The “retribution” of a person’s life, whether good or bad, will gradually appear after the age of 60


There is a saying in the ancients: “Good and evil will be rewarded in the end, just fight for the early and the late.”

< span> For these words, countless people take it to heart, and some people take it as their motto. However, some people wonder, what is the difference between early retribution and late retribution?

The retribution that comes early will appear within a few months or a few years. For example, if an entrepreneur has survived the initial stage of entrepreneurship, he will soon be able to “become another village”. This is the “good news” that came early.

Of course, the same is true for early bad news. If he did something that violated the bottom line of principles, then his fate of being imprisoned was inevitable.

The most interesting thing is not the early retribution, but the late retribution. Some retribution does not appear immediately, and it usually does not come to the person concerned until the person’s old age.

Many people are not convinced, why did he do so many bad things, and he will have retribution in his later years, this is not the injustice of heaven ?

The way of heaven is always fair, it will make the poor see hope, and it will also punish the vicious , which is inevitable. It’s just that everything depends on “timing”.

In old age, due to the poor health of the person, the ability to resist risks tends to be non-existent. At this time, retribution is coming, and it will make the good people live better and the bad people live worse.


Whether it is good or bad, there is a cause and effect.

When we mention “retribution”, the first thing we think of is that “retribution” is to punish bad people. But in fact, retribution is divided into good retribution and bad retribution.

Some honest people do good deeds all their lives, but they don’t earn a lot of money, they don’t have much ability, and they still get nothing in the end. Therefore,God will let them live a more peaceful and peaceful life in their old age. “Peace of mind”, no longer live in worry. This is the “good reward” for people in their old age.

And some unscrupulous people have spent their whole lives fighting for money, fame and fortune, and they don’t care much about their families, so they live a successful life. The look of indifference. In the end, their old age will also be spent in a cold environment, and their lives will not be peaceful.

Whether a person lives well in his later years is not only related to the money he owns, but also to whether he is “at ease” and ” With a clear conscience” is concerned. Matter is an important foundation, not a decisive condition.

We often say that we should “accumulate virtue and do good deeds” in the early years. This is not a high-profile statement. When a person gets old and thinks back on what he has done in the past, if he has a guilty conscience and is entangled in his heart, it will be really difficult.

The word “conscience” is a fate that everyone cannot escape.


This life of a personThe karmic retribution will appear after the age of 60.

Retribution appeared in his later years, which just explained a truth:God specially selects people At their most vulnerable, let them suffer their own karma.

People who should live miserable lives will live miserable lives. People who should not live miserable lives will gradually embrace happiness.

For example, some unfilial sons treated their parents very badly in their early years and never took care of them. In their view, parents have so many children, why should I take care of them?

However, when educating their children, they will tell them to be a filial person and be filial to their parents in the future.

Actually, doing so is pointless. When children see that their parents are unfilial sons, they will apply the same way their parents treat their grandparents to their own parents. At the end of the day, everyone “got it to themselves”.

Being filial to your parents is not only doing your best for your parents, but also accumulating blessings for your old age. I am a filial son, and my descendants are also filial sons, so the whole family can be harmonious and beautiful.

All the actions in the early years were “recorded” by fate, and at some point in the future, fate will settle accounts Well, those who should be rewarded with blessings will not be bad, and those who should be rewarded with evil will not be good.

All blessings and misfortunes will not happen for no reason. Everything is a “cycle” of karma.


When you are not old, it is best to do these eight words-Do your duty well and have a clear conscience.

First of all, people have their own mission and duty in this world. Be whoever you should be.Fulfill your responsibilities and obligations well, and you will fulfill your duty.

For example, if he is a doctor, then he regards “hanging the pot to help the world” as his duty, and tries his best to save lives and heal the wounded. In this way, his merit will be more profound.

For example, if he is a teacher, then he will work according to his duties, treat students better, and have peaches and plums all over the world. In this way, his merit, as well as that of his children, will not be poor.

Some people do more than their duty, and they will basically be punished. So,Responsible people, doing their duty, and living their duty are the real blessings.

Secondly, in dealing with the world, one should be worthy of one’s “conscience”. Don’t take money you shouldn’t take; don’t take jobs you shouldn’t do; don’t do things you shouldn’t do.

When we were young, we didn’t believe there was anything “conscience”. When I was in my later years, when I recalled the past, I suddenly felt afraid. Therefore, many people in their later years are suspicious of ghosts, and they are most afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night.

In this life, a person can be poor and humble, but he must be worthy of the “natural conscience”. This is the most basic principle of life.

Text/Deer in Shushan