The best way to practice in the second half of your life.

So how can we fundamentally solve the sub-health problem? CCTV4 exposed such an exercise: it is simpler than swimming, running, and ironing, but the effect of health exercise is excellent, 5 minutes a day, nourishing qi and blood, and improving immunity , nourishing liver and kidney, removing dampness and detoxification, improving cervical and lumbar vertebrae, reversing sub-health. The answer is: Wu Ji Tai Chi Pile Gong! Case 1

coordinates in Beijing. Xiao Ming, a company executive.

Frequent socializing, excessive smoking and drinking, nervousness and anxiety, staying up late for many years. Fatigue is getting worse, sub-health, diabetes.

PracticeWu Ji Tai ChiStanding for one month after , span>Sleep quality improved, mental state improved, energy and stamina improved, smoking cessation was successful, and blood sugar was good. Case 2Coordinates in Yanzhou, Shandong, Zhanghua, railway worker. Black and white are reversed, shift work day and night, irregular diet, poor stomach and intestines, perennial insomnia, palpitations, Suxiao Jiuxin Pill does not leave the body. Pulmonary ground glass fibrosis due to poor cardiac venous return. There are nodules in the breast. One year after Wuji Taiji standing, physically enhanced, the physical examination showed that the heart was healthy, the lung ground glass fibrosis disappeared, and the mammary glands section elimination. Case 3

Coordinates: Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Zheng Chaoqiang, professor of Union Medical University, Vice President of China Medical Education Association, medical dean.

For ordinary people, the 86-year-old is already twilight.

Professor Zheng Chaoqiang is still full of energy and sticks to his post at the age of 86. He attributed this to the practice of Wuji Tai Chi stance. After standing Wuji Tai Chi for 1 year, my sleep has improved, my body is healthy, I have more energy, and my heart problems have been relieved for many years. Case 4Coordinates Wenzhou, Wen Pengfei, Medical Institution Manager.

< /p>Running around all year round and busy with work. Lack of energy, fatigue and sleepiness; cervical vertebrae and shoulders, long-term pain.Before practicing Wuji Taiji Zhuanggong, for 2 months, In June, the German professional testing equipment was used three times to track and monitor the health status. The results are as follows:

Before Zhuanggong, only the sacrum was healthy; after 2 months of Zhuanggong, the energy reached the waist; after half a year of Zhuanggong, it rose to the thoracic spine, and the overall health of the spine was improved.

Monitoring summary: The originally low energy cervical vertebrae returned to normal after practicing the stance; Thoracic vertebra, after continuous practice, the health level has been greatly improved.

At the same time as the spinal repair, Wen Pengfei felt that the pain around his shoulder disappeared. , and become more energetic and say goodbye to sub-health.

What is the stand?

Standing, a unique Chinese method of physical and mental exercise, is highly regarded by Taoist practice, internal martial arts, and traditional Chinese medicine. Superior internal strength and internal boxing have been luxury goods since ancient times, and are only mastered by very few people, such as practitioners in deep mountain caves, Taoist priests who do not see outsiders in the backyard of Taoist temples, and people in royal palaces. Your Majesty, you may have the chance to meet. Even generals who have experienced hundreds of battles on the battlefield can often only practice the primary strength of Neijiaquan or the strength of pure outer martial arts.

Zhao Jilong, founder of Wuji Taiji

passed , martial artist, health care home, have a stronger body than ordinary people, their blood is more vigorous, and their energy is more abundant, thereby prolonging life and even reversing aging. A stance is not standing on a stake or squatting.

Stand, which is translated into modern language as “standing like a stump”. In the standing state, adjust the frame between the body to form a pattern of “holding wind and gathering qi”, so thatthe energy and qi and blood in the body will be automatically combed, and combined with the superior internal energy and heart method, a large amount of energy from heaven and earth can enter the body. , “body, mind and spirit” will be developed.

Wuji Taiji founder Zhao Jilong “list-paddingleft-1″>

  • body

  • the “pile” of the stand , is next to the wooden character, that is to say, when the human body is standing, it will imitate some of the functions of plants to improve the internal environment of the human body. Stand upright. The head is the head of the yang, and the feet are the root of the essence. When the details of the posture are up to the standard, the head is connected to the sky through Baihui, and the feet are connected to the earth through the spring, and the chaotic energy of the human body will automatically sort out and return to its place. At this time, if the mental method is good enough, a large amount of energy from heaven and earth will automatically flow into the body and mind, which will speed up the increase of the practitioner’s physical and mental energy, and even begin to develop their physical and mental potential.

    Wuji Taiji founder Mr. Zhao Jilongspan>

    In the early stage of gong, the clear qi in the body rises and the turbid qi descends, positive energy is continuously generated, and negative energy and sick qi are continuously discharged. If you keep practicing, your body will become more and more clean.Standing on the life energy accumulated by Zhuang Zhuanggong can also widen the meridians of the body, so that the qi and blood can run smoothly; after a certain level, one can experience the lasting joy of the unity of nature and man. < span>In a word, through the practice of superior zanggong, can comprehensively enhance the energy of the body, improve the efficiency of practice, shake the dark disease focus of the human body, fundamentally improve sub-health, enhance immunity, improve the quality of life, and have the opportunity to develop potential , to observe the world and life from a higher dimension.

    Teacher Zhao Long at Wutai Branch Club live activities

    • heart

    station Pile practice can release physical and mental stress, and through specific methods such as “relaxation, inaction, and elimination of distracting thoughts”, one can find inner peace and focus on the present moment.Students who have practiced Wuji Tai Chi for a long time will find that , With the filling of body vitality, the increase of energy, and the improvement of functions, the mind will gradually become calm and confident from irritability and anxiety.Psychological trauma and negative emotions such as fear, entanglement, and anger are also excavated, comforted, Eliminate, so that a powerful force bursts out from the depths of the heart. After reaching a certain level, the level of conscious energy will jump, and abandon the fear, sadness, greed, hatred, ignorance and slowness on the surface of the body and mind , delusional attachment, which in turn merge into omnipresent love, joy and peace.

    Teacher Zhao Jilong answering questions at the Wuji Tai Chi club event


  • spirit
  • the essence of practice is to accumulate, Transcendence of life levels. Superior Zhuanggong uses specific methods such as refining body fluid to transform essence, refining essence to transforming qi, refining Qi to transforming spirit, and refining spirit to combat emptiness. The realm of enlightenment and freedom of mind and body”. It is a verifiable and repeatable efficient operation to gradually accumulate the life energy of the three levels of “Essence, Qi, and Spirit” through standing.

    Teacher Zhao Jilong sat on the scene of Wuji Tai Chi Club

    asked: ? Answer: There are two important differences between the living environment of modern people and the ancients. First, people eat too much and the nutrition is too good, a large amount of nutrition remains in the body and cannot be internalized, forming phlegm and dampness, which accumulates in the internal organs, blood vessels, and intestines etc., resulting in severe blockage of the meridians. The running water is not rotten, and the house is not rotten, and the water that does not flow can not be rancid? At this time, if you don’t use a more efficient practice method to clean up your whole body first, but just blindly meditate, the effect will often be weak. Various lesions deep in the body have been weakly harassed rather than vigorously cleaned up, which often leads to counterattacks, resulting in more serious illnesses. In severe cases, it can lead to a joint uprising of disease and qi, and tumors appear.

    Teacher Zhao Jilong healed students at the Wuji Taiji branch activity site

    < The rhythm is fast, and the pressure in all aspects is high. Many people are tense and tired all the year round; coupled with their sensuality and desire, their energy (the energy of the lower dantian) is drained, and the spiritual energy of the upper dantian is floating. At this time, if you directly practice the spirit of Dantian, you will not be able to reach a high level because you don’t have enough energy in your body. Instead, you are more likely to fall into delusions, hallucinations, and even depression due to overdraft. In short, without a solid foundation, the difference between supernatural powers and nerves is often just one thought.

    Lecture at Wuji Taiji Club by Teacher Zhao Long

    You should first use efficient exercises to fill the gaps in your body and mind, wait until your physical health is much higher than ordinary people, and then practice your mind to counteract the emptiness or even become supernatural, it will be both efficient and safe.At this time, you will have a clear mind, see your nature, wake up, and become enlightened; connect with nature, all things, and the universe smoothly, witness the most essential harmony of all things; about the value and pursuit of life, the meaning of life and Wherever you go, you will find the answer!

    The effect of standing?

    Practicing Wuji Taijizong can enhance vitality, increase qi and blood, dredge meridians, improve immunity, and self-healing ability It will strengthen and automatically solve various physical and mental problems.

    1 p>Sub-health

    feeling unwell, However, Western medical examination can not find problems and specific lesions.

    Common sub-health: fatigue, night sweats, kidney deficiency, cold hands and feet; indigestion, constipation, frequent urination and nocturia ; chronic fatigue, asthma, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia; irritability, depression, tension, lack of energy and procrastination, etc. and so on. From a western perspective, sub-health is due to unknown etiology and cannot be treated; while from the perspective of traditional medicine, sub-health is due to insufficient qi and blood, The meridian is not smooth, the function of the viscera is weak, and the energy is insufficient. It can be improved by practicing Wuji Tai Chi.


    weak< /strong>

    Overwork, bad habits, and even surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, excessive indulgence, etc., are overdrawn.

    If the power of the electrical appliance is insufficient, although it can barely maintain, the performance has been greatly reduced. People’s quality of life is greatly reduced, which leads to inconvenience of movement, fatigue, poor digestion, anorexia, lack of energy, insomnia and forgetfulness.

    Practice the Wuji Tai Chi stance to replenish the vitality of the body, make up for the deficit, and regain the foundation of the body. Say goodbye to weakness and go strong.



    cervical spine Joint problems such as lumbar spine, frozen shoulder, and knee wear.

    Exercise rehabilitation, physiotherapy, painkillers, closed acupuncture and other methods are used to relieve symptoms, but not the root cause. If the root cause of the disease is not solved, the problem will become more and more serious, the cost will become more and more, and the body will become more and more painful. Practice Wuji Taiji Zhuanggong, change posture, improve body structure; clear the root of disease, expel cold and dampness from joints; dredge meridians, qi and blood Nourishes muscles and bones. Radical improvement of joint problems.

    Immunity< /span>

    Frequent colds, chronic rhinitis, chronic cough and other immune problems, In traditional medicine, it is “insufficient”.

    The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine: If the righteous qi exists in the body, the evil cannot do it; if the evil is gathered, the qi will be depleted. The body has enough positive energy, and the evil wind and cold can hardly invade , people are not easy to catch colds and get sick; if you always get colds and various minor illnesses, it is “insufficient righteousness”, and evil spirits can easily invade. Practicing Wuji Taiji Pile Gong can improve “righteousness”, enhance immunity, and block the invasion of pathogenic diseases.imstrong><640>2” width<600"> strong>5

    Digestion & Metabolism span>

    Indigestion, bloating and food accumulation, loss of appetite, acid reflux, constipation or diarrhea, etc. Various digestive problems can be improved by practicing Wuji Tai Chi.

    Three highs (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia), gout (high uric acid) and other metabolic diseases, from the perspective of traditional medicine, and the human body The functions of the spleen and stomach are closely related. Many Wuji Tai Chi students first improved the state of the spleen and stomach, and then cleared the liver and kidney to improve various indicators.


    Gynecology and Reproduction span>

    dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, uterine cold, menopausal syndrome and other endocrine problems, in traditional medicine, they belong to the imbalance of yin and yang of the zang-fu organs , lack of blood. Practicing Wuji Taiji Pile Gong often has a good recovery effect.

    Morning Practice Wuji Taiji Zhuanggong can improve yang qi, nourish kidney essence, and fundamentally improve male problems such as thankfulness and low sperm quality.


    cold and wet >

    Staying up all night, air conditioning, greedy eating and cold, irregular work and rest, excessive infusion, Many people are cold and humid.

    People with a deficiency of the spleen and stomach, even though other parts of the body are warm, the stomach is often cold.Prone to sweating or joint weakness and soreness (due to excessive moisture) Gathering in the crevices), sticking to the toilet, and lazy limbs. Western medicine is often helpless, and ordinary health care methods such as cupping, scraping, and sauna steaming can occasionally relieve the symptoms, but often cure the symptoms but not the root cause; , enhance the yang qi and send away the cold and damp qi.

    Wuji Tai Chi, the common choice of 80,000 students

    (Interview with CCTV)

    Wuji Tai Chi is the world’s first online education platform for Kung Fu health care, founded in 2014. Zhao Jilong, who has studied traditional internal medicine since childhood, is a well-known contemporary expert in physical and mental healing, martial artist, as well as the planner and host of CCTV Kung Fu programs, and a senior visiting scholar at the University of Michigan.

    What are the advantages of Wuji Taiji Station?

    1. Timely strong>

    Modern people are busy with work and socializing frequently, so it is difficult to spare a lot of time. If you spend more than 5 minutes a day in Wuji Taiji Pile Gong, you will be rewarded.

    2. Adapt to local conditions

    Just a small piece A place to stand quietly.

    3. Adapt to people’s conditions

    how old To 100 years old, both men and women with zero foundation can practice. There is no boring and painful practice, no inefficient routines, easy to operate, and good results. It’s a workout, but it’s more of a treat.

    Group photo of Wuji Taiji 5th anniversary club activity

    ancient long-term standing, Make oneselfEnergetic and strong. And most of them live a long life, die without illness, and live a relaxed and happy life.For those who are weak and sick, practice Wuji Tai Chi exercises , then the disease will be cured and longevity will be improved, and the physique will be strengthened.Oneafter a period of time, it will be healthier and stronger than ordinary people. 

    Mr. Zhao Jilong teaches in offline activities

    The big things in the world must be done in detail. Details determine the merits The best effect. Posture details and internal methods are the top priorities.If you want the best results, you need to practice the best exercises.Otherwise, three kinds of problems are prone to occur. .First, the version of the pile work is low, and the time-consuming effect is weak.Second, there is no guidance and risks. Third, miss the opportunity. Zhuanggong can develop people’s potential, but the opportunity is fleeting, and if you explore it yourself, you will miss the opportunity.Wuji Taiji relies on an efficient research and development system and rich teaching. Experienced and senior teaching team, teach the most efficient Zhuanggong, and help students understand the essentials of each Zonggong.Any online education institution or even a physical martial arts hall is difficult to achieve To do it, Wuji Taiji will do it as always. Wuji Taiji takes care of the needs of the students, so that the students’ efforts will be rewarded in a healthy way.

    Old students praised the course Efficient and rapid progress not only improves sub-health in an all-round way, but also significantly enhances energy, allowing the body and mind to bloom inside and out, giving a new look. Practice Wuji Tai Chi for a healthy body and mind!

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