Whether the heart is good or not, you can tell by looking at your face!

The heart is like the engine of the human body. All the functions of the body need to be pumped by the heart. But it is also the organ most vulnerable to “injury”. Heart diseases such as coronary heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, and arrhythmia ruthlessly take hundreds of thousands of lives every year.

Your heart is good, you can tell by looking at your face!

Before heart palpitations and pain in the precordial area, heart disease may change your “look”. If you have mastered the skills of observing color, you can better detect signs of heart disease and save your life at a critical moment.

1neck thickeningFrom clinical experience, people with thick neck have higher blood pressure, blood lipids , blood sugar and other indicators are relatively high, which are closely related to heart disease. Under normal circumstances, if the neck circumference of men exceeds 39 cm and the neck circumference of women exceeds 35 cm, it means that the neck is thick.

You may wish to touch your neck every day and measure your neck circumference regularly. Specific methods: Place the tape at the upper edge of the seventh cervical vertebra at the back of the neck. (The most protruding part of the back of the neck that you touch when you bow your head), go to the bottom of the Adam’s apple in front of you, and complete the measurement.

If the neck circumference exceeds the standard, you can do some neck exercises in your spare time, such as nodding back and forth, left and right, 360-degree rotation of the neck, etc., to reduce the size of the neck. Fat accumulation.

2Puffy face

Normal people drink before going to bed Too much water or eating too salty at night will cause facial edema, and it will improve after paying attention to your diet.

But abnormal puffiness needs attention, such as swelling of the face, relaxation of facial muscle tissue, indentation with fingers, pressure The skin at the scarred area will not bounce. These changes may indicate a heart problem and should prompt medical attention.

3Xanthoma of the eyelidFor middle-aged and elderly people, a small yellow lump around the eye (usually the size of rice grains or soybeans), it may be a manifestation of lipid metabolism disorders in the human body, and it is also an important factor that induces heart disease.

These small yellow lumps, also known as xanthomas, are common in people in their 40s and 50s and are mainly caused by high levels of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) Subcutaneous fat accumulation.

4Fatigue or insomnia

Many women suffer from In the week before a heart attack, there is unusual fatigue, and some people experience “sleep disturbance” before a heart attack. Therefore, if you suddenly experience extreme fatigue or insomnia, you should consider whether the heart is abnormal.

5out of breath

climbing Shortness of breath after a flight of stairs, which has never been the case in the past, should be alert to heart problems. Respiratory problems while lying down, most likely a symptom of valvular heart disease.

6Stomach problemsIndigestion, vomiting without warning, possibly a heart attack If there is no evidence of food poisoning, a heart condition should be suspected, because sometimes heart failure patients have a loss of appetite. 7Profuse sweating for no apparent reasonWhen you suddenly sweat profusely for no apparent reason, be highly suspicious of a heart problem. A massive reduction in cardiac output (the total amount of blood pumped out of one ventricle per minute) and overactive sympathetic nerves can cause the sweating symptoms of a heart attack.

8chin pain

Typical angina originates behind the breastbone, The patient will feel pressure in the chest, burning, squeezing, and tightness in this area. Discomfort can also occur in the arms, neck, shoulders, upper abdomen, back, or chin. So don’t ignore inexplicable pain in various parts of your body.

9purple lipspurple lips or purplish lips, possibly Heart disease caused by poor blood circulation, it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately after the symptoms appear. If the face is flushed, it is likely due to mitral stenosis. Due to a rise in systemic blood pressure and a drop in blood oxygen levels, pink-purple plaques appear on the patient’s face.

10Darkness of the sublingual veinsFor people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the tongue or lips appear dark purple Or there is ecchymosis, most of which are caused by the obstruction of blood circulation, which is caused by blood vessel congestion and the decrease of oxygen content in the blood.

If there is ecchymosis on the tongue, accompanied by palpitation, shortness of breath, even insomnia, dreaminess, tingling in the precordial area and other symptoms, it may indicate cardiovascular disease; If it is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and headache, it may indicate cerebrovascular disease.

If the above situations occur, you must not take it lightly, and go to the hospital for investigation in time to avoid unexpected accidents, money and death!

If the heart is not good, the natural “cardiac” cannot be less

In nature, there is aNutrients are hidden in various foods. It is known as “plant tonic”. It is coenzyme Q10, which is now more and more recognized as a special good thing for the heart.

said that Coenzyme Q10 may not be familiar to everyone, but its role cannot be ignored. It can activate the nutrition of human cells and cell energy, Nourishing the myocardium, supplying blood to the heart, is a drug commonly used in medicine as an adjuvant therapy for heart disease.

Which foods are rich in coenzyme Q10?

Let to be strong Heart good, these 7 sad foods should be avoided1restaurant soup

A bowl of hot and sour soup contains 7980 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to 4 times the recommended daily intake of sodium for people, and long-term drinking is likely to block arteries. If you want to enjoy a delicious soup, it’s better to make it yourself at home.

2tomato salsa

½ cup regular Tomato ketchup contains 830 mg of sodium. If you plan to eat tomato salsa, be sure to read food labels carefully and choose one that is low in sodium.

3Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is very popular Favorite snack that’s free of refined grains and packed with protein, but it’s also high in sodium. This is not good for people with high blood pressure and those who want to keep their heart healthy.

4ice cream

Daily cholesterol intake for healthy adults should not exceed 300 mg. A cup of ordinary plain ice cream contains 130 mg of cholesterol, not to mention other ice creams with higher cream content, plus meat in the diet, etc. Eating one ice cream can easily lead to excessive cholesterol span>.

5fried chicken

roasted chicken breast is a A high-quality protein, but if the skin is fried in a frying pan, the nutritional content will change. A 113-gram serving of skin-on fried chicken breast has the same cholesterol as 11 strips of sizzling bacon.


It contains a lot of carbohydrates, which can easily cause blood sugar fluctuations;It also contains a lot of fat and salt, and regular consumption can also easily lead to obesity, which is good for heart health. , can be described as “three-sided attack”.

7bacon and sausages

lots of processed meats Products contain nitrite, a preservative that disrupts the body’s ability to process sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes. To make matters worse, processed meat is high in sodium, a known risk factor for high blood pressure.

I didn’t expect that the early signal of heart disease would be so DowaThe symptoms that the heart is not close to the side, but with this article, no matter how hidden the symptoms are, they can’t escape their eyes!

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