Whether a man loves you or not can be seen from the way he treats your natal family

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

False love, like flowers in water, The moon in the mirror seems romantic, but in the end it is nothing. True love has texture, maybe not so warm, but it will always give support and strength to the lover.

Bu Weilan wrote in “Good Men and Faithful Women”: “Sir, you are just infatuated, not in love. Infatuation starts from the self, it is possession; love compares heart to heart , It’s giving.”

If a man really loves a woman, he will think more about her and think more thoroughly. Not only do you want to protect her, but you also want to protect her family.

Whether a man loves you or not can be seen from how he treats your natal family.

Women, when a man does three things to your natal family, he truly loves you from the bottom of his heart.

02. Be filial to your parents-in-law and treat their affairs as your own< /h1>

In a woman’s heart, the most important people are her husband and her natal family.

After a woman gets married, she has a new home of her own, and has been tied to her husband ever since. However, she also had concerns in her heart from then on. For her parents, she can only miss her in her heart.

A man who truly loves his wife will often take his wife back to her natal home.

When returning to his natal home, the man will buy some gifts and ask about his parents’ physical condition. In life, more care and care will be given to them.

Besides, he is very concerned about the affairs of his parents-in-law, and regards their affairs as his own.

A man who does not love his wife will not only prevent a woman from returning to her natal home, but also become very impatient with the affairs of her parents-in-law and feel that they are troublesome from the bottom of her heart.

When a man loves his wife deeply, he will love his house and treat her parents well.

A man will take care of his wife’s natal family, regardless of each other, and treat his wife’s parents as his own parents to be filial.

03. Help women from their natal families to find a future

A man loves a woman and wants to share with her no matter what her family is like.

Even if her natal family has endless problems and conflicts, he will not escape, but face it bravely.

Willing to give more to help the woman’s natal family get out of the predicament, so that the woman can live more steadily and at ease for the rest of her life.

Xu Wenchang in “An Jia” knows the situation of Fang Sijin’s natal family, which is poor and backward.

Besides, her younger brother is cowardly and doesn’t have much ability, so he relies on his elder sister for support. He didn’t flinch, and still loved this strong and stubborn girl very much.

The two started their business in a big city. Xu Wenchang brought Fang Sijin’s younger brother with him and found him a job as an electrician so that he could learn to support himself .

Fang Sijin’s younger brother also made up his mind not to be a parasite, he didn’t want to live under the wings of his mother and sister all the time, and wanted to be an upright man.

With the help of Xu Wenchang, Fang Sijin ignited new hope for life.

When a man loves a woman deeply, he will care about the future development of her natal family.

If there is a need for his help, he will be obliged to help. Those who are willing to support and help women’s natal families hope that everyone can have a better future.

04. When a woman spends money for her parents, he never blames or complains

A man, whether he loves his wife or not, depends on the woman You can tell by spending money for her parents.

From the bottom of my heart, a man who doesn’t love his wife will not let a woman have the freedom to control money.

strong>Moreover, when a woman wants to spend money for her parents, he will be furious and stop in every possible way.

Tu Lei said: “Men are willing to pay for women Spending money, he may not love her, but a man is not willing to spend a penny for a woman, so he must not love her. “

When a man loves a woman deeply, he is not only willing to hand over all his savings to his wife, but he will not be annoyed when he knows that his wife spends money for her natal family. Instead, I want my parents-in-law to have a better life.

Even if the life of my small family is a little worse, I am willing to let the elderly on both sides have a happy life. In old age.

A man who loves his wife will support his wife and be filial to his parents. Parents-in-law will definitely show up as soon as they need them, and they will never push back. If you need financial support, it is absolutely unambiguous.

Because of love, I never complain about my wife spending money for her natal family, and I hope that my wife and natal family will maintain a good relationship so that Wife has more happiness.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

Woman, the more a man loves you, the more he will treat your natal family kindly.

Love is never just a word It’s just talking, but to pay with practical actions.

When a man loves his wife, he will not only give his wife real love in life, but also take care of her Family, let her live a more at ease and happy life.

If a man treats his wife’s natal family well, is willing to contribute money and effort, and is willing to give his sincerity, treat them as his own There is no barrier between the two families, only happiness and warmth. Then, this man really loves you.

Willing to shoulder more responsibilities for the woman, and will not care about money with the woman’s natal family, truly treat the two families as a whole, and treat them sincerely.

True love is willing to accompany each other through three meals and four seasons, and face the most trivial side of life. She is willing to love the person she loves and give her long-lasting warmth.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.