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Although we It is often said that “the heart is wide and the body is fat”, but people with small minds can still get fat. People with small minds are irritable and prone to anger, and their bodies are stretched by anger.


Being angry is a train leading to obesity< /strong>

There is a 40-year-old married woman. Her weight has increased by more than 30 kilograms than before marriage. The reason is that she always quarrels with her husband. Every time she quarrels, she erupts like a volcano and needs It took a long time to calm down. In this way, in the endless anger, her body quickly gained weight as if being inflated. Because every time she was angry, she liked to eat. She said that every time she finished eating I regret it, but I will make the same mistake next time. Losing weight is her top priority.

One day, she came to me and said, “Doctor Hu, I want to restore my original Body, please give me some medicine. “

I said: “I won’t prescribe you medicine , because your obesity is because your personality is too impatient and too angry! Qi is the root of all diseases, and it is also the root of your obesity. If a person lives in anger all day long, how can he have a healthy body? You must first learn to be calm and learn to use your brain instead of eating to solve problems, and you will naturally lose weight. “

Obesity can come from “eating”, you can It is caused by “laziness” (not exercising), or it can be caused by “qi”. Getting angry is a “through train” leading to obesity.

Mood and weight< /span>

< span>”

Mood and body weight seem to have nothing to do with each other, but in fact, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, there is a very reasonable explanation. Chinese medicine believes that “the liver governs anger”, and when people are angry, the liver energy is very strong. span>For example, the first manifestation of anger is that the chest and heart are blocked and stuffy, and the voice becomes louder. Why is this? It is because the anger is burning, and the stuffy air in the chest is blown out by roaring .Some people will blush with anger and have a thick neck, which is described by the ancients as “the crown of anger”, which is also the result of anger rising.

< p data-track="24">The liver belongs to wood, the spleen and stomach belong to earth, and among the five elements, wood restrains earth. Therefore, when the liver qi is strong, it will rebel against the stomach, resulting in increased stomach fire. This is why some people eat like crazy when they are angry.

Then here comes the problem: Eating food when you are angry does not mean you are really hungry, but a manifestation of spleen and stomach dysfunction. At this time, the food you eat cannot be digested, and it will become extra food for the spleen and stomach. burden, and become water and other garbage; plus, when people are in a bad mood, they always prefer some tasty snacks, mostly sweet and Greasy foods, such as cakes, chocolates, and candies, are not easy to digest and contain high calories, so eating when you are angry is more likely to produce heat and heat, and it is easier to gain weight.

I have met many girls like this. There was a teenage girl who had a particularly bad temper and always had conflicts with her friends. Once there was a conflict for two weeks, and she ate snacks for two weeks, and she gained weight rapidly.

After eating, the reason why I feel less angry Yes, because the food suppresses the gas. At this time, the anger does not disappear, but stagnates in the body, which is even worse for the body. Some people suffer from headaches after sulking, and even have cerebral infarction and stroke. There are also examples of sudden death due to anger, because the anger stagnates in the brain and is not properly channeled. So, if you want to control the appetite caused by anger, you must learn to control your emotions and give the anger a channel to vent.

But then again , People’s emotions are often not so easy to control. Then I talked about the female patient in front. She came again after a few months and said that she still hadn’t lost weight. “Doctor Hu, you must give me a prescription this time!You make me calm, I tried my best, but I can’t hold back my anger! And the appetite is getting bigger and bigger. “

“I still can’t open the prescription, no A medicine can control a person’s temper. But I can teach you a few ways to calm down, which will come in handy when you get angry again. “

Heat clearing and dampness combing method

< span>How to do it: When combing your hair, spread your fingers and stroke from front to back, try to stroke the entire head, stroke each part more than 50 times. In addition to using fingers, you can also use a wooden comb , but do not use a plastic comb. After combing the hair, look for tendons near the temples on both sides of the head, and rub them frequently to loosen these tendons.

Efficacy: Refreshing and refreshing, dredging the blood in the head. dredging the liver

I taught her the first One way is to comb my hair. Some people said, I comb my hair every day. Is it still necessary to teach? There is something particular about it, and it is different from combing randomly. Squeeze the entire head, stroke each part more than 50 times. When stroked, the fingers can stimulate many acupuncture points on the head, which has a refreshing effect and can also dredge the blood in the head so that the blood is no longer blocked .In this way, our minds will become clearer, our mood will become calmer, and the whole person will feel refreshed. In addition to using fingers, you can also use wooden combs, but not plastic combs.

After combing your hair, look around the temples on both sides of your head. There are no nodules like pimples. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this as a “muscle joint”. It is the result of qi and blood rushing up and stasis. If you rub it hard, you will feel very sore. The two sides of the head are exactly where the liver meridian runs. , Liver Qi is easily blocked on both sides. For example, when some people are angry, they can clearly see the blue veins protruding on both sides of the head. If they are often angry, tendons will form. Kneading these tendons and joints often can dredge the liver meridian, relieve fire and lower qi.

Knock on the Gallbladder Meridian: In addition, you can also knock on the Gallbladder Meridian. The gallbladder meridian is on both sides of the thigh, and the hands are clenched into a fist shape, and beat 100 times from top to bottom. People’s liver and gallbladder are connected, if the gallbladder meridian is opened, the liver meridian will be unblocked. When the Liver Meridian is unblocked, the Stomach Fire will decrease, and it will not provide conditions for damp heat to breed. In addition, tapping the Gallbladder Meridian can also detoxify the body and have a good weight loss effect.

She listened to me and went home to try The method of combing the hair and knocking on the Gallbladder Meridian is very effective. When I am angry, I will no longer think about eating, and my body will gradually lose weight. Good things come in pairs. After she lost weight, her temper also improved. If there is damp heat in the body, you will be irritable and irritable. Once the damp heat goes away, you will naturally calm down.

< span>“

Emotions win big Crying

Some people listened to my hair combing method and said The effect is not so efficacious. why? He will say: “I’m so angry that I’m crazy, how can I comb my hair?”

If your temper is really hot and you can’t care about anything when you get angry, what should you do? Just cry out loud. As long as you cry, sad emotions can suppress the rising anger, which is called “emotion and will win each other” in Chinese medicine.

There is a very Famous case: A middle-aged man and his younger brother were fighting for a house. The two quarreled fiercely and ended up fighting. The man was so angry that he went crazy and yelled at everyone he saw. The kind doctor saw him and concluded that it was caused by anger and injury to the liver. He made up a reason and said: “Your brother died in a car accident. You should go back and have a look.” Hearing this, the man burst into tears. After crying, his spirit returned to normal immediately, and his madness was cured without treatment. The reason why this man has undergone such a change is that the doctor has adopted the emotion-surpassing therapy of controlling anger with compassion.

Sadness has the effect of restraining emotions

strong>. For example, when a person is crying in sorrow, the body will curl up unconsciously, so crying can restrain the rising anger.

Of course, if you have strong self-control, you don’t need these at all The way to get rid of anger is to try to calm down your mood. Wang Shizhen of the Qing Dynasty said: “The measure is loose and broad, and the insight is not cramped.” When we relax the measure, we will find that those things that make people angry are not worth mentioning at all.

When I was young, I had the good fortune to know a wise As for the optimistic old man, there are eight characters engraved on the plaque in his study: the sea is open to all rivers, and tolerance is great. He often taught others to be open-minded, saying that all people’s anger stems from inner weakness and narrow vision. It’s like standing on a high mountain and looking at the scenery, would you still care about a stone that tripped you at the foot of the mountain?

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