People who are over fifty and have these looks will have a harder time in their later years

Confucius said such a sentence: time is fate, careful beginning and good end.

In the final analysis, a person’s life is related to timing and fate. No matter what you encounter, it is best to start cautiously and then end well, so that you can “end well”.

The word “good death” is actually very difficult to achieve. Just the life in the middle and old age has caused a lot of headaches, how could it be possible to die so smoothly and die well?

When it comes to life in middle and old age, one has to talk about the quality of old-age care. Why are some people able to live a simple and happy life, while some people feel more and more boring as they live?

In the final analysis, it is still a personal problem. He has a good body, a certain amount of money, and a character that is easy to get along with, so how can he have a difficult life? Not everyone can do all three.

A miserable life in old age, perhaps at the age of fifty, is already doomed , we just didn’t see it.

The cause of fifty years old, the result of sixty years old, this is “karma”. At the age of fifty, people with these looks will be more sad in their later years.

1. People with average energy and spirit, in their later years It’s hard.

As the saying goes:“Three inches of energy can be used in a thousand ways, once everything is impermanent Hugh.”

What is this so-called three-inch breath? It is the spirit of man. Coupled with the state of human life, we collectively refer to it as “spirit, energy and spirit”.

People with better energy and spirit will not encounter any major problems in middle age, and their bodies are relatively healthy, anyway Eat well, sleep well, walk steadily, and don’t appear vain.

Modern middle-aged people are actually not very energetic. They run around every day, are busy all day, and have more or less diseases in their bodies. Especially those who often go to the wine bureau and dinner party, they are basically potbellied and have a “lucky look” on their faces.

This kind of “lucky appearance” is not a good appearance, and it will probably cause unnecessary diseases, such as “three fats high “and many more. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will have more problems in your later years.

When you reach middle age, don’t overindulge yourself, pay more attention to your own spirit, and avoid the early crisis in old age.

Second, people with overdrawn body in early years , It will be difficult in old age.

There is such a story.

There is a river in a certain kingdom. From the king to the people, they like to go to this river to get water. For other rivers, they are dismissive. Soon,the water in the river was drained and gradually dried up.

The king was very puzzled, so he asked the minister: “Isn’t the river endless? Why does this river dry up?” “

A minister responded like this: “My lord, we don’t even have time to restore the water source of this river, how can it continue to flow What about?”

The principles are similar. We always think that our body is very good, as long asIf it is overdrawn, it can be easily recovered in the future. But we forget that not all overdrafts can be recovered.

The body is like a machine, if a part of it is broken, it really cannot be restored. This machine, if it continues to run, will only continue to have major problems.

When you reach middle age, don’t work as hard as you did in your early years. There is only one life, but there are endless careers. No life, no matter how big the business is, it is useless.

Third, people with obvious poverty , will be in a dilemma in his later years.

In old age, if you want to live a happy life, you generally cannot do without the four words “combination of internal and external”.

Inside is personal health. In addition, it is the money that people have. With money and good health, happy days will come unexpectedly.

Money, although not as important as health, is generally in second place. That is to say, money is omnipotent, except that it cannot overcome death and certain cancers, it can solve all other difficulties one by one.

Compared with rich people, the quality of life in their later years is different. The so-called “the rich look at the palace, and the poor look at the wasteland.” The good or bad of life sometimes depends on the amount of money.

People who are poor are either deeply involved in the contradictions of life, or are messed up by some trivial things, No matter how healthy your body is, you will get sick from anger.

People who have a little savings, in addition to living a life without worrying about food and clothing, don’t need to look at other people’s faces to behave. Perhaps, their old age will be more chic and free.

Fourth, picky and mean people are easy to be abandon.

If health is the foundation of survival and money is the talisman of a person, then A good character is the essence of “if you bloom, butterflies will come”.

I have seen some middle-aged and elderly people who are getting older and are very picky and demanding of others. So, how can others get along with them?

It is one thing to have money, but another to get along well. People, after all, need the company of relatives and friends. Otherwise, if you live like an isolated island, you may not be able to be happy.

Many people will say that when a person reaches fifty or sixty, shouldn’t the life become more and more ruthless? Why do we need the company of others?

Feelings are aimed at outsiders, not at relatives and friends. We can’t let down those who treat us sincerely. We should treat those who treat us rudely with kindness.

When people reach middle age, let go of your airs, be an amiable person, give others a little warmth, give life a little tenderness, and give a little hope to the future. So, just right.

Text/Deer in Shushan