To judge whether a person’s character is good or not, it can be seen from his speech

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01, Introduction

Language, like a The window to the heart.

What a person says represents his conduct and character.

“Fa Yan” wrote: “Words are also the voice of the heart.”

When getting along with people, if every word the other party says is calm, powerful, down-to-earth and reliable, then his character will not be too bad.

On the contrary, if he likes to fabricate his words out of thin air, speaks nonsense without wind and waves, and has no real ability, then his character will have to be re-examined.

Speaking will present a person’s knowledge, cultivation, and his values.

Whether a person’s character is good or not can be seen from his words.

02. A well-educated person speaks well

People with reliable character are mostly decent and well-educated when they speak.

Concubine Qi in “The Legend of Zhen Huan” lied that she was not feeling well, and wanted to ask the emperor to visit her.

The emperor and concubine Xi were having dinner together, and someone sent a message: If you feel ill, you should see the imperial physician.

Concubine Xi said that since she knew it, she should go and have a look, so she and the emperor changed their minds and went to the Concubine Qi’s courtyard together.

Afterwards, because the emperor did not come to see her, Concubine Qi lost her temper in the room, insulting the imperial concubine and reprimanding the servants, so prestige.

What she said was uncultivated and inappropriate, which made the emperor furious, saying that she broke the rules and did not know etiquette. In the end, she was punished and left a bad impression on the emperor.

Some people, on the surface, seem to be gentle and knowledgeable, but they always like to speak ill of others behind their backs, revealing their truest nature. This is not a straightforward expression, but a dark heart.

Psychologist Freud said: “There is no such thing as a slip of the tongue, all slips of the tongue are the true expression of the subconscious.”

If a person speaks inappropriately, his own image will be greatly reduced.

Speak with regard to your own identity, maintain a self-cultivation, always remember etiquette, and strictly restrain yourself. Such a person will be more cautious and careful no matter what they do.

03. A person with good character speaks properly

People with good moral character know how to grasp the sense of propriety, the bottom line and principles when speaking.

Those who don’t know the truth of the matter, but wantonly joke and spread, without consideration for the parties concerned, and base their own happiness on the pain of others, are often of bad character reliable.

Likes to create gossip, speaks irresponsibly, and speaks freely. If someone pointed out his shortcomings and asked him to restrain himself, he would use “speaking out” as a shield.

There is no sense of proportion when speaking, and he always says that he is an upright person. In fact, what he leaves for others is a “mean” side.

One ​​mouth can make people unhappy, it seems that others have fled, and more of it reveals his own lack of education.

Good character, when speaking, will take into account the emotions of others.

I hope that what I say can bring warmth to people, not make people more painful and uncomfortable.

I don’t know the cause and effect of one thing, so I won’t judge it rashlyDiscussion, will not shake the lips and tongue, provoke the relationship between people. Instead, know how to keep silent as much as possible.

04. People with reliable character keep their word

In this world, a truly reliable person always speaks with faith and is convincing.

Heine said: “Life cannot bloom brilliant flowers from lies.”

Be honest with others, don’t make promises lightly, if you promise others things, you must do everything possible to do it. In a word, although it is very light, the meaning it represents is very heavy.

A person who keeps his word is a truly reliable person.

Reliable character, will cherish his own feathers, will be very cautious when speaking and closing, and will only promise others if he is sure that he can do it.

People’s hearts are complicated, and only by being consistent can people feel more secure.

Get along with others and do what you say, and you will win more trust, more recognition and appreciation.

A person with reliable character keeps his promises and keeps his promises. Whatever he has said, he will definitely keep it. Understand the importance of honesty to a person, and will not be full of lies, so that people can’t avoid it.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

What a person says often represents his true inner thoughts.

From his words and deeds, we can see what a person’s real character is.

Good character is often more important than ability. No matter what kind of thing you do, character is always the trump card that you must master, and it is also the key to whether you can cooperate with it.

Speak well, know what to say to make everyone around you happy, and be honest in everything. Such a person often has a more valuable character.

Get along with others, control your mouth, speak well, and be a reliable and sincere person.

On the long road of life, please also be kind to those who keep their promises, and those who treat you sincerely. In the future, we will walk together and shine more brilliance.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.