Attention! But don’t put all the tea in the refrigerator, the more you put it, the harder it is to drink! don’t take it seriously

For a long time, preservation of tea has been a difficult problem for tea lovers. As we all know, tea is a very delicate thing. Sealing, avoiding light, and shade are all necessary storage conditions for it. Moreover, tea in our country is divided into six categories, and each tea has different characteristics. The way of storage makes people very confused. How should tea be preserved?

I believe that in the minds of many tea lovers, “storing tea in the refrigerator is a very effective and convenient way.” However, many people who store tea in this way find that their tea is getting worse and worse. Not to mention that they all gradually disappeared, and some even developed mildew, which is not worth the candle.

Dear tea lovers, don’t just put the tea on the table and want to drink delicious tea every time. The author will teach you 3 simple and efficient methods of storing tea today, so that your tea will still taste good after a long time.

1. Refrigerated tea

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First of all, let’s solve a problem ,Is it reasonable to store tea in the refrigerator? In fact, it is possible. In theory, the essence of storing tea in the refrigerator is to prolong the freshness of the tea by means of refrigeration, so that people can drink good-tasting tea soup for a longer period of time. But to be clear, this method is only suitable for unfermented green tea, lightly fermented yellow tea, and light-scented oolong tea.

2. Store tea in a thermos

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Black tea, oolong tea, black tea Both tea and white tea can be preserved in this way. This is arguably the most common way to preserve tea in China. Now many older tea lovers use this method, which is very effective.

Put the tea leaves in a clean, water-free thermos bottle, and then close the lid. It is best to fill the bottle with tea leaves when putting the tea.This can reduce the contact between the tea leaves and the air , to reduce deterioration due to oxidation. And the characteristics of the thermos bottle can meet the condition that the tea leaves should be protected from light.

3. Store tea on kraft paper

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This method is mostly used to preserve pressed tea. Generally speaking, pressed tea will come with a kraft paper bag when you buy it. You can directly use a kraft paper bag, add a layer of plastic wrap on the outside, and then put it in a cool and dark place.

< span>Has everyone learned these methods? If you learn it, you will be able to keep your tea leaves well and drink sweet and delicious tea. However, if you want to drink good tea, the most important thing is to have a tea with excellent quality.

The author looked at the tea lists of many old tea drinkers, and then selected the two most frequent ones The tea is of good quality and taste, and the key price is also very affordable. It is worth a try.

One, Xianwu Fengming

Xianwufengming It is a special black tea produced in Sichuan Province. It has the title of “Geographical Indication Product”. Its excellent quality and unique

Approved, very trustworthy. In addition, this tea is also “the best ration tea” in the hearts of local people.

The price is very affordable, and it is a favorite choice for many old tea drinkers when they drink tea. first choice.

The tea tree of this tea grows in an alpine ecological tea garden. The altitude of 1,000 meters makes the tea tree in an environment with a large temperature difference between day and night, which prolongs the growth cycle of the tea tree to a certain extent, so that there is enough organic matter. Time accumulates in the tea leaves, making them rich in nutrients.

And, in such a superior growth environment, there is no pest infestation during the growth of tea trees, so there is no No chemical fertilizers and pesticides have been applied, which makes it have natural and healthy characteristics.

Not only that, but this tea is still made using the traditional production process, which has been passed down for more than 3,000 years and has a very long history. It has become a national “intangible cultural heritage” skill.

Quality characteristics:

The The shape of the tea is tight and slender, the color of the dry tea is brown, and the body of the tea has obvious golden hairs. The appearance is very beautiful. The tea fragrance is elegant and strong, long-lasting. One bite into the throat, mellow and long, with a touch of caramel in the fresh taste, very delicious.

2. Maoshan Qingfeng

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Maoshan Qingfeng is a high-quality green tea produced in Jintan City, Jiangsu Province, Here is the “Hometown of Green Tea in China “The title of the place gave birth to many famous and high-quality tea , this tea was born here and won the title of “National Tea Gold Award” for its outstanding quality.

The origin of this tea has a superior natural environment, mild climate, four distinct seasons, sufficient annual rainfall, and tea trees I love the fertile soil, which makes this tea a very high-quality raw material guarantee.

< span>Quality Features:

The shape of this tea is tight and straight, flat and beautiful. The color is emerald green with sharp edges. The tea fragrance is fresh and refreshing, and the fresh and tender fragrance is very rich and pleasant to the nose. The brewed tea soup is bright green in color, clean and clear. The taste is fresh and long-lasting, neither bitter nor astringent, with a sweet aftertaste.