Social workers from Zhangjiajie Xinyixing carried out visits and investigations on children in difficulties and left-behind children in Dongwangping Village

Red Internet Moment Zhangjiajie, November 27th (Correspondent Liu Hao) In order to better implement the “Three Districts” special plan project, on November 26th, Zhangjiajie City Xinyixing Social Work Service Center organized 14 social workers and volunteers Participants went to Dongwangping Village, Ruitapu Town, Sangzhi County, and carried out visits and surveys on children in difficulties and left-behind children.

Social worker and volunteer share The three groups visited the homes of each left-behind child in difficulty and asked them about their living and learning conditions in detail. He also encouraged them to face up to difficulties, always maintain the spirit of hard work and the quality of hard work, study hard, and use knowledge to change the destiny of themselves and their families.

This time a total of Interviews with 56 families of left-behind children in difficulties, the visits made the children and parents feel warm, and they expressed their gratitude to the party and the government. Follow-up Xinyixing social workers will sort out and evaluate the data, and carry out case, group, and community activities based on the actual situation to empower children and help them grow up healthily and happily.

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