Why did Du Fu become the tourism image spokesperson of this ancient city? After reading his poems, you will understand

More than 1,200 years ago, Du Fu abandoned his official position and entered Shu. He lived in Chengdu for five years, most of the time he spent in the “Du Fu Thatched Cottage” in Chengdu. These five years were the most stable five years in Du Fu’s life and also the style of Du Fu’s poetry. important period of change.

Du Fu first went to Langzhong in the autumn of 763 AD. In the spring of 764 AD, Du Fu’s family came to Langzhong from Santai (now part of Mianyang City), and then prepared to take a boat along the Jialing River to Chongqing and leave Sichuan. That is, on his second visit to Langzhong, Du Fu wrote 66 poems about Langzhong’s landscapes.

Du Fu City

The grass is full of Brazilian green, and the empty city is full of days.

The wind blows the flowers, and the spring is full of water.

The Eight Horses follow the Emperor, and the ministers follow the Emperor Wu.

It was heard from afar that it was patrolling, and sooner or later, it was all over the desert.

This is the second time Du Fu went to Langzhong to pay tribute to Fangguan’s tomb. Like and infatuated with Langzhong’s landscapes

Du Fu Langshan Song

Langzhou The Lingshan Mountain in the east of the city is white, and the jade terrace in the north of Langzhou city is blue.

Songfu wants to be exhausted, and Jiang Dong will not collapse.

Those who know that there are no ghosts and gods will know their roots, and they have already realized that they are enemies with Songhua.

Fighting in the Central Plains and not returning, you should stay in a Maozhai to see the green wall.

The poet mentioned two famous mountains, Lingshan Mountain and Yutai Mountain. Lingshan is in the east of Langzhong, and the “Langzhou Historic Sites” in “Yudi Jisheng” volume 185 says: Lingshan is a fairy cave, more than ten miles east of Langzhong on the Songjiang River, there is a temple of the ancient Cong Emperor Kaiming’s turtle order. . Yutai Mountain is in the north of Langzhong City, with Yishen Cave and Cishi Cave. Legend has it that Fuxi and Nuwa were born in Huaxu in this cave, so they were named Yishen and Cishi. In addition, Yutai Mountain also has a Tengwang Pavilion built by Tengwang Li Yuanying as the governor of Longzhou. Qiu Zhaoao’s “Detailed Notes on Du Poems” commented: “This is the victory of Langshan. The first six describe the scenery, the second two describe the situation. Lingshan Yutai, near the name of Langshan. The cloud is on the mountain, the stone is under the mountain, and the floating characters are inexhaustible. The word imitates the trend of falling. The stone roots are under the plate, protected by ghosts and spirits, the clouds are on the top, and they are as high as Songhua. content_title” height=”300″ layout=”responsive” sizes=”(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw” src=”https://p0.ssl.img.360kuai.com/t0146083e24f849c900.jpg?size=739×491″ width=”600″>

Du Fu’s Tengwang Pavilion (Part 1).

The king’s terrace is located on Bashan, and the ten thousand zhang Dan ladder can still be climbed.

In the spring, the warbler sings in the bamboo, and the immortal dog barks among the white clouds.

Qingjiang Jinshi is sad and beautiful, with tender stamens and dense flowers everywhere.

People come to Yujinge to go pastoral, and I don’t know what to do when they come to this place.

The Tengwang Pavilion written by the poet actually refers to the Tengwang Pavilion in Langzhong. The poet praised the view of Tengwang Pavilion and its expansive view. At the same time, when the poet expresses that the scenery here is so wonderful, he is saddened by the scenery. When he thinks of the ruin of the country, the beautiful scenery in front of him is even more distressing. But at the end of the sentence, he explained that the beauty of Langzhong made Du Fu temporarily forget his worries.

Du Fu’s Jade Terrace View

Zhongtian Jade Jade Terrace, where God lives high Crimson Festival.

Feng Yi came to play the drums, and it was first known that the winning girl was good at flute.

Jiang Guangyin sees Tutuo Grottoes, and the rocks are different from the Wuque Bridge.

If you are more willing to have wings, you should be an old fishing woodcutter with yellow hair.

The legend of Yutai Temple was built by Li Yuanying, King Teng of the Tang clan, and the poems show the spirit of the fairy in Langzhong. In Du Fu’s eyes, Langzhou can reach the emperor of the five directions above, and reach the realm of ten continents below. Yutai Mountain is a Taoist temple. From another perspective, this poem also has the flavor of Li Bai’s poetry.

Du Fu Langshui Song

What does the color of the Jialing River look like? Shidai and jasper depend on each other.

On the day of pity, the waves break out, and more spring returns from the sand.

Ba Tong rowed and swayed sideways, and the water chickens and fish came and went.

Success in Langzhong can be heartbreaking, and the world in the south of Langzhou is rare!

This poem shows the poet’s deep love for Langshui. The leisure scenery of Jialing River is described through the color of sound, light, stone and Batong water chicken, and the unique charm of Jinping Mountain, the first mountain of Jialing in a thousand miles, is shown. At the same time, Du Fu’s love for Langshui has also demonstrated the tranquility and tranquility of Langshui at different times through poems such as “Fanjiang”), “Accompanying the King to the King to Panjiang on the Two Songs of Huangjia Pavilion”, “Crossing the River” and other poems verb: move.

Du Fu Nanchi

The towering Balang is full of valleys. An Zhi knows that there is a Cangchi Pond, and thousands of hectares are immersed in the Kun axis.

Ya Ran is in the south of Langcheng, with a pillow on the belly of Bajiang. The lotus entered different counties, and the japonica rice was compared to the house.

Unintentionally, Murray stopped. Takata lost the West, and this thing is quite mature.

Qingyuan is rich in fish, and the far shore is rich in trees. I sigh the sweetgum forest alone, which is a good color in spring.

In the south, there is the Temple of the King of Han, and there is always a sorcerer’s blessing. It is an old custom to sing and dance loose clothing.

The high hall is also the king, and the soul is still upright. Should not be empty, kissing wineFood.

Promiscuous sacrifices have not been the only one in Sichuan since ancient times. The vastness of the battle, the remoteness of the earth hurts the eyes.

Jiang Haixing was in chaos and cramped all his life. Zhu Ma asked the fishing boat, and hesitated to comfort the restraint.

In this poem, the poet deeply interprets the scenery and humanities of Langzhong in Baguo, and praises the long history of Langzhong. Through the lotus pond in Langzhou, the japonica called Daofengwu expresses the beauty and abundance of Langzhong. It also shows the popular Wuzhu culture in Langzhong at that time.

Many poems and essays written by Du Fu during his time in Langzhong were widely related to the local culture and culture of Langzhong, and left the most precious wealth for the thousand-year-old ancient city of Langzhong. The grand event in Langzhong can be heartbreaking.” It has attracted literati and writers for a thousand years, and the general public came here admiringly, and it has become the slogan of the ancient city of Langzhong. It can also be said that Du Fu is the spokesman of Langzhong’s famous tourism image through the ages.