Body warning, “neck” prophet! What does it mean when the neck grows small meat? must pay attention

Body warning, “neck” prophet! What does it mean when the neck grows small meat? Be careful!

There are often some people around us who have small meat on their necks If you observe carefully, you will find that the size and shape of these small meat particles are different. Many people think that these small meat grains grow on the neck, which will affect the overall appearance, but they don’t know that this situation may be a warning from the body.

1. What are the reasons for the small meat on the neck?

What is the reason for the growth of small meat on the neck? In fact, there are two main reasons for the growth of small meat on the neck. One is internal and the other is external. The internal reason is due to the difficulty in the metabolism of lymphotoxins on the face. When the toxins accumulate too much, they will spread and extend directly from the face to the neck, so that small fleshy particles will appear on the neck.

The external cause is most likely due to bacterial infection. Because the neck is exposed all year round, it is vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Once the toxins accumulate on the neck, the neck will be infected. This infection is also a local infection, just like acne on the face, only acne on the face and no acne on other places.

Small meat on the neck II. What exactly are grains?

1. Folliculitis.





Filiform warts are a relatively common skin disease. They are caused by HPV virus infection and often appear on the neck and corners of the eyes. If small sarcomas appear near the neck, and the shape of the sarcomas is oval, and the granular color is light gray or light brown, then it is likely to be filiform warts. Because filiform warts have a certain spreading effect, if you don’t pay attention, they may spread to other parts.

4. Swollen lymph nodes.


For some patients with swollen lymph nodes, some fleshy lumps will also grow around the neck in the early stage of the disease. As the disease continues to worsen, the shape of the fleshy lumps will gradually increase. If it is not treated in time, it may compress the cervical spine, causing cervical spine problems, and even cervical spine deformation.

So when you find meat balls on your neck, you also need to pay attention. It is probably caused by a problem with your body. There is one common feature, that is, the neck is red or dark red. If the neck is red, it means that the heat toxin in the body is relatively strong, and you can eat more detoxification food. When you have nothing to do, you can massage your neck more to promote blood circulation around the neck.