How beautiful are the lilacs in ancient poems? Sad and mournful, like pure first love

The lilacs are blooming and the fragrance is overwhelming. Lilac flowers are purple, lavender or blue-violet, as well as white-purple and blue-violet, with white and purple being the most common. The flower language and symbolic meaning of lilac are innocence, first love, humility, sadness, sadness, and brilliance, implying the hope of love and concentricity. The buds of lilacs are called lilac knots.

The image of “lilac”, in the poet’s mind, is the incarnation of the noble, beautiful, weak and sad. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, poets have often used lilac buds as a metaphor for sadness and depression. In the Tang Dynasty, Li Shangyin wrote in his poem, “The plantains do not show the lilac knot, but they are saddened by the spring breeze.”

Song poet Wang Yu also has a verse: “Lovesickness is only on the branches of cloves, and the tip of cardamom.” The lilac flowers in ancient poems are sad and mournful, like pure first love!



lilac Weak, tangled branches still mat.

Thin leaves with floating hairs, sparse flowers covered plain.

After planting Xiaozhai deeply, there are people who are close to you.

Fall into the orchid musk deer lately, don’t think about it.


Song-Xue Jixuan

Don’t It is a species of Nanzhou, and it is a fragrant flower with cold flowers.

The jade cap is in a parallel bun, with gold millet and silver cape.

Self-satisfied mountain and forest, not fashionable.

Zixia Xiu Chengrui, less than Ye Meifang.



From The lilac country is also rare in the world.

Clusters of branches and leaves, messy knots.

Leng Yanqiong is the color, and the low branches are surrounded by greenery.

Manlian suspected collarbone, sometimes see jade dust flying.

Little Crimson Lips – Vegetarian Lilac Song – Wang Shipeng

Luomu Xiaoxiao, Qionghua vomited under the glazed leaves. The fragrant soft tree. Ya called the secluded fun. Unintentionally competing for the first place, Merry Hugh was jealous. Including spring rain. So sad. It seems to recall the Lord of Jiangnan.


Qing-Peng Sunyi

Spring Breeze Red Locking Yizhiyan, she is full of tenderness and pitiful.

It is interpreted as earrings, which are fragrant, and cover up the disease of flower buttons.

It’s hard to show the love and the heart, and the two can’t sleep with laughter.

Always born with the same child, Xiling and Panasonic are lingering together.

Picking mulberries-recalling the capital and cloves

Qing Dynasty-Liang Dingfen

The green fragrant shadows at the bottom of the red curtain, with thin leaves and sparse flowers.

The moon is faintly smoky. Swallow time old home.

Waste to cool down the spring breeze knot, never forget the window screen.

Glimpses of Luya. Alone on the berry step, take it with a smile.

The lilac flowers outside the wall are in full bloom

Qing-Chen Weisong

It is still far away from the climb, and the view is clear.

How can I get the flowers to bloom?

Drinking powder and rubbing crispy, the little red corners are more distinct.

At this time of year, the cages are returned immediately and handed all over the Spring City.

Last year, I saw flowers.

The new come to Liang Jianyan, the past is a star.

Only neighbor flowers, no roadside love.

It’s hard to sleep at night, and the colorful flowers and shadows fill the empty courtyard.

Butterfly Love Flower-Lilac Flowers in Tibetan Mo Mountain House are in full bloom, to fill in this

Qing-Weng Rui En

The old stems and leaves are flourishing. When the flowers bloom, the flowers are thinner than people.

I want to break a stick of incense in my hand. The most pitiful broken Duo Ying Luo Xiu.

The drizzle and spring breeze can’t blow through. The sound of books inside the curtain, the lights at the bottom of the curtain are like beans.

Smile to the flower god and fight wine. Next year may be like this year.

Under the Lilac

Modern-Yellow section

Dai Shilian Ganga few trees and flowers, sip spring tea every year.

The gardener has no one to know about it.

Magpie Bridge Fairy-White Lilac

Modern-Wang Chenchang

The branches are drooping, and the flowers are faintly blooming.

It is always blurry under the white moon, but it seems like a pile of fragrant snow.

The soft fragrance is frail, and it is affectionate, which is no different from pear blossoms.

The East Emperor sent a message to the gardener, only the jade people are allowed to climb.