Whether a family has money or not, “close” these four doors in time to keep good luck

Family, that is the source of human happiness. If the family is full of blessings and the people around us are harmonious and happy, then our life will not be so bad.

Family is not so much a place of “rest”, but rather a cradle of “breeding blessings”. Take good care of the family, and the family members are of one mind. I believe that all the good and good fortune will come unexpectedly.

Why do those successful people like “Qijia” before they have made a career? Because they know thatthe family is the base of the rear, and only when the family is stable can they have room to “advance or retreat”.

In this case, what should we do to better manage the family? The best way to do it is“Take good luck and avoid bad luck” and stay away from all right and wrong disasters.

We try to keep the blessings that should be kept. The dirt that should be discarded should be discarded as much as possible, and there must be no “lucky” mentality. Otherwise, great disasters will gradually arise.

The reason why countless blessed families will “go downhill” in just a few years is because these families have gradually come to “right and wrong” In the vortex, there is no way to break free.

A family, no matter whether they have money or not, must close these doors in time to keep their blessings.

1. Close the door of “desire”.

Xingsheng House gradually failed because of “too much desire”; The momentum is declining; the ordinary family will never recover because of its “exaggerated and unrealistic”.

There are good and bad things about desire. On the surface, appropriate desire can make people more “motivated”. But once the desire is over-inflated and exceeds a certain degree, there will be the misfortune of “extreme things will be reversed”.

There is such a middle-class family with assets of more than five million, and the annual salary of the couple in the family has reached three to four hundred thousand. Life is stable and the years are worry-free.

Unexpectedly, this family “failed” in just two years. The husband ran away, the wife was depressed, and the family There are two children and two elderly people to support.

The root cause of the “failure” of this family is that the husband and wife feel that their annual income is thirty or forty If it was not enough, I borrowed money to play leverage everywhere, hoping to make a comeback. Who knows, they will eventually become leeks.

It is better not to be too strong about family desires. Enough is the truth.

Second, close the door of “arrogance”.

“Book·Da Yumo”: “Full damage, modest benefit.”< /strong>

Whether it is a person or a family, as long as it is “full”, it will definitely lead to disaster. Only by keeping your heart humble and your mind clear can you benefit.

The “fullness” referred to here is not only as simple as perfection, but also an aura of “arrogance”. People make enemies everywhere because of their arrogance; families encounter many obstacles because of their arrogance.

The so-called “Heavenly madness will rain, and human madness will cause trouble.”On this point, we only need to look at those arrogant “rich second generations” to see clearly.

Originally, this family is a wealthy family, and there are certain backers behind it. Who knows,Some “rich second generation” are ignorant, causing trouble everywhere, and being caught. At that time, no matter how big the backing is, it will be useless.

The richer the family is, the more it is today, the more “arrogant” and “arrogant” should be Converge. Gradually learn to be humble, and the family can be more stable.

Third, close the “high profile” Door.

More than 20 years ago, there was a family at the entrance of the village who made a lot of money by farming aquatic products. At that time, they were rich and noble families in the village, and they had always received the attention of their neighbors.

During the Chinese New Year, the family would visit a relative’s house to pay New Year’s greetings. In the process of chatting with relatives, all parties chatted excitedly.The family said with emotion that they made hundreds of thousands of dollars this year, which attracted more than ten relatives present envy.

Today, an annual income of hundreds of thousands is considered an elite level, let alone more than 20 years ago up.

One month later, the family discovered that all the fish in their fish pond had been poisoned to death. Later, they found out that it was a relative who did it. And that relative was the one at the New Year’s greetings.

There is a saying that goes like this, if a tree is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; If one’s behavior is higher than that of others, the public must be against it.

The more prominent a person is, the more people will attack him. The more prominent a family is, the more villains gradually draw closer. So, Less showing off in life, more low-key in everythingThis is the way to settle down.

Fourth, close the door of “argument”.

Family, is it better to be quiet or noisy?

Many people think that only “noisy” families are blessed. But in fact,Families that are too noisy and even have conflicts will basically not last long.

There is a word that sums it up particularly well-There is no peace at home. There are too many family quarrels, the husband and wife are at odds, the relationship between parents and children is not good, and brothers and sisters are arguing about money, and the family will not be peaceful.

The so-called “make trouble, make money quietly.”Noisy and noisy will eventually cause trouble , Only by keeping the family quiet and making the atmosphere more calm can the children and grandchildren’s dispositions be corrected, the family relationship can be harmonious, and the whole family can have a vibrant atmosphere.

Especially today, life is very violent and the pace is very fast, so it is especially necessary to keep “calm” .

A restless house can win for a while, but not for a long time. And the House of Tranquility, like the great river and the sea, has a steady stream and lasts for a long time.

Text/Deer in Shushan