When you toast, don’t sit stupidly and be a “dumb”, I will teach you these 2 “toast words”, which are universal and easy to use

Think about it, if you are in a celebration banquet and you are in a high position, but your team members do nothing but pick up vegetables and eat at the wine table, the atmosphere is freezing point, and no one even asks You toast, and no one shows you the respect you deserve, will you have an attack in such a situation?


Many people think that toasting and other wine table culture are undeniable etiquette, but in fact, as long as it is brought into the scene, it will be You will find that this is just basic courtesy. After all, there is a high degree of flexibility on the wine table now. It is common to replace wine with tea and drink.

On the contrary, if the wine table is not well-rounded, it is a sign of lack of emotional intelligence.

You don’t need to take the initiative to toast, but if it’s your turn to toast, if you sit stupidly and be a “dumb”, this is more or less unreasonable. Here are 2 “toast words” for you, which are versatile and easy to use. .

The first sentence—applicable occasion relatives and friends wine table

< p>It is said that in addition to enemies, relatives are also “extremely jealous” when they meet, because apart from their parents and brothers, many people don’t want you to live a good life, but they also don’t want you to live too unhappily, after all, it is too unsatisfactory Also borrow money from them.

So on this kind of occasion, remember to “don’t show your wealth”. If you have relatives, you can say this:

Thank you for your care, but it’s a pity that my younger brother is not talented and can’t What kind of fame has been created, and you can only return to your hometown as a handsome young man from all over the world

The second sentence-applicable to the workplace wine table

It is said that it is difficult to talk to each other in the workplace, so drinking friends can choose the next best thing. If you want to speak well, you must do what you have to do, so as not to fall into the trap.

Remember that humility is very important at this kind of wine table:

No one knows me better than xx, thank you for helping me at work, I will be able to be alone in the future Come on, feel free to trouble me if you have anything to do. Before that, I will trouble you too!

A simple sentence of language art makes the relationship between colleagues instantly harmonious.

At the wine table, you must not be stingy with your compliments, praise as much as you say, after all, no one doesn’t like others’ compliments yourself, and don’t forget, be sure to choose a good wine for the table.

It’s rare to have a thousand glasses of wine with a bosom friend. What I’m talking about here is that it must be good enough to drink thousands of glasses with you. , we must be good at using and learn to choose. Pure grain and good wine are the basic elements. If you don’t know how to choose, you can take a look at the following two wines.

Fengyun Jiangfu Sealed Wine

The rations of many drinking friends in Guizhou Liquor, pure grain Kunsha, brewed by a large factory in the core production area, and it is also the direct descendant of Li Xingfa, the father of Maotai fragrance. The brewer is the only son of Li Xingfa, the former director of Moutai, and heThe successor Li Changshou. It is Li Changshou who sticks to his father’s ingenuity to always abide by the traditional wine making.

The winery was built near the Chishui River, and the local red-tasseled sorghum in Guizhou was selected as the raw material, and the water from the Chishui River was used to make wine. And in the brewing process, it follows the traditional Kunsha process.

And Li Changshou insisted on extending the storage period of liquor to 5 years.

Although the cost of brewing has been increased in this way, the quality of the wine has been improved and the reputation has been preserved. The 5-year-old base wine has to be mixed with the 12-year-old wine left by Jiangfu.

Pay attention to quality and reputation so much, which naturally inherits Li Xingfa’s ingenuity.

If there is no such ingenuity inherited from father and son, when Li Xingfa faced the problem of unstable Moutai quality, he would not have summed up the “three typical types of sauce wine” and was awarded the “National Special Allowance” .

The good wine brewed in this way has a mellow and smooth sauce, not spicy or overpowering, and has a long aftertaste after drinking.

Quanxing Daqu Liquor

Quanxing Daqu, a famous Sichuan wine, is known as “one of the six golden flowers of Sichuan wine”. Not only is the quality of the wine good, but also in terms of marketing, it is well-known by many wine lovers with the phrase “all things prosper, all things prosper”.

Although Quanxing Daqu is no longer famous due to the problem of resource inclination, there are still mid-to-low-end cost-effective.

As a multi-grain Luzhou-flavor wine, Quanxing Daqu selects 5 kinds of grains to make wine, inherits the old process of brewing, the wine quality is soft but not lacking in strength, and the cellar aroma is rich in grain aroma.