumption, the androgen in the male body is not so strong, and the growth rate of the beard decreases. If you shave at this time, it will not grow back quickly.


In order to save time, most men will shave while taking a bath. Although shaving in the bath is very convenient and can effectively clean the beard residue, this method will damage the skin.

When you take a shower, the toilet is prone to water mist, and the pores will also be opened due to the stimulation of warm water. At this time, the water vapor from shaving is easy to invade the skin, causing skin inflammation, and even severe folliculitis.

>Three: Before exercise

Before exercise, the beard is shaved clean, although the surface looks refreshed, but after exercise , our human body will shed a lot of sweat, and sweat is acidic.

If we shave our beard clean, then the pores will be exposed, and the acidic sweat will easily irritate our pores, so that skin redness and swelling oruncomfortable situation. Therefore, it is not suitable to shave before exercising.

Boys before the age of 18 have relatively delicate skin, and frequent shaving will scratch the skin and make the skin dry. Moreover, the beard before the age of 18 is not a beard in the true sense, it is just thickened and blackened fluff, which can be cut shorter with scissors.