Why can this “Fort Town Model” be promoted by the whole district and even the whole city?

In recent years, Shanghai has made every effort to Promote the construction of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities and improve standards and efficiency. In the villages of Chongming, 1,530 sewage treatment facilities, 15,000 pumping stations, and more than 13,000 kilometers of pipelines continue to serve the standard discharge of domestic sewage treatment for rural residents. With such a large number of sewage treatment facilities, it is bound to be difficult to operate and maintain. Huayuan Village in Baozhen has explored a set of operation and maintenance models, which not only solves its own problems to a large extent, but also promotes their experience in the whole district and even the whole city. What is the “brilliance” of their experience? Take a look.

“All kinds of sewage treatment facilities have passed the initial construction cost After the threshold, the greater difficulty lies in the later operation and maintenance.” Xu Xiaodong, deputy director of the Chongming District Water Affairs Bureau, said that there are 1,584 purification tank treatment devices, 15 integrated treatment facilities, and 160 midway upgrades in Bao Town, Chongming District. pumps and 1,445 tail water lift pumps, and there are only 9 full-time operation and maintenance personnel corresponding to these sewage treatment facilities. It will take two months to inspect all the facilities; sudden facility failures in some remote areas, Unable to make it to the site that day.

) The people’s government shall, in accordance with relevant regulations, determine qualified sewage treatment facility operation and maintenance units.

But in fact, many operation and maintenance units are unable to cope with the large-scale and extensive sewage treatment facilities, which forces rural sewage areas to explore new operation and maintenance models for sewage treatment facilities.

“The biggest difference from before is that if there is a problem, no one can be found anymore.” If there is a problem with the facilities, the villagers first call the repair platform of the relevant unit, and then the platform sends a work order to the nearby operation and maintenance station. But when the operation and maintenance personnel arrive late, the villagers have finished making several complaint calls. Now, the villagers go directly to the agricultural pollution supervisors, and they directly contact the trained regional grid leaders, who respond within half an hour and arrive on the spot within two hours to deal with them; Contact the operation and maintenance unit.

Villagers participate in the construction of sewage treatment facilities There is another major benefit of operation and maintenance: to make up for the lack of manpower for routine inspections, to discover problems and hidden dangers in a more timely manner, and to prevent minor problems from causing major disasters due to “delay”.

Opening the WeChat group of the village committee named “Farm Pollution Through Train”, Liu Wenyu, Secretary of the Party Branch of Huayuan Village, smiled happily: “The number of platform repair reports has decreased significantly. Since June this year, the number of repair reports has been zero for several months, and there have been only one or two cases in many months. In the past, there were repair reports almost every week, and there were more flaws caused by ‘delay’. ”

More importantly, actively participating in co-governance has also given villagers empathy, and they can better understand and cooperate with the related work of sewage treatment facilities. “In the past, some villagers were dissatisfied and deliberately planted vegetables and poured manure around the sewage treatment facilities.” Liu Wenyu said, but now it is completely “inverted”. The villagers not only cleaned up the vegetable fields, but also regularly cleaned the sewage treatment facilities and the surrounding environment.

This has greatly touched the operation and maintenance unit, and will always donate some daily necessities to “activists” every year and festival, thank you their hard work.

Standardized discharge of domestic sewage treatment for residents. The reporter learned from the Shanghai Water Affairs Department that the co-governance model for the operation and maintenance of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities in Chongmingbao Town will be gradually promoted to other regions of Chongming and even the whole city.

Party members, “old uncles”, young backbones, and enthusiastic people in the village will all be recruited as volunteers Tell the whole village to “manage your own home and protect your own home”, fundamentally solve the problem of high operation and maintenance costs and low efficiency of rural domestic sewage treatment facilities in the later stage.

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