Cervical spondylosis? Notice! Early Intervention Without Medication

Neck-type cervical spondylosis is the early stage of all types of cervical spondylosis. Generally, the cervical spine begins to appear stiff, with pain, swelling and discomfort.


Especially when you get up in the morning, you will find it difficult to raise your head, and your head and neck movements will be abnormal. Some patients will have upper limb abnormalities at this stage, although the pain will intensify during the initial activities , but a lot of rest can be relieved.

This stage usually lasts for a long time, several months, with recurrent episodes of light and severe episodes, and may be accompanied by clicking sounds during activities.

This situation is mostly caused by the abnormal use of pillows during sleep. Improper sleeping position, cervical spine rotation mobility exceeds the healthy value, or due to long-term bending of the cervical spine, intervertebral disc tissue gradually changes, nerve roots are stimulated, or pain is caused by strain.

This stage is usually a warning to us from the cervical spine. The muscles around the cervical spine are fatigued. If there is no more intervention, cervical spondylosis will be directly replaced .

Many patients will generally know after filming The physiological curvature of your cervical spine becomes straight or oppressive, which means that your cervical spine is degenerating.

At this time, it is still in the early stage. There is no need to take medicine and surgery. By changing living habits, reducing sedentary, using pillows correctly, combined with reasonable massage, traditional Chinese medicine and hot compress And exercise can provide relief and eliminate pain.

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